A Thank You Note And Few New Initiatives From The Portals Of Philipscom


A Thank You Note From Philipscom

Dear All,

Yet another year is just passed by, we all can recollect a lot of things good as well as bad from the year just passed by.  I am sure we all underwent different kinds of situation in the previous year.  We can write volumes about the blessings we received from the God Almighty, of course at the same time there are few incidents which we can recollect as bitter ones too! No worries, it is no doubt that, we have to accept good as well as bad in this life journey.  No doubt, such situations are the stepping stones to your success.  Count such situation in that sense and look forward and go and achieve the goal set before us.  Do not get frustrated and quit, instead take it and move on and on.

As I said If I look back a lot of such mixed feelings or situation I too underwent in the year 2016 but at the same time, there are more blessings to count on.

I am so glad to express my gratitude to all who supported me in making the pages of Philipscom live on the internet.  As many of you know, we faced a bit of difficulty in airing some of our pages due to some technical snag and hosting troubles.  I am happy to say that all those problems are fixed with the help of some of our beloved well wishers and friends online.  Our heartfelt Thanks to all who extended their valuable support, suggestions etc in this regard.  Read more in this regard here on the following  links:

Our heartfelt Thanks to all who extended their valuable support, suggestions etc in this regard.  Glad to note that the site restoration process went on well with the help of the pro blogger and web developer  Ikechi Awasiei of “Be A Light To The World”.   

And I am sure the visitors of Philipscom noticed the new look of this page.  I am indebted to Ravi Chahar of Blogging Love for the theme.  Indeed this gives an added color and majestic look to the site after its developments and the further additions of new features. Thanks Ravi for this majestic theme for free.  Read more about this lovely theme on this link here: BloggingLoveTheme For Free 

The new website News And Views For You – is a new initiative from the portals of Philipscom.  There are two more new websites initiated by the end of 2016, these sites are event sites and are still in the process of its final stage.  You can check out these sites  HERE And HERE.  

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Atish Ranjan of TechTrickWorld.Com for the support and technical help he extended to me in this regard.  Thank you so much Atish for all your support to Philipscom.  I  also express my heartfelt thanks to Robin Khokar of TrickyEnough.com for his relentless support in relation to Philipscom.

Also, I am so thankful to all who stood with us and supported on those difficult situations we underwent in the fag end of the year 2016.  A wonderful name in this regard to remember and mention is Ivan Bayross of  OpenSourceVarsity.Comfor his timely suggestions and advice.  Sir, I am so thankful to you for your precious time you spend with me in my difficult situation. 

To the information of my readers and subscribers I would like to add one more word in relation to our web hosting we were using Bluehost earlier, just one year it went on well with some hiccups here and there, but sad to say just after one year we faced lot of problems and we underwent  various bitter experiences and lead us to severe connection with them.  Now this page is run on  A2Hosting and they are giving a wonderful service altogether.  I can very well say that they are providing a wonderful service.  You can check their credentials by clicking on this link A2Hosting.

Also read more about Philipscom and what tools, resources and plugins this web page uses please click on this linkPhilipscom Resource Page.  


On behalf of the team at Philipscom, I express my gratitude to all who visited us and expressed their views, suggestions etc through comments as well as thru chat messages and phone call etc.  Also,  I take this time to express my immense joy to mention the dear ones who invited me to join in their Expert Roundups.  That is indeed a wonderful opportunity I have had in the year 2016, and is still continuing.  In fact it is a  great boost to my blogging journey.  Few of such mentions are gathered in a post elsewhere on these columns.  I remember, I mentioned all who has given me the opportunity to share my knowledge to their Roundup Questions.  If at all I missed anyone to mention, kindly shoot a private mail to me so that I will add in the appropriate place.  You can have a quick look at all those wonderful mentions in my post under the title “People Who Honored Philipscom”

We Once Again Express Our New Year Greetings To All.

Wish You All A Blessed And Prosperous New Year 2017.

Expecting your continued support in this year too!

