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My Installment For December At Insecure Writer’s Support Group

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Last updated on November 24, 2017

 December:  The Last Month Of The Year.   Most often we consider this month as a month of celebrations and activities, of course for some it is a time for stocktaking of the previous month’s  activities.  Whatever may be today is December 2013’s first Wednesday!

And there is a specialty for this day:  Yes, every first Wednesday of the month is  separated  for a group

called the  Insecure Writers Support Group’s Day   In Short: IWSG DAY

This day is dedicated to the writers’ especially the blog writers by the well known Sci-Fi writer cum blogger Alex J. Cavanaugh, the famous Ninja Captain and his associates @ IWSG

Writers from around the world will post their notes about

Their fear, insecurities and other useful suggestions and success stories.

In this installment I would like to mention an important activity many of the bloggers just neglect, that is nothing but the promotion of their write-ups or posts.

“I do not get any visitor or reader though I am a regular writer and I do post solid and useful contents but still no one visits my page, why?”  

This is a common complaint from many of the bloggers especially the beginners!

There is a reason for that, when you write a post and keep quiet, how will others know about it, so you need to tell others about it right, these days its very easy to do that, There are a good number of ways to do that, One of the main way to do it tell about your post thru your social websites, post your blog Url in the social media sites as soon as you upload the post.

As someone said, if we write something and we do not tell others about it who will read it, only you or your family members or some of your close friends, that’s it!Now there are a good number of social sites available in the World Wide Web, major among them are the facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon etc.. it is really difficult to visit all these pages individually and post our URLs there, instead here is a button (web site link) available which you can embed it into your blog posts, please click on the below picture to visit that page, it is very easy to embed this into your blogger or WordPress or any other platforms.  Just click and embed it into your page, that will help your visitors or friends to promote the page on their social sites without leaving your page to visit the social site.  Try this button and place it on your page.  You yourself can promote your page to your social sites by just clicking on the AddToAny button.

Try this today, it will surely boost your readership.
Here is the link to that page  +Add To Any

By clicking on the button you will see a page like this(See the Screenshot below) Then click on the button “Get the Share Buttons” 
There you are, then click on the relevant page, blogger, WordPress etc. that’s all this button will appear in your blog post’s bottom space.

Have a wonderful time ahead.

Keep informed about your experience in this regard by posting a  comment in the below comment box.

Thanks for visiting my page.
Happy IWSG Time Ahead.

Also, read this post and other connected links mentioned there which are relevant or more related to blog promotion.

9 Tips to get Traffic to your Blog Pages Or How To Promote your write-ups (Blog Posts) to Get Traffic.More Links..

So friends, Write, Promote,

Promote And Promote!

as much as you can!!
Keep Going!
Keep Writing!
Keep Inform!
Don’t Give up!

Good Wishes!

Yet Another Important Announcement
from IWSG.

Here is a contest!
Participate and
win fabulous

To know

Meanwhile, Spread the word


See You All Until Next ISWG
that is on January 8th, 2014
since first Wednesday of Jan.
is on the New Year’s Day.

Best Regards.
Yours Sincerely
Philips & Associates

For some of my readers,  the “AddToAny” button may be a new thing, but I am using it from the beginning of my blog writing. This I learned from my Google’s Knol pages.   Its main advantage is that you need not leave the page to promote the post to their social sites, instead, you can post it to your social websites from the post itself.

You can see this button at the bottom of my every post
here.   Please place your cursor on the button and promote. Thanks again for your kind visit and responses.

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