1. Hello Philip Sir,

    Before I heard the psychological definition of colour, Never thought it before how a colour describe a webpage. Basically I use the colour what make my website attractive. But never thought like this. i appreciate your infographic and your thought. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful article. Next time I will keep these information when I design a website.

    Thanks & regards,

    Moumita Ghosh
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  2. Hi Moumita,
    What a pleasant surprise!
    Hey nice to speak to you after a long time!
    At last you found my page LOL
    Hope everything is well with you all!
    Keep sharing
    Keep in touch
    Hey, i just visited your page!
    You have a lovely page!
    Will come again shortly
    Keep going
    Keep sharing
    ~ Phil


  3. Hi Philip,

    What I love about this infographic on color is that it shows the emotion and especially how it is associated with each chakra.

    Now I’m thinking of my next sales page. The colors I want to evoke people to act upon. This is one infographic I need to save and study, especially when it comes to marketing. I do use colors, but realizing not the effective ones.

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    1. Hi Donna,
      Thank you so much for your kind visit and the valuable insight into it.
      Nice to know that you found out this infographic is worth to save and study.
      I am so glad that i could share that here for my readers.
      I am so thankful to WEBPAGE FX the original developers of this infographic.
      Keep sharing
      Have a profitable day.
      ~ Philip


  4. Hi Philip Sir,

    Hope you are doing good. After a long time I am visiting here. I must say that you have shared an interesting infographic here.

    Colors play a vital role. Basically, I like bright colors. I love them. My favorite colors are red and green. I was able to learn some facts about those colors in this post. Thanks for sharing.


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    1. Hi Umapathy,
      What a joy to see you here again after a bit gap.
      I am so glad to speak to you this way,
      I am sorry a bit late to attend to your wonderful feedback.
      This is really an informative post, and we many of the bloggers generally do not give notice to these facts, but i am sure many of our friends will be benefited by this post, I am happy that i found this in the ocean of internet.
      Thank you Umapathy for the valuable time for visiting this page and for the comment
      May you have a wonderful week ahead
      ~ Philip


  5. Good Morning Philip. What an Amazing infographic! I have read about how the different colors can attract others to you and as Donna has stated no one really ever talks about how it effects your emotion and how it is associated with each chakra.

    Awesome share my friend! Make it a Great Day
    Chery :))
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  6. This is a beautiful infographic ,Philip
    and i think it is very useful and worth to
    think about to implement the right colors
    for our sites . Colors are very important and
    I know even people who use colors for healing .
    Did you know that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
    a German poet ,made the first color chart?
    Colors are sure very important for marketing as well.
    Thank you for this informative post


  7. Indeed color matters! Seeing more details in this infographic helps re-emphasize the thoughts. The significance of colors in our personal and business lives should be understood properly so we use it to make the right decisions.

    A blend of the right colors in website pages will help boost the business success!
    This colorful piece was left in kingged.com as well where shared this comment!


  8. Hey Philip,

    I enjoyed reading this. The explanation of colors is priceless. I think a lot of us have a habit of picking our favorite colors without thinking about how others might react to it.

    This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
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    1. Hey, Monna,
      Thank you very much for the kind visit and sharing your views. :-)
      Yes, many of us do not know the psychology behind colors!
      Nice that i found this infographic and shared here.
      I am so glad to know that you enjoyed the post.
      Keep sharing
      Keep visiting
      Have a profitable time ahead.
      ~ Philip


    1. Hi Emi,
      Thanks a lot for the visit and comment.
      I appreciate you for sharing your experience.
      May you have a great week ahead,
      Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment.
      Keep sharing. :-)
      Best Regards
      ~ Philip


  9. I just love this infographic Philip, it shows so much about the subconscious use of colour on our blogs and in our marketing pages.
    I have to say I am definitely drawn to the secondary colours… and I realise at present I am not even using the right ones… luckily I am re-designing my branding so will be careful to choose correctly this time around!
    ~Jacs ?
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  10. Hi Philip

    This is a wonderful infographic with so much information
    Such a great reference resource

    I had no idea the color you chose could actually improve comprehension


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  11. Thank you, Philip. This article is really relevant to the posts I’ve been writing about visual content. I’ll add it as a link.

    The brighter oranges, reds and yellows might not suit the as main colors in a website but they are excellent to use for emphasis and calls to action. With landing pages you can go to town with them. I tend to use blues as my main color, mainly because I like it the most and I think that different tones of blue can be used for so many different niches.

    Is it just me or do you think that oranges and yellows are now being used more than red for calls to action?
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  12. Hi Philip,

    I really do not know how much of this is true, but I was told that Facebook spent a fair amount of money on researching the very best colors to use on its site. That is how Facebook decided to go – Blue – apparently the color Blue inspires – Trust.

    Now I’ve seen this infographic (perfect little gem BTW) and read what it has to offer about the color Blue it seems to corroborate the findings of Facebook.

    Color therapy is a very ancient – healing – process here in India. Color wheels with a strong neutral light source behind have been used for since as far as I can remember to heal or soothe certain illnesses as well.

    Thanks for bringing up this interesting topic Philip. Loved the read, nice of you to share this.


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