Remember I do reciprocate. :-)

for Philipscom Associates

P V Ariel 


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A Multilingual Freelance Writer, Editor, Blogger, Roundup Expert, Translator, Internet Marketer And A Social Campaigner. Manages different sites in English as well as in Malayalam. Born And Brought Up In Kerala. Now Based At Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Facebook or Can Reach At: philipscom55(@)Gmail [.] Com twitter: @PVAriel Skype Philva6

25 thoughts on “A Thank You Note And Few New Initiatives From The Portals Of Philipscom

  1. Hey Philip,

    Thanks for the kind gesture.

    Last year was amazing and I am glad that I could help you with my web development skills. It’s been a tough time but here we are together.

    I wish you to have a prosperous year ahead. Keep blogging.

    1. Hello Ravi
      Thank you so much for the timely help, yes, it is indeed a great help. And the theme is working well.
      I appreciate your time you spent on developing the theme.
      Keep up the good work.
      Nice that i could enjoy a part of your hard work’s fruit. :-)
      Keep going
      All good wishes for the New year 2017
      ~ Philip

  2. Dear Ariel Sir,
    Happy to hear about the new developments at Philipscom and for the new initiatives.
    I am happy to know that you are rocking! :-)
    Keep going.
    Wish you all the very Best!!
    ~ Joy

  3. Hi Philip Sir, so kind of you that you mentioned each of us who helped you. And surely I am happy to help in future as well. And good luck with your new domains that you have bought and hope that it will help you to earn more.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Robin,
      It is indeed my great pleasure to reciprocate the JOY you all shared with me,
      I appreciate your wonderful help in the time of need and happy that you extended your service for future too :-)
      Thanks a lot
      Keep visiting
      Keep sharing
      ~ Philip

  4. Hi Phillip,

    Hey New Year!
    I wish you all the best in this New Year.

    Good to read how you remember and show appreciation to those who have one way or the other provide their support to help things in terms of need.

    You’re part of my success last year too. I got featured on the HuffPost all because of your expert round post. Thanks for that.

    Looking forward to a more and better relationship this year.

    1. Hello Shamsudeen,
      What a joy to see you here again.
      Nice to receive your good wishes for the New Year.
      I appreciate your time on our page.
      This post is really a valuable post to me.
      I am so glad that I could express my gratitude to my friends
      who came in to help me after sacrificing their valuable time.
      Indeed this is a Great Joy to share this to the public.
      I am happy that I could be a bit part of your joy too.
      Keep visiting
      Keep in touch
      Next expert roundup is on the anvil talk soon
      Thanks again for your visit and comment
      ~ Philip

  5. Wow this is amazing. Good to see new web sites under your name.

    I hope you get all the success and forward momentum.

    Happy New Year.

  6. Hi Philip. Wish you and all fellow readers on this blog a Happy New Year. Difficult previous year, but the good news is that it’s a new year now. New start, and new opportunities. I’ll make sure I visit as often as possible and read all the wonderful things you and your guest posters write about.

  7. Hello Philip,
    This is my first visit to your page, I am so glad to note your valuable contents spread all over the pages.
    I appreciate your hard work in creating such a lot of informative posts.
    Thank you! for sharing this incredible post with us.
    Keep sharing

  8. A great kind gesture.
    I’m euphoric to know about the developments in Philipscom.
    Hearty congratulations and good luck for your new website and hope this event will help you to earn more.
    Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  9. Hi Philip

    Thank you so much for the mention and I am happy that I was to do my best to make this website rock. Looking forward to more of your awesome posts. Take Care

    1. Hi ikechi,
      It is indeed a great joy to work with you in my troubled times.
      I appreciate your continued support in getting back to the track.
      Once again i express my heartfelt thanks to you for what all you have done to restore this page back to normalcy.
      Keep up the good work
      Have a great and profitable New Year 2017
      ~ Philip

  10. Hey Philip,
    It is great to see that you have passed all the hard times you faced in your blogging journey in 2016 successfully, these issues which happen to us and how to deal with them, form our experience, aren’t they?

    For me, the best thing ever happened to me in 2016 was to meet great friends online, like you Philip.

    Happy new year, Philip!


  11. Hi Hussain,
    What a joy to hear from you again. These types of things are really a life experiences to all of us.
    Yes, I fully agree with you, meeting people of the same interest is really a great joy to all of us.
    Keep going.
    Keep sharing.
    Have a good day.
    ~ Philip

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