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A Small ‘Middle’ to Knol Pages (A Little Joke of a Little One)

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Last updated on April 16, 2016

A Small ‘Middle’ to Knol Pages (A Little Joke of a Little One)

(A conversation between my sons)

Mattphil in a jovial mood

Very serious, educative and researched subjects are posted and discussed here at knol pages. Like the News Papers of yesteryear’s here is a small “middle” for my readers. (Unfortunately most of the Indian newspapers are totally forgotten about that interesting middles they placed among the serious subjects (editorial, news discussions, opinion, debate etc.) just in the middle of its editorial pages.   It is very sad to note that these days middle writers are diminished or gone out from the scene or stopped such writings and moved towards more serious subjects! :-)

I hope and believe that this joke/middle? will give you a kind of relaxation in the midst of all these serious issues or subjects.

I am sure you will enjoy and this will make your day.




The Telangana agitation for a separate state was going on in the state of Andhra Pradesh for quite sometime.

I was reading the headline of the morning newspaper a bit loudly, and suddenly my youngest son – Mathews (Matt -pet name) over hearing this  came in.

This headline I read was:  ** “KCR’s forefathers are from Andhra

Overheard this, my 7 year old son quipped. “What Dad! KCR got four fathers”.!!!

Hearing this, my elder son  Charles said:

‘Dad we’ll send this to Readers Digest’s lighter vein column, ‘Life’s like that’.

Again he quipped; “Oh I am sure it will not digest to them too!”


**KCR is the short form of K Chandrasekhar Rao, who lead the agitation for a separate state of Telengana from Andhra Pradesh State.



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