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No Butter Chicken–An Edit of Vinod Mehta And A Response.

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Last updated on June 20, 2014

A response to Outlook Magazine’s Year end special double issue on its cover story

Dear Mr. Mehta this issue the double issue is no doubt a Special New Year gift to your readers. Your selection this year for the feast is really praiseworthy. Though as you said nothing much has happened as bad mews as expected. It is good you brought a sumptuous feast to your readers in this form interestingly avoiding the chicken tikka, chilli etc stuff, but had given importance to the Nadan (local) Dosa like south Indian stuffs. I am happy to make a note of Paul Zachariaariah’s ‘Once Upon An Erissery’ the Kerala’s own sadya and appam (coconut milk special) and other food items, yes, gone are the days, now everything available in a ready made mix in packets is the sorry state of the high-tech India. Yes. the traditional taste is gone forever. Altogether this double issue no doubt a double feast on the eve of New Year 2010. Thanks Mehta and others for this sumptuous feast. Keep it up Mr. Mehta the dog editor. LOL

To read the Edit and more visit at this link.


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