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Last updated on April 29, 2019 L for Letters: The Letters To The Editor One of my #letters published in India Today weekly with a highlight from my letter Letters and letter writing is disappearing at this age! In fact, it’s almost disappeared from the scene! It’s a fact that a few years back we all used to send letters to our near and dear through postcards or inland letters

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Last updated on August 3, 2018 A Review on a unique weekly called “The Sunday Indian” The Sunday Indian. A Weekly in 14 Languages By the publication of 14 different languages, this media group obtained a distinctive position of the world’s first publication comes out every week in 14 different languages.   Content. A UNIQUE WEEKLY FROM INDIA’S CAPITAL TSI’S EDITORIAL A MUCH TALKED ABOUT SUBJECT IN INDIAN MEDIA TSI’S

Slips! Slips! Slips! Rejection Slips! Rejection Slips! Don't Worry! Don't Give up!!! A Note About The Sunday Indian Weekly - A Magazine In14 Indian Languages

 My Seventh and Last Entry (for Sunday)   In a Series of 7 for “7 Day Blogging Challenge for bloggers” from Jenson Taylor  Rejection Slip! Rejection Slip! Rejection Slip! Don’t Worry! Don’t Give up A Cover page of  The Weekly Magazine The Sunday Indian   Rejection Slips, Don’t Worry, Don’t Give up Yes, “Don’t Give Up”  rejection slip is the success mantra or Secret for any upcoming writers.  These slips are part and parcel of

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“Does Israel Have Any Options Left, Other Than Retaliation?”   In the above titled editorial in the Sunday Indian weekly dated Jan 19-25, Prof. Arindam wrote: “For the last few days, since the beginning of the Israeli military operations in Gaza, media – both print and television – has been riddled with scores of pictures of Palestinian kids, grievously injured in the air attacks by Israeli Defense Forces, or IDF.

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Last updated on August 3, 2017 A Weekly in 13 Languages: A Unique Happening in the World of Global Media” (A Small Correction) This is in reference to my recent write-up here in these pages, A review on The Sunday Indian News Weekly. Under the title: “A Weekly in 13 Languages: A Unique Happening in the World of Global Media“. I am sorry, there is a mix-up happened in the