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SEO Friendly URL Structure Can Bring In More Traffic

Posted in SEO, and Strategy

Last updated on December 3, 2018

An SEO friendly URL structure can bring in more traffic results to our websites

Yes, creating an SEO friendly URL is the key here. It gets more navigation to your website with much ease.  But the question now is how to develop such SEO friendly URL structure.  Yes, creating such URLs are a bit difficult and also a bit confusing one.  To put an end to this Backlinko Founder Brian Dean an internationally recognized SEO expert and Ignite Visibility CEO  John E Lincoln together created an infographic which in fact is a complete or ultimate guide to SEO friendly URL structure.

This post covers various usages and features in relation to the creation of URL structure (the length of URL, Keywords, as well as the use of canonical URLs etc, are referred to in detail in this infographic.

SEO friendly URL structure

The ultimate guide to SEO-friendly URLs – An infographic developed by the team at Search Engine Land

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  1. Mojar S H
    Mojar S H

    Hi Philip
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful and informative infographic on SEO.
    I am sure this will be an educative post for all who are involved in SEO activities.
    A lot of tips are share thru this post. Indeed a great article.
    Keep up the good work.

    November 17, 2018
  2. Vivek Dubey
    Vivek Dubey

    This guide is really amazing as it has simplified a lot of queries for me. You present your research openly for everyone to read and understand, that too without any cost. Thanks a lot for sharing this piece.
    Keep sharing.

    November 17, 2018
  3. Marian Ericks
    Marian Ericks

    Very informative post. All the marketing ideas you have shared here are unique. Among all of them social media is my most favorite method. Thanks for the share.

    November 19, 2018
  4. Danny nayah
    Danny nayah

    Wow , wow I wish I saw this post as I started my website blogging. Thank you so much for such a wonderful lesson . Could you please explain how to get a news trending on social media …thanks

    November 19, 2018
  5. Marian Ericks
    Marian Ericks

    Great article. This is indeed a very impressive post. Thanks a lot for posting such an informative article.

    November 19, 2018
  6. Shweta

    Hello There
    It helped me a lot. This blog was quite informative and good. I got to know to avoid reserved or unsafe characters and rather use safe words. Thanks for writing on this topic.

    November 19, 2018
    • samar

      Looking great work dear, I really appreciated to you on this quality work. Nice post!! these tips may help me for future.

      November 22, 2018
  7. Hi Philip, excellent infographic and great topic as well. When it comes to building a profitable blog, you need to get as much traffic as possible from search engines like Google. Here’s where SEO plays a key role but practicing the RIGHT SEO tactics and strategies is really hard especially when you’re new to blogging.

    But I know that, if you can focus on few key elements such as URL optimization, keyword research, link building, proper on page optimization etc, you can really get long lasting results no matter what industry you are in.

    According to Moz, URLs are a minor ranking factor search engines use when determining a particular page or resource’s relevance to a search query. While they do give weight to the authority of the overall domain itself, keyword use in a URL can also act as a ranking factor.

    .com extension is really important and always try to get that domain or if you can’t try to get a great TLD which is easy to remember and type. It’s also important to get a domain which has a keyword that fits perfectly with your niche.

    Make sure to focus on finding the RIGHT link building strategies when you’re looking to get more search traffic. Thanks for sharing it Philip, keep posting more.
    Anil Agarwal recently posted…By: JohnMy Profile

    November 23, 2018
  8. Jenny Naaz
    Jenny Naaz

    That infographic was a such a great find! Thanks for sharing, Philip!
    Keep sharing more.

    November 24, 2018
  9. wachira dennis
    wachira dennis

    wow such an amazing information, it is really good to know that our URLs structure can bring in more traffic to our blogs. Indeed a well presented post. the infographic talks a lot about it.
    keep sharing more such information thru these columns.

    November 30, 2018
  10. Fatehi Nura
    Fatehi Nura

    Thanks, Philip for sharing this informative article.
    In fact, I am new to this strategy.
    will surely apply this in my future bogging activities.
    Very good information to me as well as bloggers, thank you for sharing
    Keep sharing

    January 21, 2019
  11. […] Users go to search engines to search for information that they need. What they look for can vary endlessly, and the volume of users landing on the first page of SERP is organic traffic. […]

    September 3, 2021

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