How To Make Profitable YouTube Video Channels In 2017 [An Infographic]

How to Make  Profitable YouTube Video Channels

2017 is the year of visual effects.  People are more and more interested in visuals or images as ever before.  Going through a text material to grasp the thing it may take a lot of time and energy but at the same time if one can easily present thousands of word text with few visuals.  Not only that that visual effect gives an easy understanding.  Yes, in such a situation a video can bring in more effectiveness in understanding or grasp the things easily.  When we think of videos the first thing comes to our mind is YouTube videos. Its influence is very much increased from its beginning stages.  In the beginning, YouTube video channels were just a platform to share our videos.  It all started as a hobby, people start posting their day to day funny incidents uploaded via YouTube.  This was in the beginning of the year 2006. Hardly after a few years, it becomes a full-time business to few people and they started uploading different kinds videos related to their business and entertainments.  Years passed by now it has become an Industry which has a billion Dollar turnover.  Celebrities, Industrialists, educational institutions, and other various other organizations started using it as a big business.  By 2017 it becomes a flourishing industry which turns into a Billion Dollar business.

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This lead many to get into the business of creating more YouTube video channels for their business purposes.  Presenting an incident or for that matter, anything via visuals get the immediate attention of the viewers.  The trend is increased in the year 2017 and many are getting into the business of creating Youtube video channels of their own.  Many even do not know how to get into this Million Dollar business.  Creating YouTube Videos is a skill in itself, though many get into it, a good number of them miserably fail.  The reason is they do not get into the basics of this skill.  Here in this post, we are presenting an Infographic which reveals some top secrets to getting into this flourishing business.

This lovely and amazing infographic is developed by WeAreTop10 website and it reveals some vital secrets to the people who want to get into the business of creating a profitable business of  YouTube Video Channels.  You can make different category video channels like food, fashion, the Internet, blogging, games, Animated web videos and various other niches.

Create a Successful Youtube Channel

Source: Amy Fulcher of WeAreTop10
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by Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

A Multilingual Freelance Writer, Editor, Blogger, Roundup Expert, Translator, Internet Marketer And A Social Campaigner. Manages different sites in English as well as in Malayalam. Born And Brought Up In Kerala. Now Based At Secunderabad, Telangana, India. Can Reach At: philipscom55(@)Gmail [.] Com twitter: @PVAriel Skype Philva6


  1. Hi @Philip

    This infographic shows definitely what it takes to start up a YouTube channel and make it successful!

    YouTube is very wide though! I haven’t taken it so seriously, maybe following this Post and Infographic I could start up something cool!

    Thanks for sharing this

  2. Hi,

    Very good, practical and step by step post for creating YouTube channel.
    I am sure this will give some guidance to people who eagerly want to start a channel.

    Thanks for sharing this infographic.

    ~ Poonam

  3. Hi Philip,

    This inforgraphic is quiet explanatory but it keep coming to me whenever I want to start a new YouTube channel that would it be that possible to easily dominate my niche? For a YouTube starter what niche do you recognized as most popular niche has been saturated already. So I’m a little bit skeptical about the next YouTube profitable niche.

  4. Hello Philip, Starting a YouTube channel is not a big task, but making it successful needs lot of efforts. Here, your post should what all is required for making it successful.

  5. Hi Philip,

    It is actually very helpful info graphic for all who want to make profitable YouTube video channels. I have seen many who have started YouTube channels but not able to attract people.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. youtube video is very useful and important for promote your website and product Really it is a useful guide for beginer

  7. Hey Phillip!

    This infographic is awesome, it really details how to properly set up your own Channel, and really gives a good idea on what allows a channel to pop! I especially liked the usernames part, where you could really see the difference between a channel with an awesome and memorable name versus a channel with a generic name that’s easily lost among the tens of thousands — hundreds of, even — of other similar names!

    But yes, thank you for sharing this Phillip. Overall a really great source of information for individuals and people that want to express their brand and ideas, while also turning it into a secondary source of income.

  8. Philip Verghese,

    This infographic is amazing. I was thinking about starting a YouTube channel last night lucky to find your post and infograpic.
    Very Informative!!

  9. Hi, Philip. How have you been?

    Well, YouTube is another search engine. As far I know, it reached over billion active users. I’ve upload 22 videos on my YouTube channel, and those were awesome. I could get 10 affiliates relating to hosting and WordPress theme. What’s more, those videos give some quality client and that is the reason I’m not so active on blogging these days.

    When I saw the filming equipment, I’m thinking of getting one for my home studio. You know? I’m filming YouTube video with iPhone, but not really love its outcome.
    Thanks for sharing

  10. Hi Philip,

    Great infographic on profiting from YouTube. I know how popular this is, but somehow have never really got round to doing much with video – although I have a few. Seems time for me to follow the tips in this post to improve my video marketing.


  11. Hi Philip,

    great information,thanks for sharing it with us sir. I am new youtuber and I don’t know to how to proceed but this post helped me.
    Sir it seems that you have any youtube channel.If so,can you give me some tips?

    rahul pandey

  12. […] tool. It can actually be its very own income stream. In this post, Philip Verghese Ariel shares some thoughts and an infographic with tips for creating profitable YouTube channels. You can also see commentary […]

  13. Hi Philip,

    Thanks for sharing. This infographic has simplified video marketing for me. I think I’m falling in love with it again. I have been thinking of how I can repurpose my content and use them to attract traffic. I think this post has sorted out everything.

    Thanks once again for pouring out your heart on this post.


  14. Hi Philip. This is exactly the post I was looking for. We’re about to launch an ad campaign targeting Youtube visitors, and I was hoping to get some more information on how to target the video viewing audience. I like the part about the clickbait titles and keyword focus. Should help us reach people who are interested in our content. Thank you again for the interesting article and the infographic.

  15. one of the best infograohics i saw on internet. thanks admin to share this creative information with us.

    Keep posting this type of things on internet, we love your work

  16. Hi philip,

    today youtube is wordwide and core site.we can make easily tremendous amount of money using it.but its not so easy. it take your own content and not copying anyone.

    ruby singh

  17. I must commend your effort in bringing this up, because i have being battling with my youtube channel ever since but with your insight i guess i am more impress and would go on full time.

  18. I must commend your effort in bringing this up, because i have being battling with my youtube channel ever since but with your insight i guess i am more impress and would go on full time.

  19. Great effort. As you said Youtube is not just a website, its’ an industry. They make money out of it using different monetization strategy. Youtube is really a great example to video publisher to launch their own video channel. This info really helpful to everyone who are going to start their website.


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