How To Choose A Blog Name That Sits On Reader’s Mind

How To Choose A Blog Name That Sits On Reader’s Mind

 Choosing a Brand name or Blog Name is a hard thing to do right!

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Today many think that starting a blog is every easy.  Yes, no doubt about it, even if you do not know the A B C of blogging, you can start a blog of your own by using the plenty of tutorials available on the vast space of Internet.  Yes, there are a good number of tutorials out there.  Today I am so glad to introduce yet another young blogger from India to the readers of Philipscom, Priyam Baksi, is a talented young writer from Kolkata, the city of Joy. He is an amazing blogger who started his blogging journey very incidentally.  Apart from blogging he enjoys doing graphic design, paintings and various other blog related activities.  presently he is pursuing his engineering degree.   In this guest post, he shares about how to chose a blog name/ domain name for your blog.  Philipscom Associates wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Now Over to Priyam

Dear Philipscom Readers,
I am so glad to be here today to share with you all a vital or a basic thing in relation to blogging.  Thanks, Philips Sir for giving me the chance to guest post on your blog.

Presently on the off chance, if you are a new blogger or just making another site, picking the blog name is the first and foremost trouble you will confront.   And if you’re like me, then positively you may spend a lot of time, just to pick the right blog name that you as well as others love even in future.

Be that as it may, that is not where the disappointment closes, remember that minute when you feel you found your brilliant blog name, which will be spick-and-span for your website, and the following flash understand that your excellent name was reserved by another person, who have nothing to do with blogging.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Now, before you begin to think your next name, you must understand something.

Doesn’t make a difference if it’s a new brand or an old one, it’s a blog name or name of a website, Brand names not just chooses your brand’s quality, it likewise creates an image of your brand. Furthermore, in future, if you turn into a tycoon blogger than your blog’s/site’s title will be much like to your name (Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook), and that is colossal. Be prepared for it.

How to pick blog name that draws individual’s attention?

Well picking a name is not hard, you can think a name at this moment, yet that will be only just a name, nothing else.

Choosing blog names passed through two ways and most of the tips mention below is solely depends on your choice. So let’s get started.


The entire web is an open hot spot for your thoughts, explore for blog name ideas, and there are thousands of results, watch other top blogger’s blog names and utilize them with some tweaking, or simply take their name and include some different domain extension.

Done! Your blog name is prepared.

In any case, if you are thinking you can make a huge brand by adopting any other established name, then you are entirely wrong. Your This activity will toss an immediate sign to your readers that you are insufficient imaginative to pull their issues up, and they will most presumably stay away from your blog for the indefinite future.


In any case, if you ever felt envious towards some other brand name and if you though how they concoct these sort of innovative names, then those titles surely fall into this class.

So, before I start though the process of picking the right name, two things you need to consider, first, is your entire life sidekick? Or only for a couple of months?

If it’s a whole life’s companion, then you should be watchful while picking names.

So if you want to create your own uniqueness than further down are some tips, you can take after to make a name that worth cherishing.


To construct a fruitful blog, one needs to play with their audience’s mind. And that begins with your websites name.

The tally of your characters is particularly a vital point for your domain name. It’s is directly proportion to people’s interest.

The study says people often forget names that are more than 15 characters long. And if they don’t bother to remember your blog’s name, then they will surely not bother to come back.

A case of a long name “”

Facing this domain name, readers would promptly dart on a decision that the blog is created by an amateur, and they will not hassle visiting an amateur over again for sure.

Choose blog names that are not more than 11-15 characters long; it will make your blog name clean, and people can certainly remember it.


Often people don’t realize the power of simplicity, they believe if their blog name is complicated enough then it will form a better impression on towards readers, but that’s not true at all. Complicated names create complications, it’s hard to pronounce, it’s hard to remember and indeed hard to be loved. So if your blog name doesn’t love by others, then what’s the extra chance your blog has?


I love blogs that use a consolidation of more than one words in their brand name. And that’s good. When people break a noise between two words it’s most likely prove more reasonable and memorable for them.

