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Cybersecurity What You Need To Know in 2020

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Last updated on March 4, 2020

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting your information or data from criminals on the internet, and this should not be an option of whether you need it or not.

Every business must include a cybersecurity plan when starting up. It should be laid on the table and be discussed. There should be a budget allocated for it. But despite the threat, many businesses, particularly small businesses, don’t think about the importance of cybersecurity.

If in the past small businesses haven’t focus on including cybersecurity to their plan, maybe this time they should.

Cybersecurity has changed a lot in many years. It developed in a way that increases the strength of securing data. New technology has been a part of its system. It became sensitive to threats that, at the moment it enters the system, it could detect it.

The changes that it will encounter is non-stop. As we have entered a new decade in our society, there would be new technologies invented that will help to strengthen cybersecurity.

So, what are we to expect this 2020 about cybersecurity?Cybersecurity



As AI becomes more advanced in its thinking, thanks to Machine Learning, it becomes defense and a threat at the same time.

AI becomes an aid for IT personnel in fighting against attacks, but in a faster way. It reduces the amount of time when getting rid of the attack, and it moves faster in determining an incoming or an attack present on the system.

But, AI doesn’t only work to protect organizations from attacks. It also becomes our enemy. AI is also a technology used by many cybercriminals. Hence, their attacks become stronger, faster, and smarter than it used to be.

As hackers use AI to deploy their attacks, it becomes difficult for our AI to detect what is part of the system from what is not. But security developers are trying to make the AI in our end smarter than what hackers use.


There would be a rise in the number of unfilled cybersecurity professionals in the market. It will reach millions of vacancies as there would be a lack of personnel or people trained for the job.

The alarming gap means that hackers have more chances of deploying a successful attack, and no wonder why there are more data breaches or attacks that happened in the past years.

If this gap would not be given attention, we could expect an increase in the number of attacks in the coming years.


Cybersecurity There are billions of mobile phone users. The use of this technology has surpassed the use of computers or desktop as we used to know. People find that mobile devices are easy to carry around, making it convenient for them. Especially in making money online by using Dunder Casino and various other online games.

Even small and big businesses allow their employees to use their smartphones, which makes work productive.

But as we rely more on this technology, we increase our chance of being a hacker’s victim.

The most common attack people will fall for is phishing. Hackers manipulate their victims into giving them their sensitive information with knowing it. Since mobile devices lack the security that computers have, it’s difficult to alert users if the email or text they have received is a scam.

But as we rely more on this technology, we increase our chance of being a hacker’s victim.

The most common attack people will fall for is phishing. Hackers manipulate their victims into giving them their sensitive information with knowing it. Since mobile devices lack the security that computers have, it’s difficult to alert users if the email or text they have received is a scam.


As all things start to be connected because of the Internet of Things and 5G, our security is slowly becoming weak. Hackers can start with a single device and attack other connected devices as well.

The increased speed of 5G, which was introduced to us in early 2019, also increases the use of IoT devices.

There should be a stronger and even faster way to approach security for these growing devices.


2019 was the year ransomware became a big problem. It attacked schools, governments, and small businesses. Now, this 2020 ransomware will increase in number, and operators of these attacks will join forces for their next victim.

Cybercriminals will focus their attacks on smaller businesses or organizations because they are vulnerable to threats.


More organizations or businesses are moving to the cloud. It seems to be a safe place and a convenient way to conduct business and work with team members. But as they move to this space, hackers will also follow along.

There will be an increase in the number of businesses that will experience data breaches in the coming years. Although cloud storages are safe at some level, 15% of business did experience an attack on their businesses data.

Even though the number is low, cloud-based software should change the way they secure data on the cloud. If hackers can attack 15% of these businesses, they can indeed find ways to break the barrier of these storage spaces.


Two-factor authentication or 2FA is a security method to strengthen accounts. 2FA requires an identification code or a fingerprint to open an account, besides the password of the user.

But this year, the 2FA security will move one step further to strengthen accounts. Instead of a two-step process to open an account, it will require a multiple identification process. It will require a code and a person’s biometrics.

This way of securing will strengthen individual and business accounts.


Phishing is the most common cyber-attack deployed by hackers. Employees or individuals fall for this because they aren’t aware of these attacks.

But these coming years, social engineering is going to follow phishing on disrupting businesses and individuals’ lives.

In Social Engineering, the scammer will establish a relationship with a person, whether online or in person. They will get the person’s trust until they can retrieve the information they need.


Since attacks are happening all the time, businesses are planning on spending money to protect their data. 76% of organizations will be setting a budget for their cybersecurity.

The increase in awareness of cybersecurity is better, as it will encourage more people to protect their data.


Everyone needs to know about cybersecurity. They have to be educated about it and know the trends that are coming out. Having an idea about the subject matter will strengthen security and give hackers a lesser chance to steal from innocent people.

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  1. Brian

    Nice post John. AI is definitely a double edge sword I agree there. As far as social engineering, I hope it won’t increase in 2020 but you may be right. I know a colleague who had this play out in a fake kidnapping situation via phone and it ended with him wiring the caller money : ( Just goes to show you need to always question who’s on the other end of a communication. It could’ve easily been designed a different way to gain personal information.

    Good to know about multifactor, as 2FA is a good but you’re still vulnerable if your mobile is compromised.

    March 9, 2020
  2. Hi John and Phillip,

    I really hate having anything sensitive on my phone and avoid where-ever possible. It’s bad enough with hackers sending emails, plus scam phone calls, and I’ve had my blog hacked more than once. Happily since I moved my blog’s hosting all has been well with that.
    In general I’m very unhappy with the safety of 5G. Why did Brussels ban it? I shall resist using it as long as I can.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark
    Joy Healey recently posted…Free Traffic From Facebook With Traffic Nemesis – Course ReviewMy Profile

    March 9, 2020
  3. Natasha

    Nice blog. This is really great share about cybersecurity. I totally agree with your thoughts and follow your points. Thanks a lot for sharing Such informative and useful points you have shared with us.

    March 20, 2020
  4. David Mullane
    David Mullane

    It is true that cyber security risk is increasing everyday as we are connecting with people and uploading personal and professional data on the internet by using cloud services. We can face cyber attack or data breach by the criminals that can harm us personally, financially and professionally. You have shared great article that will help to understand the cyber security and how can they be safe. Thank and keep sharing!!

    June 25, 2020
  5. Arjun

    Great Work!! I am learning a lot of tricks and information from your blog in the future make a tutorial about Two-factor authentication setup…. thank u …keep rocking…

    December 14, 2020

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