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Masihi Vandana

Last update on January 12, 2018. A Warm Welcome To  Masihi Vandana Our Hindi Blog Cover Page of the Hindi Magazine.  An initiative by the Back to the Bible India. Secunderabad, India. Masihi Vandana: Welcome To Masihi Vandana Blog मसीही वंदना : A Freelance writer from Secunderabad India Dear Readers, Your Attention Please! Thank you so much for your valuable time. I appreciate and love your feedback/comments!  I accept feedback from

Pusthakaniroopakan: A Place For Book Lovers - An Introduction: "പുസ്തക നിരൂപകൻ" ഓണ്‍ലൈൻ മാസിക. ഒരു പരിചയപ്പെടുത്തൽ

Pusthakaniroopakan Logo (എഴുത്തുകാരുടെയും പ്രസാധകരുടെയും ഒപ്പം വായനക്കാരുടേയും ഒരു പൊതു വേദി- A Place  For Book Lovers) A Screenshot of the Page A Screenshot of  Its Letters Column (You can read my letter too in this page) To Read More About This Venture Please Click On The Below Link:പുസ്തക നിരൂപകൻ ഓണ്‍ലൈൻ മാസിക ഒരു പരിചയപ്പെടുത്തൽ. Source Sabu ShankareChief EditorPusthakaniroopakanArielinte kurippukal web counter A Freelance writer from Secunderabad India

Confident Living Magazine Articles: X is For Xerxes: King Xerxes - Clear Thinking

Picture Credit: A to Z Blog Challenge 2013 By the time Apostle Paul counseled Timothy to “use a little while  for your stomach’s sake”   (1 Timothy 5:23).   King Xerxes Had a long since destroyed himself with too much  “medicine.” To continue reading please click on the below link: Thanks And Regards Confident Living Magazine Articles: X is For Xerxes: King Xerxes – Clear Thinking:  web counter A Freelance writer

S is For Sex: Sex Sells Well, No. Politics And Journalism Sells Well

S is For Sex: Sex Sells No. Politics And Journalism Sells Well Picture Credit: It looks like the Grand Old Profession Prostitution (Selling Sex) is lagging behind politics, politicians and Journalism, Yes, the new trend is Politics Sells Well. Read a full report (written few years back – but the trend is still continuing, thus its still relevant) on this line here at his  link: @Peeveesknols  To read the Outlook

Good News To The Hindi Listeners!!! Read @ Confident Living Magazine

Cover Page. Pic. Credit Confident Living Magazine      To avail this magazine’s print edition  Please contact the below-given address. You can send your gifts/donations/subscriptions etc to the following address in favor of:   “The Good News Broadcasting Society” You can also send your donations by Online thru NEFT & RTGS , under intimation to us via e-mail/phone/post specifying your remittance is for donation/subscription/renewal etc.      This may be sent in favor of “Back

A Special Issue Devoted for the unsung heroes (harbingers of change) of India

A Special Issue Devoted for the unsung heroes (harbingers of change) of India A Review/Feedback The Sunday Indian Weekly’s this year’s 2011 Independence Day special issue is altogether a special one.  The issue brought out the relentless service put in for the society by the unknown heroes from different Indian states.  This issue’s another specialty is that its cover story’s major part is set apart for a serious issue called

The Gulf Brethren Voice (A Web Magazine From the Desert Land)

The Gulf Brethren Voice’s latest issue (Vol. 18) is just released Please do have a look at it. This issue’s ‘English Corner’ carried one of my articles.  With due respect and credit let me re-post it here in this blog. To read the original article and more articles in Malayalam  please do click on this link. GBV and click on the button ‘Read Magazine’ Yet Another Page from GBV Pic. Credit.

“M V Logos Hope” Good Book for All” The World's Largest floating library at Vizag

Today is the Last Day (11th August) to Visit The Amazing And Greatest Floating Library in the World. The Ship will leave Vizag port on 12th August 2011 Today is the Last day for the general public!!!Lot of Cultural Activities are staged today at the ship, visit and enjoy!!! Sorry To ALL. Something untoward happened with this blog!!! Read  my  comment at the bottom of this blog.pva Dear Visitor, Thanks

No Butter Chicken--An Edit of Vinod Mehta And A Response.

Summary..A response to Outlook Magazine’s Year end special double issue on its cover story Dear Mr. Mehta this issue the double issue is no doubt a Special New Year gift to your readers. Your selection this year for the feast is really praiseworthy. Though as you said nothing much has happened as bad mews as expected. It is good you brought a sumptuous feast to your readers in this form