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11 Crucial Link Building Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Among hundreds of ranking factors, link building has never lost its significant concerning SEO and SERP ranking. Still, hold your wings. Few link building mistakes might ruin your entire link building campaigns go useless. You must build legitimate links. Moreover, the words like ‘natural’ ‘quality’ ‘organic’ are special when we think about backlinks.

Improper link building can impact badly on your SEO and website authority. Then, you will have to experience drastic fall in your link profile. This article will talk about the most typical mistakes you must avoid while link building. You should never forget these link building mistakes whichever link building techniques you use.

link building mistakes
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Link Building Mistakes to Stop Doing

You can categorize these link building mistakes into two.

Firstly, the most common link building mistakes that don’t harm your website ranking much. Still, you shall avoid such to harvest the utmost benefits of link building. You can make your link building campaigns more effective.

The most common link building mistakes that may harm your website ranking ... A Guest post by Satish Arumugham via Philipscom Click To Tweet

But, the other few are, you must stop making those mischievous link building mistakes. It will have the adverse effect on your website or blog ranking.

Anyways, all the aspects discussing here are concerned about external links. If you wish to have your internal link building efficient, then try implementing a silo structure for your website or blog.

Most Common Link Building Mistakes to Avoid

These are some of the popularly known mistakes to avoid while building backlinks, likely to make your link building the powerful one.

#1 Sticking with Identical Numbers

Obviously, it’s great to gain backlinks from high PR, high DA, and authoritative sites. But, it is not pretty good to build links only from highly recognized sites. Keeping a mix of low DA and high DA would benefit much better. You must be randomly generating backlinks from domains with different authority levels.

Similarly, don’t be more specific in getting same link attribute type either it is dofollow backlinks or nofollow. Treat both link type equivalents; still, nofollow links have no value on your search engine rankings. Get dofollow backlinks through guest posting, meanwhile generate nofollow backlinks through blog commenting on various blogs. By this way, you can balance.

Improper link building can impact badly on your SEO and website authority. A Guest post on by Satish Arumugham. Click To Tweet
Link building mistakes
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#2 Backlinks from Sites having More Outbound Links

Each backlink is valuable. To make your efforts pay you returns, avoid getting backlinks from pages that have tons of outbound links. It is better to invest your time and efforts on building links from pages that have minimal outbound links. Don’t lose the value of your links placing it in the huge crowd.

#3 Repetitive Backlinks from Particular Domains

The sources on which you get backlinks matters a lot. The quality and authority of such sources or referring domains speak louder in representing the link profile of your website. Diversifying the sources of backlinks is most crucial. Don’t rely on a particular link building technique. Employ multiple link building practices and branch out the link sources.

#4 Improper Use of Anchor Texts

Your anchor texts must be more specific and exact to your keyword to stay away from the unnatural link building penalties. At the same time, it is not good to have exact anchor texts for every link you build. Instead, get backlinks for related keywords or semantic keywords. So that, Google understands that your link is more natural and its relativity.

#5 Links from No-index Pages

Intentionally or unintentionally, stop creating backlinks from pages that are not indexed by Google or any search engines. The no-index pages might hold any sort of content. You are unaware. Those don’t want to ruin your domain placing a link over there. As seen above the quality of the source where you are getting backlinks is much considerable.

#6 Sourcing Irrelevant Backlinks

An organic, as well as quality backlinks, is nothing but a dofollow link from a page or domain that is most relevant to your niche. The irrelevant backlinks will have less weightage, and it is meaningless. Hence, try getting backlinks from relevant sites. If your blog is about WordPress themes, getting backlinks from a travel blog is never appreciable.

#7 Failing to Track Your Links

Link tracking or monitoring links is must to have practice on a periodic basis. Through which you will get to know how your backlinks are performing on your website and over the web. Without this, you might not optimize your link building strategies. Sometimes, you would be wasting your energy in building backlinks that has zero effect on your SEO and Google ranking.

#8 Link Exchange and Reciprocal Links

In recent days, link exchange practice gets popular among bloggers with their blogging relationships. Meanwhile, Google is also getting smarter all the way. Whatever practices you do intentionally building backlinks, search engines can spy and scrutinize. Link exchange and reciprocal links are such carry outs. Hence, don’t build excessive link exchanges and reciprocal links.

The next we are going to run through are the most hazardous link building mistakes you must instantly stop doing.

Serious Link Building Mistakes that have Adverse Effect

#1 Buying/Selling Links

Search engines love only natural backlinks. In case of buying or selling links, get ready to bear the consequences your website will undergo. Buying backlinks can increase the number of your site backlinks. But, it is harmful as it does not guarantee for the quality. You might land in low-quality spam sites or PBN blogs. For the time being, you can find it beneficial. But for the long run, your credibility will go off, and your website r blog will get penalized severely.

Do not build excessive link exchanges and reciprocal links, says pro blogger Satish Arumugham in a Guest post. via Click To Tweet

#2 Building bulk links So Quick

Don’t try generating a huge volume of backlinks in a short span of time. Apparently, it notifies Google that your links are unnatural and intentional. Search engines weigh link only if it is natural, organic and relevant. If you are failing to do so, then you will be caught.

