MilesWeb VPS Hosting: Host your Website on World’s Most Reliable Servers

MilesWeb VPS Hosting: Host your Website on World’s Most Reliable Servers

MilesWeb VPS Hosting: Host your Website on World’s Most Reliable Servers

We all sometimes desire to have a website of our own. However, what bog us down are the technicalities involved in the process. The first thing you need to do is find a good hosting provider and domain name seller. You also need to ensure the quality of the services offered. A good hosting provider would make sure that your site loads quickly as well as provide you with exceptional customer service. There are many types of servers but for a good performance, VPS is recommended. If you are looking for a VPS hosting provider, MilesWeb VPS Hosting is among the best web hosting providers which let you buy virtual private servers at extremely affordable costs.


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MilesWeb Hosting: The Brief

If you want a web hosting service that is fast, reliable, secure and even affordable, MilesWeb might be the one that will suit you the best. You will be astonished to know that it offers around 99.95 percent server uptime which ensures that your website is always up and running regardless of any circumstances. All types of products such as normal web hosting packages to complete dedicated servers are available at MilesWeb. No matter whether you are an individual with a small budget or a full-fledged business with a huge budget, MilesWeb has something for everyone. Even the technical support is award winning so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck at a problem. You can easily choose the hosting plan you like from the many options you have.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is one of the most popular offerings from the company and it has great plans to keep you covered. It offers both managed and unmanaged support for OpenVZ and KVM based VPS hosting. The performance of the hosting solutions is really up to the mark and it delivers just the speed and capacity you need in your VPS. The company has its KVM and Windows VPS hosting services in the data centers of India whereas the remaining OpenVZ servers are based in the four countries including US, UK, India, and even Romania. Let’s see what more features does the VPS offering from MilesWeb provides.

web 2

Best features of the MilesWeb VPS hosting

MilesWeb provides cutting-edge features at a price which will surprise you and is also quite lower than the competitors. Let’s see the best features provided by the company.

Multiple Datacenters

The data centers are spread across the world and situated at different locations. This enables faster load times since the distance between the user and server is less. You can choose the nearest location of your target users as your VPS.

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Free SSL

SSL certificate ensures a secure connection for your website and it lets users have a safe experience and trust your service. MilesWeb provides an SSL certificate free of cost which other service providers charge for very heavily. Having an SSL certificate also raises your search engine ranking.

Free Website Migration

If you want to shift your website from some other platform to MilesWeb, it lets you easily migrate without charging any extra price. Also, if you want to move your website from MilesWeb to another hosting solution, they help you do it for free.

web 4

Easy Upgrades

Be completely assured that all the upgrades to the web technology are done first at MilesWeb. This ensures that you are up to date with all the latest technologies of the web. Also, your site will run with optimal performance when it has all the upgraded software.

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High Performing Servers

The servers are extremely high-performance servers and even the lowest plans come equipped with the best speed and reliability. The uptime is great and you get all the amenities that you would expect from a modern server.


web 5

Specialist Support Staff

Support is one of the main elements of a web hosting solution. MilesWeb has an award winning support team who can guide you 24×7 with whatever issue you face.

web 6


Admin Access

With MilesWeb, you have the complete admin access to your server which means you can easily make changes to the VPS. This is one of the best features available at MilesWeb.

Affordable Price

The pricing is something which makes a number of people inclined towards the service. The price is extremely affordable and the plans are well made to ensure that you get the most out of your money. The plans are available in a variety of ranges and thus you can choose the one which you like.

web 7

Flexible Billing Options

Even the billing options are fully flexible and you can choose to buy a plan that is best for you. This lets you focus on your business or the purpose of your website rather than worrying about paying for the server.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee

In case you feel that you are not satisfied with the services offered by the company, you can choose to get your money back at anytime you desire. This is great for those who want to try out the service for some days.

Want to become a VPS reseller with MilesWeb?

If you want to start your personal VPS selling services, then MilesWeb can help you with different plans that will suit you the best. Check out the plans that the company offers which you can try and sell to your customers. Below is a representation of the different plans available for VPS reselling.

The best part is that you can create as many VPS accounts as you want and sell to any number of people. You can even charge more for the same plans that MilesWeb sells once you become an owner of the VPS reseller plan.

web 8

Bottom Line

If you want a good VPS hosting plan with the best service and the above-mentioned features, MilesWeb is by far the best VPS hosting provider out there. The servers are completely secure and are meant to give the maximum performance for all the plans. If you are expecting a decent amount of traffic, MilesWeb will truly be a great VPS web hosting option for you.

A Post by  Mathews V P the #Philipscom Contributing Editor.


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  1. Good to know that Milesweb providing a free SSL certificate, yes every hosting provide will take a high payment for SSL certificate. By seeing on the flexible payment method on Milesweb would interested to get their service. Let me check with directly for more details about milesweb before any action.

    Thanks for sharing bro Philips !! Keep sharing !!


  2. Cool, I never heard of this company before but I’ll check them out. Currently I use Host Gator and never had a problem with them so far but if I ever need to move to a new host I’ll check out this one. I just wanted to let you know that you might want to break up the paragraphs into shorter paragraphs, maybe one or two lines each, it’s hard on the eyes to see so much text in one place. Just some constructive feedback!


  3. Hi Brother Phil,

    Glad to be here again and see the wonderful information regarding MilesWeb.
    This is actually a new information for me. I never heard of MilesWeb.
    I am bookmarking this post for my further reference as I need to try this hosting some time in future.
    Hope you are having a great time of blogging.

