Blog Traffic And Comments! A Big Worry Of Bloggers!


Last updated on 11, July 2017 

Blog Traffic And Comments A Big Worry Of Bloggers!

Image Credit: Insecure Writers Support Group #IWSG

This is one of the biggest worry all bloggers faced at least in the initial stage of their blogging.

But do not worry!

Here Is A Golden Tip!

Traffic!  Comments!

No Comments! No Traffic!

These are some of the common words we hear quite often in the world of blogging.

This month’s post at  IWSG (Insecure Writer’s Support Group),  I would like to write something on these two words!

As we all know every first Wednesday of the month IWSG group members join together and air their fear, doubts, activities, suggestions etc. through blog posts.

IWSG badge 2
Image Credit #IWSG

Alex Cavanaugh the well know blogger also known as the Ninja Captain and the Sci-fi Author-initiated this group.  In the previous month, IWSG celebrated its one year of successful journey.  I take this time to appreciate Alex and his wonderful team for running this show.

Coming to the subject Comments and  Blog Traffic all bloggers eagerly look for this two!

Any new blogger for that matter even the Pro. Bloggers look for traffic and comment into their pages!

This is an indisputable fact!

Though I mentioned this fact repeatedly in some of my earlier posts, I would like to emphasis upon this fact ones again in this post.

Yes, every blogger, irrespective of his or her seniority/experience needs traffic as well as comments!

Ask any blogger! The very purpose of their blogging is to expose their writings to the people around and to know or get their opinion about it through comments.

I am sure 99% bloggers will join me with this statement.  A meager 1% or less than that may differ on this statement.  That less category may just do blogging for their self-satisfaction. Anyways, I am sure about this thing and I can very well say this from my few years of experiences in blogging.  Yes, I can assuredly say that our actions do speak volumes even in the case of blogging!

I mean to say that our constant visit to other fellow bloggers pages and read their post with an analyzing/critical mind we will surely have something to say about their post. And we do write comments there.  Of course, in return, this will catch the attention of other fellow bloggers or visitors.  Our constructive opinion (comments) will surely get noticed by the readers and that leads them to our blog page.

But here we need to be more careful while commenting, please stick to the relevant subject and comment.

Notice This:

Let that not be one line or a generic comment like “excellent”  “well done”  “supper” “great” etc.  I am sure such comments will go unnoticed even by the blog author and if your comments are genuine and to the subject, it will attract readers and the blog author.

Sometimes if you can’t fully agree with some of the points mentioned in a post and you have totally a different opinion other than the mentioned one.   Good, that is where you want to air your opinion, then present it politely and in a pleasing manner.  Let, that feedback may not be in a serious or a demanding way.  Your genuine presentation will get the attention of the blog author and he will write his opinion and sometimes it may lead to a wonderful discussion through comments. This will automatically generate traffic to your page.  Yes, such constructive comments bring traffic to your pages.

This particular aspect I noticed in my blogging journey and I can show many such bloggers in the blogging world who very carefully practice this.

So my dear friends, post your comments on the pages of fellow bloggers and increase your traffic and comments.

I would like to point out three of such prolific blog authors who respond to the comments they receive on their pages.  They do this very seriously in their pages.   Though they are all very busy people with a lot of other commitments they find time to attend all real commenters who comment on their pages.  Of course, they find time to drop into your pages as well.

Here in this post, I would like to introduce some of my friends, few prominent personalities who authoritatively write about many different subjects and also practice what they preach/write.

mi muba
Mi Muba

One among them is Mi Muba, A Pakistani blogger who is a unique personality in blogging. You can read more about him and his page here in this link:

And also read these two articles he wrote recently on this subject “Blog comments”

These are two must-read posts for bloggers:

100 seductive ways to get more comments on your blog

How to write quality comments on 30 blog posts daily in 3½ hours?

These posts will surely give an in-depth study on this subject If following diligently the points mentioned in these pages you can surely be a winner in this arena.

Yet another thing I would like to say about him is:

He has kindly consented to post a guest post in my page on money blogging;  you can read that her on the below link:

Two winning methods to become a money blogger – (A Guest Post By Mi Muba)

Harleena Singh  of AhaNow

Another personality on this line is an Indian blogger, Harleena Singh also known as “Comment Queen” among the bloggers.

She wrote an informative Guest post at famous blogger Adrienne Smith’s page under the title: How to Become a Blog Commenting Superstar

 It talks volumes and will surely get a lot of guidance on this subject. You can read my comments there as 290th commenter.

Harleena writes on various subjects on her blog AhaNow most often she deals with inspiring and thought provoking posts on self-improvement, family, relationships, health etc along with a number of blog-related posts.  It’s really worth visiting website.

Read this must-read post on blog comments at Harleena Singh’s  AhaNOW pages.  Are Blog Comments Really Required?  Though it is written a few years back its relevance is evergreen.  It is indeed a wonderful guide to the new bloggers who struggle to fetch comments on their blog posts.  Check out the comments she got on this single post.

#AhaNOW ABC Community

Recently she and her husband Vinay jointly initiated a Community called ABC Blog Community.  Though it is in the initial stage it is growing tremendously, it’s really good to join in to increase your exposure to the writing world. The best bet in community forums. Join in and enjoy the many benefits in relation to blogging.

Also, Read more about this amazing blogger Harleena Singh   The Blogger of The Week 

Last but the least is another blog queen Adrienne Smith, an American blogger who writes different blog related subjects for the benefit of her fellow bloggers. Recently she posted an interesting post on 6 different blog authors. This is really worth reading.

Yet another interesting post is about her success story, the beginning of her blog journey, read that here onthis link:

 My Secret To Blogging Success:   She emphasis on blog commenting in this post. She suggests starting commenting on other blog pages.  Read on how she succeeded in her blogging journey through posting comments and other related activities to the present stage.

At present, she is working on a new product launch.  This will be ready by the middle of this month, I am sure that will be a great launch.  Philipscom wishes her all success with this new product.

She said in a newsletter:

“If anybody is interested in promoting my new product (yet to release) you are welcome.   This will be launched 17th of this month, then you can go to DealGuardian and sign up for free.   You can start promoting it yourself and make 50% commissions.  I’ll have my affiliate page set up by then as well, I’m working on that this weekend.”

Adrienne Smith

This is indeed great going, Adrienne!!

We Wish you all success in the new product launch and connected activities!

 These and many other bloggers are on this line to be presented in these spaces.

 God willing I will be presenting all of them in the forthcoming posts.

Thank you very much for your kind visit. Would like to hear from you, your feedback on this subject is highly solicited, it can be posted in the comment box.

With Kind Regards,

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