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The next Step to taking your Email Marketing up a notch-GetResponse

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Last updated on October 17, 2016

get response

The money is in the list, and therefore, you need to make an Email list to make the money, right? And well the Email list doesn’t happen by itself, you have to “make” it happen.

And therefore I took to writing this review to get you accustomed with one of the better Email marketing tools in the industry, that goes by the name of GetResponse.

Well, I won’t lie about it, it’s a review and I’m definitely promoting Getresponse here. But what you should be wondering is why Getresponse? I mean I could be promoting any other product and email marketing tool, right?

So well the reason is I had been with a couple of Email marketing tools recently, and none of them came close to GetResponse.

The money is in the list, and then it is a must to make an Email list to make money! Click To Tweet

GetResponse? Why?

So hey, yeah a legit question. Why Getresponse? Why not Mailchimp, Aweber or well any other rival of the company, right? Just like I said, when you start out to work with a product like GetResponse, that’s probably a “make or break” your career thing, you consider a lot’s of factors, right?

Price! Well yeah, I’m no millionaire yet and the thus price does matter to me, a lot. But, then again I’m not the kind of guy who would just ditch quality for something that comes cheap.

I mean that’s equal to eating rotten burgers, you get them cheap, but well they ain’t worth it huh?  So what made me write this piece on GetResponse is it’s price+ super awesome feature list!

I mean, it was like I was getting a king size burger, at the price of candies! Well, yeah.

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Pre-Made Templates:

Well I totally understand that not all of us are  designers, right? We might not know what to place where and stuff like that. Well, that’s why GetResponse got me 50+ pre-made Email Templates!

So now I don’t need to spend hours finding out which template would look better or not because well all those templates have been proven to get customers a high CTR rate! So all you have to do is, choose template>edit content> send!

Nish 1

Webinar Pages:

Again, the “only” Email marketing tool with the superpower to let you host “webinars” right from inside of your GetResponse account!

Nish 2

I won’t talk too much, you’re gonna fall in love with its features even if I don’t go all show and pomp about it, just keep reading!

Drag & Drop Editor:

The GetResponse team packed it with a lot of awesome features and editors and guess what, you don’t need to have a Ph.D. in anything to Edit the various modules and stuff you get with GetResponse.

Guess what, you might not have ever worked with a single line of code before in your life, but the drag and drop editor with GetResponse makes it so easy for you to create awesome landing pages and Email templates, that you’d be shocked! (well, like “literally” shocked!)

In fact, you can just drag and drop whatever you want, anywhere you want and it’ll get there.

Nish 3


Well, no doubt it lets you “autorespond” to your Email subscribers.

Now, of course, this is the most advanced feature you’d want with your Email clients, right? I mean you need to let them know that they’ve successfully subscribed, or you can set the autoresponder to automatically send an Email to them when they perform a certain action or something.

The point being, Getresponse has a pretty advanced autoresponder. It will let you send your email subscribers an email (automatically) when they perform a certain action.

Or when they click on a specific location, or just when they subscribe. So bottom line? Automation becomes a walk in the park with Getresponse.

Landing Page Creator:

Guess what, landing pages come expensive. charge around $100/MONTH! in order to let you create landing pages with them.

But that’s what makes GetResponse different.

This is probably world’s ONLY email marketing tool that gets you an Email marketing tool + A landing page builder totally free with it.! Means yeah you get a landing page builder with GetResponse that you can use to just boost your revenue flow any number of times.

And again, it’s drag and drop. So creating landing pages? Well, nope not as hard.

Integration? Ah, chill! GetResponse is getting you the landing pages, right? So it takes care of the integration. It’s damn easy integrating GetResponse “with” GetResponse landing pages! (It’s literally like integrating yourself, with yourself, so, of course, it’ll be easy, right?)

Oh hey, it has such a huge number of landing pages, I mean “pre-made” landing pages, that you won’t ever be able to invent a need, that it can’t cater to. Trust me on this. Cook? Entrepreneur? Author? Heck, even a Gardener? It’s got it all covered!

Nish 4

Final Words:

So I won’t go blabbering about too much.

You want to automate, increase, and reach your highest level of Marketing potential? I’d say GetResponse is the thing to go for. Especially at “this” price?

That’s $15 for 1000 Subscribers? (Of course, there are  higher plans, but this is as cheap as it starts!)

I bet you, I dare you, get me any other option that lets me setup my Email Marketing thing + has an extremely advanced autoresponder + had Landing PAGES! At “This” price!

Still wondering? Why don’t you just go out and give a try to its FREE TRIAL! 

A post by #Philipscom Contributing Editor Mattphil


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  1. Hi Philip

    Now it is great to see how GetResponse stands out from the pack. Interestingly, it is awesome to be able to have a webinar along with your email platform rather than register elsewhere. Also , being able to create an email campaign from templates is a plus for designers.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    May 28, 2016
    • Hi Ikechi,
      Greetings from India. :-)
      Thank you so much for your kind visit and for the value added feedback.
      May you have a wonderful time of blogging.
      Keep sharing
      Good day
      ~ Philip

      May 30, 2016
    • Hi Ikechi,
      Thanks for your continuous support to #Philipscom
      Yes, GetResponse is indeed a unique one in line!
      Its extra features are really remarkable
      Thanks for your value added feedback
      May you have a great rest of the week
      for Philipscom
      Ann Phil

      June 1, 2016
  2. I have used Getresponse long back when they were providing free account sign up. They are very good when building a custom sign up form with various call to action buttons and text. Thanks for sharing such a detailed review.

    May 28, 2016
  3. Mohd Arif
    Mohd Arif

    Nice write-up but I don’t think GetResponse is as good as Aweber. I have used both the softwares earlier and I think Aweber is far better as it provides lot more features as compared to GetResponse. The support of Aweber is also good.

    The only thing that may set GetResponse apart is their Autoresponder 2.0 feature. I don’t have a GetResponse account right now (as I switched to Aweber) but with all the hype that is surrounding the new autoresponder I may give it a try with the 30 day trial.

    Anyways thanks for the review. :-)

    May 29, 2016
  4. Hi Mathews,

    Webinar Pages is a huge plus point for GetResponse. Along with Landing Page Creator, the whole lot of features it comes with the price is surely very lucrative.

    May 29, 2016
  5. Hello Mathews,

    Nice to land on this blog post during some searches of Getting Response and related email tools. I am using MailChimp since starting off my blogging. I found GetResponse is not a bad choice at all if ever I want to move to Premium Email marketing tool. Aweber is another awesome tool I found along side Getresponse :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. Thanks to Philip for allowing you to publish such an informative post :) Have a great day guys!!

    May 30, 2016
  6. Hello sir,

    Currently, I am searching for Email marketing company for my business. I had to take a look at many companies like you said in your post. I found your blog very supportive, I will definitely consider.

    Keep me updated with excellent knowledge.



    August 11, 2017
  7. GetReponse is the best email marketing tool so far for me. I eally enjoy using it. Thanks for this review.

    September 7, 2017

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