But you need to understand it’s the name not a description of your blog. So make it simple and small. Two -three words are good enough to create a blog that sits on your reads mind, but you don’t need to create a sentence to stand out.

Now look at some examples of two words websites:,

(2D) Using common words makes your blog usual:

Do you know why people are attracted to these names, Huffington post, Mashable, Moz or Squidoo?

Not only because of these blogs, publish contents that are super unique. Likewise, They have titles that have no meaning so far for the word reference.

Other than having no significance by any means, these names make a different fascination for the readers.


That’s because these are the names, that they don’t pronounce regularly, thus when any words like this knock on reader’s brain, then those words reserve a great chance to site on their mind and heart.

In this way, utilize words that are remarkable, tie them together and make a brand that is one of a kind within all around.

(2E) Don’t Bound only in English:

This one is my most loved one; there are many diverse languages speaks throughout the world. Some are understandable, and others are not so from our side. But all languages have one thing in common, and that is its uniqueness.

Every language can prove exclusive for your blog’s title. So why not give it a try.

Keep in mind great things can’t be made if things have confinements. So think beyond English and use the world verbal to play with your words. And at the end, you will have a great name in your hand, which is clearly ready to become a brand.

(2F) Use name generators:

If you’re using name generators, then that doesn’t mean you’re not inventive, so don’t stress, nobody will charge a sheet for counterfeiting.

Consider it somewhat more profound, Name generators are wonderful and helps you to think, out of the container. You will get a huge number of results; several names, some are great, and some are terrible or don’t run with your decision, so pick the once you liked and played with those words. Add things you wanted to put on or delete something that doesn’t go with your brand, and surely you will get something that you’re sitting tight for.

(2G) The Name is always The topper:

If above tips are not going with your inclination, then the last and also the most premium option is choosing you to name as your domain. Many professional established bloggers utilized their names as their sites.

Hidden secret: the blogs which project the name of the author as its domain, is considered more premium and sensible to the readers. And the reason is quite simple.

Readers like to believe the person from where they are taking advice, and if the author’s name is in the domain, it gives an illusion that the author is confident enough about his writing, and he/she believes in going with his name as a brand.

The Best examples: Neil Patel, Hongkiat, PVAriel,  BrentJones etc.

The below graphic will give you the joust of above points I mentioned.



Also, Please check out this video. A must watch video on this subject.

Over to you:

Every detail matters, when you’re creating a blog or a website you must know the circumstances that can appear in future. Creating a successful blog depends on that every single point. So be prepared for it and try to choose an amazing blog name for your page which remembers all the time by your readers.  I invite you to share your thoughts on this write-up. What is your idea, view on this subject?

We are eager to hear from you, your views can be shared thru the comment column below.

Once again I take this time to give my heartfelt thanks to Philip Sir for giving me an opportunity to share my views to the esteemed readers of Philipscom.  Thank you for your continued support to the young bloggers. Keep up the good work.



Profile PictureAuthor Bio: Priyam Baksi, is a talented young writer from Kolkata, the city of Joy. He is an amazing blogger who started his blogging journey very incidentally.  Apart from blogging he enjoys doing graphic design, paintings and various other blog related activities.  He is now pursuing his engineering degree.

He blogs at Solid2Simple  and you can reach him via his blog as well as thru  Twitter & Facebook



  1. Hi Philip Sir, And Priyam,
    Nice to be here again. What a post you have posted.
    It is right that now it has become a lot difficult to select a name for the blog and which in turns out to be a brand.
    But You have shared some of the best ways to do this.
    Keep up the good work Bakshi.
    Thanks for sharing.
    – Robin


    1. Thanks, Robin,

      Yeah, Indeed many possibilities depend on your brand name and you should choose it wisely.
      Your blog name is also very attractive.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day

      ~ Priyam


    2. Hi Robin,
      Thanks a lot for the kind feedback,
      Yes, indeed picking up a suitable name is a bit difficult job, yes, if it is done wisely it will stand for ever and of course stand out in the crowd.
      Thanks for sharing your views in this regard.
      Keep sharing
      Have a nice day
      ~ Philip


  2. I spent a while thinking of clever names for my brand/site but decided that going with descriptive would be the best so people could see at a glance what it is. So I went with The Way to save Money as catchy and well known phrase.


