Tell Me Now What Should I Do?

Tell Me Now What Should I Do?

Last updated on Jult 15, 2018.

Tell Me Now What Should I Do?

Sajithkumar G+
#Tell me

This is a small write-up in Malayalam appeared today on the pages of Google+ and the notification came in and I found it a worthy note and translated it into the English language under the title ” Tell me now what should I do” This is purely a free translation of the original version. Thanks, Sajith Kumar for this wonderful and thought-provoking piece! Keep writing!

When laughed out loud they labeled me mental!

When cried out loud they labeled me shameless!

When commented out loud they labeled me proud!

When silent, they labeled me useless!

Tell me now, what should I do?


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A free translation of a Malayalam Snippet by Sajith Kumar


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    1. Hey Ann you are here again!
      Nice to see you again!
      Hey, i fully agree to your wonderful suggestion!
      Very nice to act upon that! Amazing indeed!
      I will surely try that!! LOL :-)
      keep writing
      Good day
      ~ Phil


    1. Hey Yogesh,
      Nice to see you here again!
      Thanks for your relentless support to this page!
      Yes, I fully agree with you, we should not give much importance to what people say against us!
      but at the same time if it is a constructive one we need to look into it seriously and if required we need to change it too!
      But here in this notes, the allegations are senseless or meaningless!
      Thanks for your valuable insight into this post!
      Keep visiting!
      Keep writing!
      Have a great day
      ~ Philip


  1. Hi Philip, how very powerful this statement is. It shows just how people can affect us and how they can use our own personalities against us. Shame on them!

    Enjoy the journey!
    Mandy Allen recently posted…Helping Out Where We CanMy Profile


    1. Hi Mandy,
      It is indeed a great joy to see you here again!
      Yes, it is sad to note the attitude of some people who uses our own personality to shame us!
      Indeed that is a shame upon them.
      The write-up is thought provoking one.
      Keep in touch
      Have a great time
      ~ Philip


  2. Awesome post as usual and I must say you have shared some compelling statements too.



  3. Hi Philip

    LOL. This is an interesting quote. It is a reminder that you really cannot satisfy everyone and it is best to be yourself.

    Remember that there will always be critiques no matter what you do.

    Thanks for sharing. Take care
    Ikechi recently posted…The Liebster AwardMy Profile


    1. Hi Ikechi,
      Thanks a lot for your wonderful and insightful feedback
      Yes, as you said we cannot satisfy everyone, yes it’s always good to be yourself!
      Wonderful indeed!
      Have a good day.
      ~ Philip


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