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HostSailor Affiliate Program: The best Hosting Affiliate Program for Bloggers

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Last updated on May 26, 2016

HostSailor Affiliate Program: The best Hosting Affiliate Program for Bloggers

If you are having a website in Blogging, Marketing, Tech and similar kind of segment then you must have tried the affiliate and always look for those affiliate product which pays more and more for other services like-

  • Support fHosting-Plans - Copyor affiliates
  • Goodies on Products
  • Services
  • Price of products should be genuine
  • Network should be reliable and much more

You must have heard that some product company provides very high affiliate commission but once you will sell their product and will ask for your commission then they will reject your sale. Recently many complaints have been buzzed against WP Engine affiliate like they cancel the sale even though users have paid and they are continuing. Although WP Engine pays $200 per sale that isn’t worth it if they are not really paying to you.

So if you are looking for a reliable, high paying and best product affiliate, you should definitely check HostSailor Affiliate.

What is HostSailor?

HostSailor is a UAE based hosting company known for their cheap and reliable VPS & Dedicated servers. With their excellent support and a cheap rate of products, HostSailor has made a special presence in the online community.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2. Rotterdam, Netherlands.
3. Bucharest, Romania.
These data centers are very well tech-enabled to handle any kind of traffic and attacks. There are multiple backups for these servers which ensure 99.9% real uptime.

You won’t face any kind of downtime if you are using HostSailor applications.

HostSailor Affiliate Program

I am using HostSailor affiliate since quite some time and I am very much happy being an affiliate of this great hosting company. They pay on time and what they promise.

Also, you will get the commission for a lifetime which makes them very beautiful and unique.

Affiliate Commission on Products

The affiliate commission on the products depends on the products to products and varies from 15-25% monthly basis.

“HostSailor provides you the commission every month till the time buyers will be with the company”.

Here is the HostSailor VPS plan provided by the company-

hos first

And you will get the commission like below:


That means if you are selling a Windows KVM VPS hosting which comes at $6.99 per month then you will get $1.75 per month.

So in a year, you will receive $21 which is a great amount and is the reliable one. The best thing is user doesn’t have to be a year or so to get your commission. You will get the commission till the time buyers will be with the company.

If the buyer is with the company for 5 years, you will get 21*5=$105 which is a great amount.

Similarly, if you are getting 100 sign up per month, you will earn $175 in the first month, $175+$175=$300 in the second month and this figures will simply keep on increasing.

Support Materials for Affiliates

HostSailor takes care of their affiliates very carefully and provides each and everything what they need.

Once you have signed up, you can generate the text links, affiliate banners and can use it as and when you require.

Below are some of the HostSailor Affiliate banners

hos 5

hos 4

hos 3

hos 6

Signup for HostSailor affiliate Program

Click this link to join this amazing monthly commission till lifetime HostSailor Hosting Affiliate program.

hos 7

Fill the details carefully and sign up. You will receive an email to verify your account, do that and sign in to your affiliate dashboard and generate the links and done.

Now use that link/banner anywhere and start earning a commission.

Why you should join HostSailor Affiliate Program

Below are some of the solid reasons as why you should join the HostSailor affiliate program-

  • It’s a very reputed and reliable network and company
  • Pay to their affiliates on time
  • Excellent support for affiliates
  • Monthly commission
  • You will get commission till lifetime which means till the time buyers will be with network
  • Multiple payment options

And much more. I am sure by now you must have thought why you should join HostSailor affiliate program and start earning

Also, this company is best for the newbie also who just want to start with the affiliate as there is no foundation that users will have to be with the company for so many times. Till the time, the buyer is with the network, you will get your share as an affiliate commission.

Join HostSailor Affiliate Program & Earn Lifetime Commission


A Post by  Mathews V P the Philipscom Contributing Editor.


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  1. Mandy Allen
    Mandy Allen

    It’s always great to find a reliable and trustworthy host. There are so many out there that are offering a poor service. I am also very happy with my hosting service.

    Enjoy the journey!
    Mandy Allen recently posted…U Is For UnityMy Profile

    May 21, 2016
  2. ikechi

    Hi PV

    Having experienced with it means to have a terrible host, I am always interested in discovering hosts that will keep to their promise. Host sailors seem very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    May 22, 2016
  3. Hi Phillips

    I don’t know about HostSailor web hosting which is based at UAE, choosing affordable and reliable web hosting is becoming a crucial factor for every new blogger, I think this web hosting company is providing good services to its customers.

    Thanks for sharing information about this web hosting company, see you soon with another article.

    May 23, 2016
  4. Hi Philips,
    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money, and you have now come up with Hostsailor. I will surely be checking out their hosting plans as well as affiliate programs.
    Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

    May 25, 2016
  5. Hi Mathews,

    ‘Commission till Lifetime’ – Wow! that’s something really interesting. That is a factor, many affiliate marketers will look for.

    You have outlined a detailed review about Hostsailor affiliate. Seems a good hosting for VPS & Dedicated plans. Thanks for the profitable share.

    May 25, 2016
  6. Hi PV,

    Thanks for sharing another lucrative affiliate program which help out bloggers to earn money simply by promoting HostSailor a reliable and cheap hosting company. Where one can buy cheap hosting plans along with qualitative services.

    Keep sharing :)


    Mairaj recently posted…Create Sparkling Text Effect In Photoshop – Easy TutorialMy Profile

    May 31, 2016

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