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Spices – Among God’s Provisions – A Christian Perspective

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Last updated on December 1, 2021

Spices – The Food That Matters – A Christian Perspective

Good and tasty food not only boosts one’s mood but also may imply that the food is healthy.

For instance, which chicken curry tastes better – the one prepared only with turmeric and chilly powder or the one that uses additional spices such as cloves, coriander, cardamom, etc. Most of us would agree on the latter.

The beauty of the creation of spices is amazing. God created it in such a manner that it not only adds wholesome flavor but also acts as an essential nutrient by which the body becomes healthier. Therefore, the taste, as well as the medical aspect of it, is actually a gift of God.

Spices – Among God’s Provisions

Spices - Among God's ProvisionsImagine if God created these healthy spices together with an unpleasant taste to our palate, we would all have been hesitant to use them.

Yes, when God created the universe then created man and gave the entire planet to him for his use.  Indeed that was a pleasant environment to live in surrounded by a lot of trees, plants, and herbs.

Yes, when God created the universe then created man and gave the entire planet to him for his use. Indeed that was a pleasant environment to live in surrounded by a lot of trees, plants, and spices.  A good number of references are in the bible on the usage of spices in their daily life since time immemorial.

But there is a limitation to these spices. Since man was cursed in the garden of Eden (Genesis 6:3).

Spices when taken in larger quantities, despite their medical properties have a detrimental effect on the body. This in turn means that our bodies cannot escape mortal death until the coming of Christ.

Moreover, God before creating would have seen that they would-be overpopulated.  Therefore He created our bodies in such a way that if we overeat anything – be it spices, medicinal plants, or any other elements, our bodies would suffer because of it eventually.

Spices - Among God's Provisions - A Christian Perspective. A guest post by Ashisha Winson Click To Tweet

I believe if our bodies were created without this limitation, a huge section of society would not have access to food since the rich would have conquered that domain. Our God is truly righteous and understanding.

Another point to be noted is that all the spices that God has created are healthy.  Man being creative has created their own flavoring agents such as sauces and spreads which we know are harmful to the body. Therefore what He created is indeed good (See Genesis 1:31).

Christianity. A Christian Perspective on Christianity/

God dislikes the qualities of being sluggard and lazy (Proverbs 21:25). Therefore our bodies were also created such that if we do not have physical activity, our health will deteriorate and at the same time human bodies need rest each day.

In the coming days, let us carefully look after the temple that God has blessed us with and ponder more about His purpose in our life.Spices - Among God's Provisions

Spices - Among God's Provisions

Author Bio: Ashisha Winson is an IT Professional based in Hyderabad. She is passionate about photography, writing, and artwork.


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  1. best hotel in rishikesh
    best hotel in rishikesh

    well written amazing post.
    thanks for sharing
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    December 7, 2021
  2. Afzal Zaheer
    Afzal Zaheer

    Hi Philip Verghese,
    You rightly spoke about the significance and importance about the bounties which God has bestowed on us. Healthy food through the spices is one such way. Additionally, there are many such as tasty delicacies in the form of fruits etc
    Thanks for enlightening us with the post.

    December 8, 2021

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