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Rejection Slips – Don’t Worry – Don’t Give Up

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Last updated on December 5, 2021

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Rejection slips
A Cover page of  The Weekly Magazine The Sunday Indian

Rejection Slips, Don’t Worry, Don’t Give up

Yes, “Don’t Give Up”  rejection slip is the success mantra or Secret for any upcoming writers.  These slips are part and parcel of any writer.  I am sure almost all writers went through such stages.

Take the case of any writer, for that matter any well-known writer

There is no doubt, that all went through such a stage of continuously receiving these slips. But

They never give up on their aim.

The important factor here to note is that…

They never frustrated or left out thereby seeing the flow of these slips into their mailboxes.

The time has changed tremendously now and we are living in a computer world or for that matter call it an internet world.

The written words can reach to the publishers or editors in a fraction of a second, and in no time the writer can know the fate of their creations.

There is no waiting to know the decision of the editor on the writer’s product and
There is no rejection slip to come through snail mail.

Rejection slip is the success mantra or Secret for any upcoming writers.

Rejection slip is the success mantra or Secret for any upcoming writers. Rejection slip is the success mantra or Secret for any upcoming writers. Click To Tweet

Here let me tell my own experience:

My passion for writing developed at an early age. I have written a small write-up on this line:
You can read that here at this link: My Early Experience…

That passion continued and in the initial stage, there was a flow of these rejection slips from the publications to my postman and then to my post box.

In how much speed I shoot my post to the publications, with double the speed it returned back to me.

But I could not stop posting my creations to different publications due to these rejection slips.

Though it literally frustrated me and I was totally dejected and thought of throwing out my pen and paper.

But my Malayalam Master Niranam Kannasha Panikar while taking the class ones said this type of rejection is normal in any writer’s writing life, and the one who wants to be a writer should not get dejected and go backward, but to go forward and forward.

Those words started lingering in my mind and from there I never looked back.

Here are a few among the many rejection slips I received from different publication’s editors

Rejection slips
A letter from the famous poet and editor M E Cherian


Rejection Slips
A Letter from yet another famous Editor Kadavanadu Kuttikrishnan.The above letter is from a famous Malayalam publications editor.  On a later stage he asked me to write an article for the same publication.

I continued my jottings and at last the first one saw the light of the day.  And from there it spread its wings and many laurels came into my baskets through different sources.

And in the recent past, I entered into the arena of Web writing and it spread through the net.

Now after the years, a simple search on Google with the name “Philip Verghese Ariel”  or P V Ariel  will take you to many such places., I mean my presence on the web.

Posts Published In Different Languages

Though got rejected several times, from different publications, on a later stage they requested for contents.

Given below are some of the other few snippets of such postings in picture format published in English, Hindi, and Telugu languages.

Though I am still not an established writer, I strive to achieve that goal in my life.

This is my prayer and vision.

Thanks, ones again for all my readers, well-wishers, supporters and co-authors and fellow writers worldwide.

To Read More About Me Please Click On This Link. Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’

With Kind Regards

for Philipscom Associates

Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’
Former Associate Editor-Confident Living Magazine (Back to the Bible India)
Secunderabad – 3 Telangana State, India.


Skype: Philva6

Rejection slips
To Read the Latest Issue  Pl. Click Here   Confident Living Magazine 

Here are few snippets from the print and web world in English, Hindi and in Telugu 

The Sunday Indian
Rejection slips
One of the recent prize-winning letter
Rejection slips
Rejection slips
Rejection slips
Read a Review about this Wonderful Magazine by the blog author pl. Click here: The Sunday Indian
Few Hindi Write-ups From The Back to the Bible Publications India Division

Published on: Mar 24, 2012 @ 21:10

Source: The Sunday Indian Weekly
Confident Living Magazine
Mashi Vandana Hindi Magazine, New Delhi
Daivaraadhana Telugu Magazine, Secunderabad

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    Never give up
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