    1. Hi Gary,
      Happy to see you on my page.
      Thanks for sharing your wonderful experince in this regard.
      I appreciate your maiden visit.
      Keep visiting
      May you have a great day


  3. Hi Brother Phil and Priyam,

    Glad to be here again and happy to see one more new face in the blogosphere.Regarding the post, it is always difficult to find a domain name for a website. If you follow the SEO experts opinion, they should insist us on having a keyword in the domain name itself. I did a great mistake while choosing my domain name by adding the number ‘ 4’ inside the domain name. Priyam came up with some good ways to choose a domain name here. Looking forward to reading more posts from him in future.

    Have a great time for both of you.

    Keep sharing.

    Best regards

    Reji Stephenson


    1. Hello Reji,

      Thanks for the compliment, though apart from your point, I like your domain name and it’s quite good. actually, 4 is not harming at all. I like it.

      Thanks for visiting ~Priyam


    2. Hello Reji,

      Thanks for the compliment, though apart from your point, I like your domain name and it’s quite good. actually, 4 is not harming at all. I like it.




  4. Hey buddy,
    Wonderful piece of content <3 loved the way you wrote :) keep writing such well crafted quality content :) i will be glad to check 'em out

    ~ Issac Paul


    1. Thanks, Issac,

      Keep Visiting, glad to see you.



  5. Hey Priyam,

    It’s good to see you here. No doubts that you have written a wonderful article. There are many people who are struggling to find the domain name.

    It’s quite hard to find the name which can represent your work and the niche. I like the idea of finding something unique or the two words name.

    The name generators may help a little bit.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Have a great day.


    1. Thanks, Ravi,

      It’s really nice to get a feedback from you.
      For me, only one thing that matters is, if I am satisfied to walk along with the domain name throughout my life, if yes, then its ok.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      May you have a wonderful time of blogging ahead.


    2. Hi Ravi,
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Good to hear your valuable feedback in this regard.
      I appreciate your time.
      Keep sharing
      May you have a wonderful day.
      ~ Philip


  6. Hello Priyam and Mr. Philips.
    Useful tips for anyone trying to think of a name for your blog and get the right domain.
    I hadn’t thought about two-word names like copyblogger or facebook being more popular than single word names.
    One thing I would like to add is that if the name you want is not available, you can consider buying it from the person who has it.
    A lot of good domains are just parked by the owners, and you can get a really good name if you are willing to pay a small premium.


  7. Great post, I think most of the people have problem with names. Using your own name is common way, and I think it’s one of the best, but you have to decide if you want to brand your blog as your personality or a brand.


  8. Hi Priyam,
    Thanks for your ideas on how to choose a blog name. I also think we should stay away from “-” , such as blog-name (dot) com is not as powerful as blogname (dot) come. How do you think?
    For me sometimes I will choose the blog name with an easy to remember domain and it works pretty well :)
    again thanks for your tips.


  9. Priyam,

    This is a great post. As a blogger, your name becomes your brand.

    The problem is that most good sounding domains would be taken. It becomes increasingly difficult to to find that perfect name.

    A great tip in this regard was given to me by an IP lawyer. His advice was “Create your own word”. I think its a wonderful piece of advice that you should follow when choosing a name for your blog.


  10. Thank you, Priyam! I love this post. You know what is super cute? I was playing with blog names two years ago- (Money, online, for future)…and when I started and knew I wanted to incorporate ‘zone’ in my name – and I knew I wanted a ‘D’ adjective…I was throwing out different words when my clever boyfriend actually came up with ‘money making zone’ and I loved it, and it stuck! He takes half the credit on that one, and the other half totally goes to this post. :) themakemoneyonlinezone


  11. Good ideas. I like looking at existing names that work well, and then creating a new name that has similar characteristics.

    Short and memorable works well!


