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World Wide Web – What Type Of Web We Want?

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Last updated on January 9, 2017

What Type Of Web We Actually Want?

Word Wide Web Is very important and part and parcel of each individual today. Though a good number of the world population is still not unaware about its usage and profit, its validity is increasing day by day.  Some countries, even though the majority is not even know what it is the government and the authorities are in a utility is increasing and they are even going to create a cashless country. But unfortunately the days goes by the governments, companies or individuals try to take way its freedom of use or try to control its applications.  It is alarmingly increase in developing nations.

Here in this video Sir Tim Berners-Lee the founding director of the World Wide Web Foundation speaking at United Nations Geneva gathering. He very emphatically presented this question to the listeners:
“What type of web we want”
And now its widely posting through its websites and other media so that the people around the world can come out with some suggestions and solutions.  In this video  he invites the web users to think on this line.
Watch this informative and challenging video


It is delivered at Geneva in a talk at the Human Rights Day, on a Panel Discussion on Building a World Wide Human Rights 2013-20 Years Working For Your Rights

“Millions of people together have made the Web great. So, during the Web’s 25th birthday year in 2014, millions of people can secure the Web’s future. We must not let anybody – governments, companies or individuals –  take away or try to control the precious space we’ve gained on the Web to create, communicate, and collaborate freely.”

Source Credit: Web We Want

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