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Christianity A Christian Perspective On Christianity and Its Significance

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Last updated on February 24, 2020

Don’t Blame It On Christianity.  A Christian Perspective on Christianity

Christianity A Christian Perspective
Christianity A Christian Perspective
Christianity,  A Christian Perspective. These days Christians and Christianity is blamed by many for each and every untoward incidents happening around the world. A Christian writer’s view on the issue…
The attacks against Indian students in Australia are one such incident in the recent past. The Australian incident is not a singled out incident instead such things are happening around the world. Even our country (India) is not an exception to this. Many world leaders condemned the Australian incident and stamped it as few perverted minds handiworks.
Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama, the Nobel Laureate said in a statement, “ The attacks on Indian students in Australia as ‘disappointing’, it would be wrong to blame the entire nation for the acts of a few people. “The attacks on Indian students is disappointing but only a handful of people were behind it,” /PTI reported.
But unfortunately, few so called intellects’ reactions were very disgusting, that they were blaming Christianity for such happenings.
Some statement and reactions made us be a laughing stock among the world community.
A popular film personality loutishly rejected an Australian university degree conferred to him.
It’s really sad to note that the so-called intellects sometimes acts like children when they get irritated on some issue and throw away the things all around. These types of childish reactions will not take us anywhere.
Blaming Christianity for everything is not a good trend and it cannot be tolerable.
Just look at the people who make such allegations against Christianity, they struggle each other and form a queue in front of Christian institutions for their children’s admission, and they prefer to admit their sick in a hospital run by Christians.
In short, the real fact it’s that, they depend on Christians and their inventions in their daily life.
A close look at the history of Christianity will reveal the wonders it has done throughout the centuries.
Just take the case of any modern developments in this world, it will tell the amazing story of the influence or role played by Christians or Christianity.
As we all know that America and some European countries are on top of the modern developmental activities among all nations.  No doubt, this an undeniable fact. But just go back to the history of America and these European countries just before Christianity entered in these countries.
It will definitely be a shocking fact that they were aggressive in nature and were leading an uncultured and brutal life like the people dwelling in forests.
It is amazing to note the tremendous changes happened in their life after Christianity entered in these countries.
It is difficult to compare their past life and the present life as such a change has taken place in their life after accepting and following Christ and His teachings.
Nobody can say that it is just because of the development of science. If someone thinks that way just look into the life of such scientists. They were all followers and believers of Jesus Christ and were Christians.
Let me list out few of the prominent names from a long list of such Christian scientists who contributed their life and blood for the betterment of the society.
Let this be a reminder to my friends who blame Christians and Christianity.
Benjamin Franklin the scientist, an inventor, a statesman, a printer and publisher, a philosopher, a musician, and an economist. Who invented an efficient heating stove and proved that lightning is electricity was a Christian believer.
Galileo the astronomer, physicist, mathematician, and philosopher who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution.
The father of modern observational astronomy, the father of modern physics, the “father of science”, and “the Father of Modern Science was a Christian.
Sir Isaac Newton a mathematician and physicist, one of the foremost scientific intellects of all time who discovered how the universe is held together through his theory of gravitation, he also discovered the secrets of light and color.
Louis Pasteur a chemist and biologist who proved the germ theory of disease and invented the process of pasteurization.
Devi Humphrey, the inventor of potassium and Davis Lamb.
Michael Faraday the discoverer of electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic rotations, the magneto-optical effect, diamagnetism, field theory
James watt the inventor of the steam engine.
Henry Cavendish, the scientist noted for his discovery of hydrogen. He described the density of hydrogen.
Cavendish is also known for the Cavendish experiment, his measurement of the Earth’s density and early research into electricity are well known.
William Murdock the inventor of gas lighting termed as gasometer he also made a number of discoveries in the field of chemistry.
Thomas Alva Edison the inventor of Phonograph, Light bulb – Motion Pictures.
Guglielmo Marconi the Nobel Prize winner in physic and the inventor of Radio.
Paul Vernier the mathematician who described the vernier caliper measuring scale,
Samuel F B Mayors the founder of the telegraphic system.
George Stevenson the inventor of rail engine.
Mason the inventor of mason’s hygrometer (for determining the relative humidity).
Anders Celsius and Astronomer the inventor of centigrade.
Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit the physicist, who invented the alcohol thermometer, and the mercury thermometer he also introduced the temperature scale that bears his name – Fahrenheit Scale.
Alfred Nobel the inventor of dynamite founder of the Nobel prizes which are awarded each year to people, irrespective of nationality who made valuable contributions to the good of humanity.
John Guttenberg the inventor of the printing machine.R
inventor of the modern spinning machine.
Dr. Simpson the inventor of chloroform.