    Best regards

    Reji Stephenson


  4. Hi Philip, sounds like you’ve found something very reliable and good for your business. It is always a great feeling when you get more than you expected from a service.

    Enjoy the journey!
    Mandy Allen recently posted…O Is For OpportunityMy Profile


  5. Hi Phil

    Hosting companies and domain providers usually have offers running for such things however it’s worth noting not all free things can be good…. I have a list of 5 things I look for .. having an SSL certificate is not in my list..YET… My list is this..

    1) Is there a discount for paying for 12 months upfront?
    2) How many times has the host gone down in the last 24 months?
    3) How do they compare with other providers?
    4) Do they have an affiliate program?
    5) What Op system do they use for the back-end

    it is important to ask a lot of questions and just focus on something that is free.



    1. Hey William,

      This is Ashutosh from TricksRoad and I can answer your questions based on my exp. so far.

      1. Yes, there is a discount. You can check this link-
      you will find a good discount for 1,2 and 3 years upfront.
      2. I am using it for my niche site and I haven’t encountered any
      3. Few things I can assure you are- Price, Support and Uptime. They never compromise on these. You won’t be disappointed as per my experience till now.
      4. Yes, I do affiliate for them and it varies from 30-50% depending on monthly sales
      Here is the link:
      5. This I have to check and if i find, i will comment here.

      Hope this helps !

      Ashutosh Jha recently posted…Nactus Review; Enjoy the Modern Way of Learning and TeachingMy Profile


      1. Hi Ashutosh,
        Thank you so much for the timely feedback
        I appreciate your time. Hope, this will
        clear Williams queries.
        Have a profitable weekend


  6. Hi Phillips,

    Recently I am struggling a lot with web hosting issues because one hacker hacked my site and injected malware on my website, later BlueHost suspended my account and told me to buy the SiteDoctor and SiteLock services from them which cost $350.

    I paid $350 to them to get back the website, I think having a managed web hosting really helps bloggers to handle the threats from hackers.

    I am planning to move my website to managed VPS hosting, I will definitely consider this MilesWeb, thanks for sharing information about this web hosting service.


    1. Hi Sid,
      Thank you very much for your valuable presence here at philipscom
      I am so sad to hear about the bad experiences you encountered with BlueHost,
      It it good to note that you have finally decided to move to a better platform
      I am sure MilesWeb will fit the bill.
      Thanks once again for visiting our page
      Keep sharing your valuable feedback
      Expecting more visits in the days ahead
      Have great week ahead
      ~ Ann for #Philipscom


  7. I am running a VPS hosting account with MilesWeb from couple of years. They have always monitored each and every time, mine VPS account to proactively resolve unforeseen issues before they affect website.Their experience and expertise really made impact on my website.


  8. I can easily depend on Miles Web for expansion of my simple site. After signing up I face problem with my name servers that setting up our second site under same host. I generate ticket to MilesWeb, their customer support was excellent as they solve my problem and took follow up for 3 to 4 times for that. A+ and highly recommended for all type of sites.


  9. Extremly satisfied with MilesWeb because right from pre-sales to post sale support .These guys are very particular towards their duties, cooperative, helpful.
    Strongly recommended!!


  10. I have heard about MilesWeb in the past but have never tried it so far. For now I am using A2Hosting and SiteGround for my blogs. I need to renew my hosting in November. May be then I can shift to MilesWeb. After reading your review, I think it’s worth a try.

    P.S: CommentLuv on your site isn’t working. It;s giving a strange error – Error. Parsing JSON Request failed.Only Admins and Editors are allowed to access these files…


  11. I have many examples which I can share as my experiences with MilesWeb. The standard of hosting and features, but your support is amazing. I have just logged a ticket and within 5 minutes the case was resolved. I just wanted to say thanks and continue the excellent work


  12. MilesWeb web hosting has standard level apart from the rest of the web hosting companies. I have been their customer from a long time and the reason why they could make me a loyal customer. Because the variety of their products range they offer, this is something that really attracts me as a customer. Also, the support team is extremely responsive which allows us to never have a delay in our work. They also offer guide for designing the website through site builder. I would recommend it to 10/10.
    Thanks Philip for telling a bit more about this wonderful platform,
    I am happy you shared a wonderful review
    Keep sharing
    Have wonderful day
    Arushi Sign


  13. MilesWeb offers extensive products and services, I’m choosing MilesWeb because of their quality services and affordable VPS hosting packages. Till now I never get any issue regarding server downtime or anything else. They keep on upgrading their services periodically and every month they offer attractive offers. I very happy with MilesWeb!! and Strongly Recommended!!


  14. I have been used many hosting in my development career. I always having issues with solving technical stuff related to servers, whereas I found MilesWeb very helpful and friendly support. They are flexible and always find the way for problems.


  15. Hi Philip,
    Happy to be here today to read your posts, I found this post very educative.
    Yes, MilesWeb VPS hosting is really a wonderful platform. I know many of my friends ane hosting their sites thru this wonderful userfriendly hosting platform.
    Thanks for telling more about it.
    I noticed that you published a good number of quality articles on your site. Which is worth reading. I appreciate your time and energy you put forward to creating such a lot of informations through your blog posts. I am glad to note that you mainly focus on the users’ utility. I will visit the web page again to read more. Keep writing.


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