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Sorry, a Jumble…In My CP, “A Weekly in 13 Languages: A Unique Happening in the World of Global Media”

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Last updated on August 3, 2017

Last updated on August 3, 2017

A Weekly in 13 Languages: A Unique Happening in the World of Global Media”

my prize money letter from TSI

(A Small Correction)

This is in reference to my recent write-up here in these pages, A review on The Sunday Indian News Weekly. Under the title: “A Weekly in 13 Languages: A Unique Happening in the World of Global Media“.

I am sorry, there is a mix-up happened in the second last paragraph. I need to make it clear through this CP.

There is a general tendency in journalism, especially in the print media that the editors always take the First seat (or the “Mukhyasanam”) and give the readers a second seat (or the “Ardhasam” (A Half Seat).

Another interesting thing is that every week they publish a special column with a special format and font; this is called “History Mail” here we can read the correspondence done between prominent personalities of the world history.

In short, The Sunday Indian Weekly has achieved a lot in the field of journalism in a very short span of time. But there are still miles to go. They must rethink and give some more space to its readers to air their view in a little more elaborate way. By shifting the “history mail” to some other page, that space can accommodate some more reader views. Also, the size of the cartoon strip should be increased to a minimum of one fourth of the page as the writings in the strips are very difficult to read and sometimes I need to use a magnifying glass.

To make this news magazine little more home friendly, they must include a page for the women and children, then it will be a perfect home friendly magazine. While writing this I am not forgetting the fact that it’s a news magazine. Also, I am not forgetting the special editions comes out every now and then with more pages and articles for everyone. They have already published many such special issues.

One more encouraging thing to note in connection with the readers is that every week the weekly offer a prize money of Rs. 3,000.00 to its readers. They offer this honorarium to three best letters of the week. This is continuing since its inception. I am a recipient of this honor four times. This is an encouraging trend by this weekly. Unfortunately, many of its counterparts lag behind in such encouragements to its readers.

The only thing I don’t like in this weekly is the Astrology column; it’s of no importance in this age. I wish this unique weekly a wonderful and revealing reporting ahead. END

PS: I am sorry for the jumble. Thanks for reading.

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