Famous philosopher Lord Francis Bacon, Father of modern chemistry Boyle, Founder of Neptune Prof. Adams, Famous geological scientist Adam Sedgwick, Dalton, the inventor of atomic theory, Young, the inventor of theory of light,Lord Kelvin the famous scientist,Sir George Stocks known as the modern Newton and the five times Chairman of the fellow of Royal Society, Wilberforce, who stopped the slave system, John Howard, reformer of the jail system, World famous poets, Pope, Tennyson, Milton, Wordsworth,
William Shakespeare the famous writer, The brave and famous fighters like Napoleon, Nelson, Duke of Wellington,
The great philosophers like Beacons Field, Gladstone, Kitchener, Lloyd George, Balfer,
Famous numerologists’ like John Heraclius, Laibinites, Pascal,
Christopher Columbus the discoverer of America,
Cook and maghalen the adventurous people, who traveled around the world in a ship, the famous sculpture and artist Michelangelo, the list goes on, there is no end to this list. These famous scientists and philosophers are believers of Christian faith.
In fact, these scientist’s discoveries and inventions are so useful for the modern man is an undisputed fact. The amazing thing is that a Christian’s brain is worked behind all these inventions and creations the modern man uses in house everyday life.
The one who blames Christianity should check these facts and stop blaming Christians for everything.
The clothes they wear, the pen they use, the vehicle they travel, the technical instruments they use, the computer they use, the postal system a discovery of a European Christian all such things needed badly for their daily use.
Even Mahatma Gandhi who discarded the foreign clothes needed a vehicle invented by a European for his travel and he used a printing  machine founded by yet another European, and again he used a timepiece invented by a foreigner.
These and many other things for the daily use all are created or invented by the Christians.
Let me put it this way, “Take the case of any invention or a modern device, Christian’s brain is worked behind.
No doubt even to the people of India’s developments Christians and Christianity played a vital role.
Ruling or administration of a nation, war diplomacy, education, business, artifacts, dressing or dress design, and countless other areas we the Indians are now following the pattern of our western counterparts.
The fact is that a majority of Indians are rejected our traditional Indian culture and customs and now following the developing nations like Europe, America, and other Christian nations.
The Christian missionaries gifts to our educational and health system are amazing.
This is yet another undisputed fact; no doubt we the Indians are indebted to the English speaking countries for the present developments in India.
What to say even now the indian administration looks at Western nations for theit sophisticated machines and weapons.
Just have a look at our history books that itself will speak volumes about our previous culture, systems, habits and traditions. And then just look at our present status this is only because of those nations influence upon us.
Can anyone di as pute this facts.
The interesting and shameful fact is that the people who have an enmity towards Christians and Christianity need their governments’ jobs and their university degrees and their inventions like the airplane, motor transport, the postal system, the internet facilities and many other systems invented by them.
In short we the Indians are very much indebted to our western nations for the present juncture.
Before the westerners arrived India what was our condition?
No doubt it was in a haphazard, pathetic and chaotic condition.
Our women flocks were like slaves and were fully under the control of men and they were not even allowed to go out from the four walls of the kitchen.
Wives can’t stand or come before the husbands they must be away from all activities of the family.
In fact, they were treated like slaves.
They have no voice of their own and polygamy marriage system was prevalent in our society.
A historian recorded about a person who married 50 women. And one woman can have five or more husbands.
There was yet another system of women staying in temples and doing all sorts of a menial job for the men.
This is known as Devadasi system, it was very common especially in villages.
There was another kind of brutal treatment towards women, the ‘Sati System’, living wives are burned along with the dead bodies of their husbands or throwing the woman on the pyre of the husband.
Another practice was throwing little children to the river Ganges as an offering to the mother river Ganges.
The ill-treatment and negligence towards the blind, orphans, lepers were a common thing in our culture.
There was no mental hospitals, cruel punishment according to the tradition, fighting between small kings were common, the pathetic condition of the jails, no religious freedom, petty quarreling among leaders and neighboring states, corruption, unscientific cultivation, undeveloped educational system all these were the condition of our ancient India before the arrival of westerners.
But after their arrival, the conditions tremendously changed and their ruling paved a basic way to the present improved or developed system.
For these tremendous changes and developments are we not indebted to the westerners or Christians?
No sensible person can deny these facts. Yes, we are in every way fully indebted to our western counterparts for our present stage.
The people who blame Christians and Christianity should make note these facts and stop blaming Christians and their culture.
Many today just ignore these facts and just blame it on Christianity and Christians for every unfortunate thing happening around the world, especially when some untoward things happens in western countries.
How nice it would have been the people who blame Christianity and Christians make note of these undeniable facts!
May God help them to understand the real truth and stop blaming Christ’s followers and Christianity.

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  1. Virendra Marathe
    Virendra Marathe

    Hi Philips, I read your article and YES you are right blaming Christianity is definitely not tolerable, Christianity never teaches violence it’s all about to do love and spread love. Thanks for sharing this informative piece.

    March 14, 2020

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