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All You Need To Know About Tank Tops: An Ultimate Guide

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Last updated on February 12, 2019

The fashion industry is an ever-changing industry and has significantly evolved over the last two decades. Its changing dynamics, such as fading of existing trends and emerging new trends, increase in the number of fashion-seasons, etc. have hard-pressed manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, and even end-users to keep abreast of the latest trend.

The tank top is such attire. The market is flooded with verities of tank tops making it difficult for us to choose which one can look the best. Wearing customized clothes is also on the surge. Customized tank tops are one of the best choices for youngsters to look stylish and attractive.

From being a popular inner piece to being adequate casual attire, tank tops have come a long way from a style point of view. In fact, tank tops are the perfect solution for people to work out in hot weather conditions. It is quite impossible for many of us to hit the gym with tight shirts that can be uncomfortable to wear, especially if you sweat a lot. The simplicity of wearing tank tops made it a popular staple in summer. But before someone puts them on, they need to follow certain tips:

Know your tank tops styles

  • Slim-fit:

Though the slim-fit tank tops are worn inside the house, if you want to wear outside the house, you need confidence. If you are a fan of Marlon Brando, pair a crisp plain white tank with linen-cotton pants. You can either tuck your custom tank top inside your trousers or wear it effortlessly. The choice is yours! Complete your look with a smart leather belt and a pair of boat shoes or smart moccasins. Slim-fit tanks are great layering pieces. They give a fresher look than a basic cotton tee. During winters, you can style them under smart leather jackets or blazers.

  • Relaxed-fit:

It is probably the most worn fit during summers. If you are thinking of going with this fit, then opt for printed tanks in different colors. It works both with subtle and bold designs. You can go for geometric prints, tie-dye style or Breton stripes. You can pair relaxed-fit tanks with a pair of long shorts or cargo pants. At last, complete your look with a pair of smart casual shoes or even leather sandals.

  • Longline tank tops:

Longline silhouettes are expected to be the hottest trend amongst fashion lovers; both in summer and winter. And this applies to tank tops as well. Just like slim-fit tanks, they are great layering pieces. You can wear them under jackets or blazers. A cropped relaxed-fit trouser or long shorts will look best with them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them with jeans. Pair smart casual shoes to complete the look.

Tip: Longline tanks look best in a single color with minimal prints.

  1. Qualities to look out
  • Fabric:

You already strain your muscles to exercise during a workout that any add-on uneasiness can be frightening. For instance, there is nothing more painful than preparing for killer sessions of core strengthening exercise just to get bothered with ‘such a tight tank top’ throughout the schedule. During your workout, make sure you choose the best fabric for your tank top.

  • Breathability:

When sweating is caused by efforts put on doing exercise, it gives a great feeling. However, if you are living under hot climatic conditions, or your body gets heated quickly while doing exercise; your tank top should be in accordance with the workout through exceptional breathability. A moisture-wicking fabric such as polyester helps in drawing moisture away from the body. Apart from fabric, certain styles or designs allow more air to reach to the body; for example, racerback, stringers, etc. And last but not the least; opt for minimal or no fancy zips or tassels.

  • Size:

Activities like biking, stretching, running, etc. require different fits. When it comes to workout, the movement is the key aspect. And you surely don’t want to limit your movements because of the small size tank top. Choose the top that is not only loose enough to give you comfort but also breathable. At the same time, it should not be too loose that the sleeves fall off the shoulders.

  • Color & Print:

Working out doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t be fashionable. Today, when it comes to exercise, fashion has totally taken a new form. There are a lot of trendy colors and prints available in workout clothes. You can take inspiration from various fitness celebrities.

Tip: Avoid tanks that are neon in colors and the ones with printed phrases or graphics.

  1. Suitable Occasions:

Tank tops are not suitable for every occasion. Whenever you wear custom tank tops, make sure you pay close attention to the occasion. Places like the beach, pool, parks, gym, etc. are the perfect places to wear custom tank tops. But if you are going to places which are densely populated like malls, restaurant, or any such place, you should avoid wearing casual tank tops.


  • Accessories: necklaces, watches, sunglasses, bracelets
  • Keep sleeping tanks for sleeping only.


  • Put on to special occasions: meetings, weddings.
  • Dress in ill-fitted tank tops.
  1. Where to Get Custom Design Tank Tops

Now that you know all the necessary things about tanks, you must be thinking how and where to get custom design tank tops. Well, many websites provide custom design services. If you really want to get custom tanks at a reasonable price, then Designhill should be the first stop. The platform offers a t-shirt maker tool that allows you to design t-shirts as per your style and preference. You can either choose the designs from the in-built library or upload your own design. The choice is yours!


Be clear about the purpose when you are planning to wear tanks. Whenever you are in doubt, choose solid colors and a relaxed fit. Combinations like sports lux, nautical or bohemian requires little planning and extra courage to flaunt. But if they are worn in the right way, then it will take your summer dressing to the next level.


Author profile: Campbell Joef is a graphic designer and blogger associated with, a custom designs marketplace, I generally write on topics concerning design and clothing industry like as 3/4 sleeve shirts , e-commerce, start-ups, small business.

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