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4 Key Ways to Improve Your Company’s Reputation

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Last updated on November 2, 2019

How to improve your company’s Reputation

No matter how successful a company is, PR disasters are an unfortunate occurrence within any industry. Though some of these are easily swept under the rug, others can cause long-term damage to your brand that you may struggle to repair. It isn’t just these kinds of companies who may benefit from building their reputation, but new start-ups that are fresh on the business scene. Regardless of your reasoning, here are some of the best ways to improve your company’s reputation.

Company’s Reputation
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Align your business with an ethical cause

Oil giants like BP and international retail companies like Zara have all faced PR disasters in the last few years. While BP has struggled to regain trust since its infamous oil spill in 2010, Zara has been able to claw back from its claims of unsafe working conditions by starting up a new clothing range. This range, which aims to support the cotton initiative and supply better working conditions in its warehouses, goes to show how aligning your business with an ethical cause can repair the damage. Partnering with charities, championing safe working conditions, and promoting worthwhile causes are also all ideas you can try if you’re hoping to boost your image as a new business. 

Stay protected against negligence claims

When you are providing a service to clients, there is a lot of potentials for these interactions to turn sour.

For example, if you have sent an employee to do some interiors work which has caused damage to someone’s home, you’ll be liable to pay damages.

When word of this gets out, people can begin losing trust in your company. This is trust that can’t be lost, so it’s worth investing in professional liability insurance to protect both our finances and brand image should something like this occur.

Have a PR agency on hand

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You may have been able to protect your business from financial troubles with professional liability insurance, but you may need to do more to bolster your brand if some of these issues are leaked to the press.

In cases like these, it is essential to choose a PR agency to have on stand-by to minimize the impact of these claims. They also come in useful when your business has done something incredible that is worth sharing with the world, as they can make sure this message receives the coverage it deserves. 

Improve customer service

According to Forbes, businesses lose out on $75 million a year due to poor customer service. This is large because customers and are less likely to return to a business when they know the customer service isn’t good.

As an important part of the consumer journey, good customer service should cover any pre-purchase inquiries and problems after they’ve received it.

It’s something that can slip under the net when businesses experience large levels of growth, but it can, unfortunately, give your company’s reputation for being a brand that doesn’t care about its markets.

Take steps to improve your customer service by utilizing social media as a form of communication. If your workforce struggles with this load, you can always implement an automated system to help.

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