  12. Hi Philips Sir & Priyam,

    Your suggestions are perfect. On my opinion Keyword should be included in the name. Search engine like Google, bing and yahoo lookup at the keyword for the ranking in the search engine index.



  13. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Very well written!
    ~ Jim


  14. Hi Priyam and P V,

    Choosing a right name for your blog is the most important part in blogging. Most of the beginners ignore it, even they don’t know what’s the difference between EMDs , PMDs and Generic domains and what are the benefits and disadvantages. But You have shared a detailed guide which contains useful information which help out bloggers to select a quality blog name.

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing post on the pages of philipscom
    Good keep it up. :)




  15. Hi Priyam,

    Well choosing right blog name is the most important thing in blogging. Normally bloggers ignore this significant part. They even don’t know the difference betweeen EMDs, PMDs and generic domains. But you have shared useful information about selecting right blog name which help out individuals a lot who are planning to start blogging in future.

    Thanks for lovely share :)




  16. Choosing a good blog/site name is very important for SEO and for branding as well. You almost listed all the important points in your article, but in the 2D point you forgot to mention to use a name that has a remarkable pronunciation in order to last in the reader’s brain.
    Thanks for sharing.


  17. Hi Priyam and Philip,
    it is true ,it is not easy to think of a good and fitting name .
    Often I am asked about this for suggestions . You did very well
    with the infographic, it shows a way to think about.Good for confused minds .
    The easiest would be to make a blog with your name for branding.
    Thanks for this helpful suggestions .


  18. Hey, Priyam!

    What’s going on over there?

    It’s great to read this article here. You know? It seems to me that choosing a great name for a blog is significantly important for business. I’d admit that I multi-time made mistakes with the domain.

    First, I did this mistake when starting a new blog. I made the name a too long one and hard to remember. :-(

    I made this mistake on one of the old blogs. It made look like a podcast blog, but it isn’t. :-)
    You shared a good number of tips in this regard on PV’s Space. Thanks PV for bringing Priyam to your page.
    Wish both of you a great time ahead.
    Thanks for sharing.



  19. Good Tips, Priyam.

    Nowadays, branded domain name is what makes difference. It is very important to find out domains with two names because they are short, simple, easy to type, and easy to remember. If your domain reflects about your blog, it is even great.

    Recently, I have started a forum and I chose the domain name Though I am not a big fan of numbers in domain, but this domain name pretty much relevant.

    Thanks for your tips. Enjoy your week ahead.


  20. That’s what I was looking for.
    Very well said.

    But Domains on your name make you popular. Don’t you think they are effective as your personal name promotion on the web?


  21. These are some Amazing Tips on How to Choose a Blog name. Sometimes a Good Infographic Says Everything about the Whole Post and You did the Same. That Infographic itself is Very Informative. Keep it up.


  22. Hi Priyam,

    Great post title, drew me in for a read.

    I’m always taken in by anything at all that can get my site burned into a site visitor’s mind. I’m always looking for ways to get brand/name recall from my site visitors.

    Choosing the perfect Blog site name, is one of the top reasons why site visitors remember you after delivering awesome content to the site visitor.

    Stealing a name from a popular site and changing the domain extension. Naughty, but will allow you to ride on the coat tails of the popular site.

    This is the reason why a lot of Bloggers are now buying a lot of parallel URLs, but making only one of them live while holding on to the other names for at least 3 to 5 years while they build thier own brand.

    A case of a long name “”

    Hilarious, but so much of truth in this.

    I totally agree with:

    Two -three words are good enough to create a blog that sits on your reads mind, but you don’t need to create a sentence to stand out.

    Your site name certainly does not need to be a complete sentence to get instant recall in the mind of your site visitors.

    If the content the site delivers is awesome, visitors will remember and find their way to your website always.

    Great Blog post Priyam. Enjoyed the read.

    Thanks so much for exposing Priyam to us Philip, it was really nice of you to do so.


    Ivan Bayross

    P.S. Loved the infographic BTW.


  23. A Great Post!
    Well, describe the reality of Domain Name.
    I was also totally disappointed when I searched a good name for my blog. After searched many names I’m completely confused so last I choose my own name as a domain


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