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Professing Christians Develop and encourage the youngsters – A Feedback to Harvest Times

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Last updated on July 17, 2018

Picture Credit. GLS India, Mumbai
Apropos the editorial “Developers or Mere Users? Brought out a serious point which is prevailing in our Assembles. No doubt there are many exceptions to this especially the assemblies in other states. The editorial made me to think of our assemblies present situation thus this note.
Recently I had a conversation with a prominent Bible School teacher (not from Brethren Bible School) from Kerala. He narrated an incident from his childhood days that really shocked me. His parents and grandparents were from the brethren background and even some of the family members were evangelists too.
He said, “From my young age I had the desire to do something for the Lord, and was very active in Sunday School etc.
One day in the worship service he was about to get up to give some exhortation an elderly person (an elder of the assembly) raised his voice and said, “Eda Cherukka Avide irikke” (Hey, boy sit there!!).
They did not allow him to participate in any of the assembly activities and that incident paved way for him to leave the assembly forever.
Since he was having the desire to do something for the Lord’s kingdom, Lord lead him to other pasture. Sometime later that young man got an offer to study in a Bible School (not of Brethren Assemblies).
He with full happiness joined at once and completed his three-year biblical studies and he developed his preaching skill. Now he is a good preacher and a teacher in that same Bible College where he studied. The Lord is using him mightily for His service.
Your editorial points a finger towards such incidents in our assemblies.
One cannot understand the behavior of some of the elderly elders in our assemblies.
I don’t know why they are not showing or following at least an iota of our Lord’s mind.
Many a time we lack to see this in the life of the believers in the assembly.
Recently a young man while giving a short message to a small gathering he pointed out this vital truth to the congregation.
He said, “Our Lord Jesus was so humble and simple why can’t we adopt a little of his nature in our daily life, it’s really so sad to note that we really lack in this area very miserably”.
He urged the audience,
“Let us have the mind of our Lord whom we preach and serve.  We need to adopt His humility in our life, and then others will see Christ in us.”
This young man brought out the vital need of the present assemblies or the believers.
Each and every believer’s bounden duty is to show His Savior’s humility in all of our actions.
As Paul said we are his News the people around us are reading each of us through our actions.
Let the people around us see Christ and his nature in us.
Let us have the mind of Christ and give opportunities to our growing young generation.
Let us give a helping hand to the weak.
Let us develop and mold them to the service of Lord.
In many of our assemblies especially in Kerala, opportunities are denied and thus many youngsters are hiding or ruining their God-given abilities or talents.
Most of the assemblies outside of Kerala is an exception to this.
Though there are elderly elders they try to encourage and develop the youngsters in every possible way to do their part in the assembly for the glory of God.
If our assembly elders and the responsible ones adopt such method no doubt we will lose many of our talented youngsters from our assemblies.
Your editorial is an eye opener to many of our assemblies especially many in our Kerala region. Thank you for bringing out such a thought-provoking and serious issue through your editorial for the benefit of the readers of this magazine.
The time is up our elderly ones to think seriously on this matter. Develop and encourage your younger generation to the forefront for the glory of our Lord.
This is the time for you to take rest and give back your places to the coming generation.
When I said ‘rest’ it does not mean that a complete break from the service of the Lord instead be at the behind of the younger ones and guide them properly by pointing out their shortcomings with loving words not of a harsh attitude but of the mind of our Lord.
Paul while writing to the Philippians, said, “Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind let each of you regard one another as more important than himself; do not merely look out for your own personal interest, but also for the interests of others. Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus.” (Phil.2:4-5).

If we do not have this mind of Christ, our assemblies will definitely face a kind of dryness. No doubt our elderly ones did their job tremendously for the sake of Christ and the extension of His kingdom in a very commendable way. Now it is our younger generations turn, let them (youngsters) do their part, and let us allow them to do it. Such a Christ-like attitude will definitely pave the way for the younger generation to do great things for their Lord. I praise God for the good number of our assemblies those who are following Christ’s method in assembly procedures. May the Lord help us.

Also read this note on “When We Worship” in Malayalam.

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Picture credit: GLS India, Mumbai.


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  1. Sangeeth Vinayakan
    Sangeeth Vinayakan

    it’s a worth read post, seems like you have done a great homework for this one. but to be frank, the ads displayed on the blog are annoying.. i hate it.

    December 7, 2012
    • P V Ariel
      P V Ariel

      Thanks Vinay for dropping in and for the findings. I agree with you, and today i disconnected my url of this blog from the account of clicksor, but unfortunately still some adds are appearing at the bottom of the blog, i do not know what to do, today again i will shoot a mail to them, thanks for pointing out this flaw.
      Keep visiting
      Keep inform
      Best Regards

      December 8, 2012
  2. Allen Varghese
    Allen Varghese

    An insightful article, I agree with the comments made above.

    Being the youth is indeed a delicate stage. Mostly because during this time, the individual personality is still in a stage of rapid development.
    The greatest enigma of a youth is to establish his/her identity among his/her peers/society.
    If you ask the youth of today about what he wants and expects out of a church, you would get almost the same answers.
    What he or she may look is a lifestyle where they can fit in, a role model whom they can adapt, friends whom they can sync with.

    Many of the youth today jump off the steady ship of faith into the tormentous sea around them, as they do not have anyone to look up to.

    Although, it is true that the Christ should be their ultimate role model, but to realise that in their personal capacity is sometimes a challenge. This is where parents, youth leaders, and elders need to step in.

    Sometimes there is no one to fit into the category of a ‘good’ role model, whether it be the church or the family.
    All they experience sometimes are bitter rivalries between members of the church, backbiting and strife’s within the family.
    This is when the earthly vices find their way into their lives and mold them up. This indeed paints a very sorry picture and calls for fervent prayers.

    Lack of encouragement is another fact that has been brought out especially in this post. This is something that the youth may or may not be particularly receptive of. Elders should be a source of encouragement, not only by words but by actons.
    What our assemblies lack are individuals who have the will to ‘cut the ice’ and personalise with the youth, understand their problems and mold them in the Word of the Lord.

    Although, responsibilities does not just stop with the elders or the parents. It is also the responsibility of the youth to grow in the word of the Lord and also seek the help of fellow believers in the time of doubt or unbelief. Even though it sounds uncomfortable to reach across, it helps greatly. We are definitely a chosen race, and we need to heavily rely on each other’s comfort and encouragement in such evil times.

    December 7, 2012
  3. P V Ariel
    P V Ariel

    Thanks Allen for the serious thoughts you put forward here to ponder on. I agree with you and appreciate your deep concern and the vision for the new generation. Of course for a better tomorrow both young and old are equally involved in building up, but sad to say that this is miserably missing in many areas. Let us fervently submit these developments among us to the Lord in prayer, only He can find a solution to this.
    Thanks again for your valuable time and thoughts.
    Keep inform
    Best Regards

    December 8, 2012

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