Capturing Videos to Watch with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

Capturing Videos to Watch with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

Capturing Videos to Watch with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

Don’t you find it frustrating sometimes when you want to save a video on your Mac so that you can watch it at a more convenient time – only there is no option that will let you do so? Frankly that situation is all too common, particularly if you’re watching online streaming videos on YouTube, Facebook or other such platforms.


Assuming you would like to save any of these videos and watch them later on or maybe when offline then your best bet is to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac. Seeing as it is a screen recording software for Mac, it will let you record and subsequently save any video that you want directly from your screen.


Picture Credit: Movai

To do that you just need to:

  1. Launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac and select ‘Record Screen’ in the main menu.
  2. Click and drag the mouse cursor to draw a frame over the video that you want to record (then adjust it manually afterwards if necessary).
  3. Make sure the ‘System Audio’ icon is highlighted in green, and click it once otherwise.
  4. Click ‘REC’ to start recording after a 5 second delay – which will give you time to play the video.
  5. Click ‘Stop’ when the video is done, then ‘Save as’ to save it.


Rather than sitting idly and waiting for the video to finish, you could set the timer in Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac to automatically stop the recording after a particular duration. Alternatively you could even schedule the specific times when you want it to start and stop instead.

Image Credit MovaiWithin Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac you’ll also find an entire suite of editing features that will let you tweak and improve your video. In particular you could trim out any unwanted bits from your recording, merge video clips together, improve the overall quality, add background music, or even link together scenes with stylish animated transitions.


Although strictly speaking you may not require these tools if all you want to do is capture and save videos onto your Mac – it doesn’t hurt to have them around just in case. Who knows at some point you may decide you want to really tap into the potential of Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac, and maybe begin to start producing video content of your own.

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Aurelian LukeAuthor Bio: This is a contribution by freelance writer and video content producer Aurelian Luke .  He is an expert in creating video contents to be published on blogs and other social media.  Who stays up to date by following webinars.  He specializes in creating video guides and tutorials by using screen capture and creatively editing them to stand out.  He often uses Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac to save any live webinars of interest to watch later.

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  1. Hey Philip,

    Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac is a really amazing screen capture software program that runs on the Mac computers. The program gained a lot of popularity in the past few months as more and more people started to realize how easy it was to use it and what it can actually do.

    The main use is recording the exact area of the screen that you want and then watching clips at a later point in time and its extra features will make everything even more interesting since you can easily edit all the videos that you record, adding video transitions and music. Eventually, thanks for revealing a light on this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar


  2. Hey Philip, I don’t have a Mac but this is some pretty useful info for those who do! Great share My Friend! Chery :))


  3. Hi,

    Well I just read a post about movavi and I must say its really great software. I would certainly download and install it soon.



  4. I have used this Movavi screen capture studio, and I love its screen capture features the inbuilt software program was excellent that works out well on the Mac computers. In a short span of time, this software has gained a real popularity in the internet market. With the help of this software, we can easily edit all the videos. Though I have used it before still, I have some doubts about its features and software. You have cleared my doubts and makes me free relief.


  5. Hi Philip,
    Well I simply browse a post concerning movavi and that i should say its very informative one, and i’d definitely transfer and install it shortly.


  6. Nice blog but it is only for mac users.


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