A Mother Who Left Behind an Exemplary Foot Prints to Follow

A Mother is remembered on this wonderful day called Mother’s Day (A Migrated Knol) A brief memoir of my mother Saramma Verghese (85 years) Promoted to Glory on July 8th, 2008 Contents July 8th 2011.        Three Years Just Passed By… Pleasant  Memories  of  My  Mother  is Still Lingering… My Beloved Mother Saramma Varughese A Photograph with her sister,sister-in-law, children & Grand Children  Screenshot of Google’s Knol Page July

Breaking News

Last updated on April 04, 2019   Breaking News! The Blog Is Dead? This is indeed a Breaking News. But Bloggers, please do not get shocked by reading the title! No! The Blog Is not dead, but it is equally dead! Now let me put it in another way: “The Blog Is Not Dead but it’s down!” The so-called “Dead” or “Down” thing or story is a BIG story in itself! Just


Last updated on September 12, 2019 The Story Behind My Pen Name, Ariel  How I procured my pen name, Ariel? There is a story behind it. This Knol is a narration of that small incident happened in my life years back. That paved a way to stick with the name Ariel as my byline. “Philip how you got your pen name, Ariel?  My new friends and followers on social media as


Last updated on December 6, 2017 A write-up about myself and some writing experiences here at web pages and elsewhere Contents Introduction: Education and Childhood Memories: Translations: Web and other Blog Writings: My  Malayalam Writings and Malayalam Knol Directory: A Word  About My Involvement with Google’s Knol: A Word About My Writing Experience: New Developments (latest achievements) At Knol: Future Plans: A Word of  Thanks: Introduction:  A freelance writer and

A Small 'Middle' to Knol Pages (A Little Joke of a Little One)

A Small ‘Middle’ to Knol Pages (A Little Joke of a Little One) (A conversation between my sons) Very serious, educative and researched subjects are posted and discussed here at knol pages. Like the News Papers of yesteryear’s here is a small “middle” for my readers. (Unfortunately most of the Indian newspapers are totally forgotten about that interesting middles they placed among the serious subjects (editorial, news discussions, opinion, debate

His Love is So Amazing

His Love is So Amazing (It’s about the greatest love ever experienced/explained or told) The Creator God so loved the world It’s so amazing and That can be UN-explainable! NOTE: LORD the Creator of this universe loved this world so much that He gave us His only begotten Son for us. Not just He gave us, but He sacrificed Him on the cross of Calvary to save us from the