Instead of building bulk backlinks in a hurry, have a checklist and build backlinks balancing the quality and quantity.

#3 Not Removing Bad or Toxic Links

Even avoiding all these link building mistakes, you will have bad links generated. The site or page that was good when you source backlinks will be spammy now. Hence, it is obvious to monitor all your backlinks periodically and disavow bad links it regularly. Take actions before it starts destroying your domain credibility.

Final Verdict

Building backlinks are effective to improve your search engine rankings. But, it is quite tough to execute properly.

Understanding the Don’ts of link building is equally important to the Dos. If you want to have your link building efforts to be the most beneficial, then you must stop practicing the above-discussed link building mistakes.

Anyways, I wish you to stay out from the bad link building practices and being safe.

I would suggest moving on from traditional link building techniques like directory submissions not entirely. Guest posting would work well for getting authoritative backlinks.

Building backlinks are important to improve your search engine rankings. ~Satish Arumugham, in a guest post on Click To Tweet


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  1. The best way to build link is by creating link worthy content. One can also build links quickly by helping other bloggers and building relationships.

    When you are building links do not focus too much on link building but focus on getting a link which beings traffic.

    A link with no traffic do not have any value in my eyes.

    Glad you shared these.

    October 1, 2018
  2. Christina

    Link building has always been a technical issue that I have still not mastered but after reading this article, I have decided to make any mistakes in link building.
    Thanks for sharing this informative post.
    This is my first visit to your valuable page.

    October 2, 2018
  3. niraj

    Hello Satish,
    Amazing post… your tips and suggestion are really useful and will help many new bloggers to make their link building strategy in a correct way so as to get a good rank. I agree with you in this point, It is not necessary that the only backlink comes from high DA site is useful for your ranking.

    October 2, 2018
  4. Peter Henderson
    Peter Henderson

    This blog is really an unusual blog on SEO and this really help the core optimizer to let them know about their mistakes and from which they have to avoid themselves in making thithe mistakes. The strategies you pointed out in this post is worth following.
    I am much benefited by the reading of this post

    Thanks Satish and Philip for sharing this post.

    October 2, 2018
  5. Bibhu prasad bhuyan
    Bibhu prasad bhuyan

    Thnks Satish for sharing all your valuable information in this post.
    As it is very well presented every thing understood very clearly.
    Thanks for sharing this in an easy to understand language.
    I appreciate your time in creating this valuable information.
    Keep writing.

    October 2, 2018
  6. Fatema hasahar
    Fatema hasahar

    Things that should be avoided wild link building spam, double link, keyword, backlinks URL, or irrelevant links. I am much appreciated you to tell us such a great knowledge and helpful for beginners and for us.

    October 3, 2018
  7. Suraj Singh
    Suraj Singh

    Very good job sir, this information is really great for me. Keep up the good work

    October 3, 2018
  8. Sajid Md
    Sajid Md


    I am still wondering how I missed your article. You are so right and you listed cool ways to improve link building by avoiding certain steps.. Your article was very informative and interesting. I’ve also read your previous articles. Keep posting such kind of stuff. Thanks.

    October 13, 2018
  9. Hi Satish, excellent points but I think point #8 still works like a charm (link reciprocation) if you do it right. Just make sure you’re not doing with those people or platforms that aggressively do link reciprocation but try to build a small tribe network who can link to each other (from relevant sites).

    Not removing toxic links can kill your site’s SEO and you should make sure to perform site audits by using tools like SEMrush and analyse your backlink profile. I personally wouldn’t worry about “low quality” links to your site unless you did some black hat link building or hired someone to do it for you (mostly from sites like Fiverr) and if I find such links, I would use tools like Disavow to remove such links as soon as possible.

    You can also find them with tools like Serpstat as they have full backlinks data collected over the last 2 years and tons of useful features where you can fully analyse your links and remove all the toxic links easily.

    Great post as usual, keep up the great work.

    October 15, 2018
    • Ragil Triatmojo
      Ragil Triatmojo

      Yes, i’m also thinking so.
      With right method and no toxic steps point #8 will be powerful link building method. We know link excahange with guest posting are easiest way to get a dofollow of nofollow link. And get backlink from low metric domain is not a problem in my opinion if it is organic.

      October 16, 2018
    • Hi Anil,
      Thank you so much for your valuable presence with a value-added response.
      We appreciate your observation.
      Keep visiting. Keep sharing.
      Have a great time of interaction again.
      ~ Philip

      October 17, 2018
  10. sankalp singh
    sankalp singh

    Hello sir,

    This information really beneficial for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

    October 21, 2018
  11. Its not about the number of backlinks that our site has, if they are unnatural, low quality and irrelevant even if we have thousand of backlink to the site wont help in ranking. We need to build our backlink by thinking in mind about our target audience. Creating link worthy content will help to use the reader and promote the people who are interested in linking

    November 20, 2018

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