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Q is for Quality: Content Writers/Bloggers Beware! Quality is the Key Word For Today Not Quantity

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Last updated on January 20, 2018

Last updated on December 6, 2017

Bloggers Beware! Quality is the Key Word For Today Not Quantity

As the A to Z blog challenge just passed halfway through, here is a point to ponder upon.
Along with the blog challengers posts, tons and tons of contents are now available all through the web space.
Yes, people around the world are producing tons of material and posting it on the world wide web pages.
Let us just ponder over it.
What types of contents we are creating and what is the ultimate outcome of it?
Is it profitable?  Is it worth reading? or is it informative or educative?
Let us ask ourselves!
Each one should think of this line, is our posts are worth reading.
Since the web world is filled with all kinds of resources and people are so busy in searching for their needs, if we can cater the right stuff at the right time our efforts will be fruitful and are rewarded.  And Above all, we get the real satisfaction too.
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In the content world a majority of them are useless stuff, just to kill the time people post their contents.  Such ones may not get the real attention of the audience and our very purpose of posting or writing will not be served.
People may come to your space, but that will be a one-time affair.
People need quality ones.  Quantity is not the criteria here but Quality is more important.
You may ask now:
Ok, that is fine, then how it is possible for a newcomer to create quality ones?
Indeed this is a good question!
Yes. Only by reading more and more related contents and by writing, re-writing and again writing and writing, one can reach to that level, yes, it’s not a few days efforts, but I think it’s a lifelong effort!
Yes, read, read, read, and then write, write, write and then again write. :-)
Only by practicing and practicing one can reach that level.
Your sheer effort and hard work only will take you to that level.
Take your seniors criticism in the right spirit, and rectify it accordingly, that way one can improve their standard/quality of content creation.
If we can post/write quality posts people will come back again to our space to read your posts.
So, let us take a decision to create quality products for our audience/customers or readers.
Producing quality products with suitable keywords is the talk of the day and the need of the hour.
Make note that, no one is perfect to produce such things all of a sudden, for this; one needs a lot of perseverance and hard work.
By saying this please do not think that I am producing only quality ones, Oh No! When I look back I am sure, my major number of contents will come under the second category.  But still, I am struggling to create quality ones.
Please do not take it the other way round.  I am not an expert to give more lines on this subject.
These things I just mentioned here because of my keen observations since few years on the web world.
Some people are very prompt to produce contents daily, sometimes even about one to ten or more on a day.   This is good but I am afraid, that may reduce their quality, though they are reputed or well-experienced ones, many a time the result will go back to the second category.
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So Beware my fellow writers!
Take time to create good and worth readable quality ones,
May this year’s A to Z challenge be a great challenge on this issue.
How are you doing?
What types of content are you creating for your audience?
Would like to hear from you and your opinion on this point.
Your feedback is well taken,
Best regards and good wishes for a Happy Blogging!

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