6 Essential Tips For Bloggers. The Need Of The Hour!

Bloggers Need to Check These 6 Essential Tips! 

Last updated on June 1, 2017


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Yes, unless there is no viewers, readers or visitors, what is the use of creating blogs!   This may be one of the reasons why many do not enter into this field, the fear of not getting enough audience or visitors.  Even the professional bloggers too faced this fear in their initial time of blogging.   Here are 6 essential tips for bloggers to look into or follow to get more visitors to their blog space.

Just by creating something for the page and press the Publish button will not do any miracle of getting more page views of visitors to your page.

The first and foremost part is that you need to make your blog more attractive to the audience.

When I say attractive it does not mean the look or beauty of the blog, instead, it should be adorable by the readers.  Even if the look of the page is not that attractive it does not matter in the initial stage, the crux of the fact is that readers could get some valuable or useful information by visiting your page.

Make it a point to create quality contents, in a way that is to get something to the readers who visits your page.

Select a good subject to discuss with, that is, by discussing one may get some valuable points out of it. Controversial current subjects always attract more visitors, for example, now when the elections are going to conduct in different states of India, already some states voting is finished and by 30th of this month other states too will complete the election process, writing something on it which people like to hear or discuss with.   So think of some controversy between politicians on different political issues.

Though politics is not a new subject and tons of things are writing on it day in and day out, but you can think of some unique idea with the existing issues that will surely get attracted by the readers, though some may not like to read about politics or political issues your unique presentation will get attention.

The First And Foremost Essential Tip Is Speed:


Picture Credit: giagaom.com

If our blog page is filled with a number of gadgets with all kinds of moving objects or pop ups your page will take a lot of time to open. Check out these 6 essential tips for bloggers. Some practical tips necessary for all bloggers that our computer and its speed may not be like other persons’.  They may be having a low-speed system or an old system. If our page is filled with many graphic pics and other gadgets it takes a lot of time to open.  Of course, this is applicable to our blog banner too.


In the initial stage I used to embed all kinds of stuff in my blog’s sidebar and I received many personal emails and phone calls from my well-wishers and readers saying:  “your page is taking lot of time to open, I got surprised at it, since I do not know anything of its technical side, then I contacted one of my blog friends and mentors,  he said,  ‘uncle one of the reason may be these gadgets you keep in your sidebar, immediately I removed most of them and kept only very few which is very necessary.  Indeed that increased my system speed as well my readers’ problem also solved.   Opening my page on their computer is fixed. So make sure to remove all unwanted stuff from the sidebar of your page.

Another Need Of The Hour Is An Eye Capturing Headline:

20120605_headlines-ahttpblog.lan derapp.com

Picture Credit: derapp.com

Create an attractive and eye capturing headline for your post. This is an essential tip to catch the attention of our audience.

A recent survey says that only one out of the five will read beyond the headline. So think on this while make a caption/headline to your post.

Though I mentioned in the initial stage quality of the content is important than its look, I still hold on to that but at the same time if you have a catchy eye capturing design it is well and good and most people look for those attractive look. No doubt these days’ people are more visual. So make it attractive, for a beginner, it may be a difficult task but you can seek help from your fellow bloggers. Though all are busy in their own field your request may be attended by someone somewhere and sometimes you need to shell out few bugs for this purpose, in my opinion, that may not be a loss in the long run.

Create an attractive and eye capturing headline for your post. This is an essential tip to catch the attention… Click To Tweet

Next Need Of The Hour Is An Eye Capturing Picture:


Picture Credit: Anish Thankachen

A lovely picture along with your post is a great attraction to many.  A recent research or finding says that “a good picture is seen by everyone, it is said that people see images sixty thousand times faster than a text. There are plenty of free pictures available in the ocean of World Wide Web.  You can download it and with a due credit line, you can use it in your blog posts.  Shutterstock is one of the top most free picture providers in this field.  Notice that there are some pictures even in Shutterstock which are not for free use, such pictures are marked with a watermark in the picture and one should not download such pics and use it. Only when you pay for it, they will remove the watermark and give it to you for use.

This is very important to note when you use pictures from the net, otherwise, it will be punishable under the copyright act.  You can also use your online friend’s photographs if they give permission to use it.  You can give a credit line like Picture Courtesy, or Image Credit:  like the one, I posted above.

Here is one such website which provides free images for its users.  Check out  one such page here: PixaOcean

While using such images do not forget to give image credits to the original page.  This type of acknowledgment is very, essential as per the Copyright Act.  If they do not have a blog or web you can use their FB or Twitter or any other social sites links with their permission.If they do not have a blog or web you can use their FB or Twitter or any other social sites links with their permission.

Check out more on this subject in the below, embedded infographic designed by VisMe

Next Essential Tip Is To Pay Visit To Other Fellow Bloggers Pages:

We want others to visit our page and comment, but are you visiting others pages? Please ask yourself, if you are not doing it for others how can you expect the same from others! That is the secret and need of the hour.  In this busy world, we all are busy in our own respective areas, and do not find time to visit others’ page! In such situation how can we expect others to visit our page?  Whatever it is, the ultimate solution is “Give and take” policy, even in the midst of our hectic schedule set apart some time to visit other fellow bloggers’ pages read and air a constructive opinion, suggestion etc  in the form of a comment, I am sure it will surely work and you get a pay back visit and a comment .  🙂

Next Need Of The Hour Is To Post Constructive Comments On Fellow Bloggers Pages:

Make sure that your comment box should be free from hassles. Make it easy for others to post their comments without much difficulty.  Some bloggers’ comment box if we see, it’s very difficult to post comments since it is protected by some verification codes etc. sometimes these codes are very tough to recognize and type as it is so sometimes we need to try several times, and in such case your readers will not take patience to post again or  visit again.

Try to respond to each comment you receive in your inbox, and if possible pay a visit to their page and post a feedback.  This will surely increase your status and people get a feeling that you care.

Next Need Of The Hour Is To Visit Influencers Blog Pages:

Adrienne Smith

Adrienne Smith

Select such personalities’ page, read and study their strategy and air your views doubts etc.,  Most probably you may get a reply comment.   I am sure though they are very busy people, if your comments, doubts are on a positive and on a constructive way they will find time to answer to your comments.


Harleena Singh

Here I can suggest two names and their pages: (though there are many bloggers to suggest, at this time I am mentioning only two) Adrienne Smith and Harleena Singh:  These two bloggers are professionals in their area and of course they are busy people too, but still they find time to attend to your comments and doubts. Their pages are very educative ones and a must read to any blogger (A newbie or even a veteran).  You can pick up a lot of lessons from their blogging!!

                         Yes, if you are a blogger these are a must visit pages.

I would like to hear from you, your opinion, suggestions, Your likes, dislikes if any in the comment box.

 May you all have a wonderful time of blogging interactions ahead!

                                                            Thanks for visiting this page and for your valuable time.

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  1. Hi Phil,

    Wonderful post indeed, full of great tips for bloggers, and thanks you for the kind mention along with Adrienne, who IS a real inspiration to many of us 🙂

    I loved the way you mentioned all the tips, not making it the usual formal way. Yes, writing a post I feel is the easiest part. It’s what follows up later, like the promotion of the post or comments as you mentioned, and the return visit comments that you make, which takes a lot of time. But I think all of this has it’s own charm, something that most bloggers do to the best they can.

    I agree about the speed aspect, and if it’s not good enough and your blog takes a lot of time to load, you’d certainly lose readers. You know I recently wrote a post about that and it was fun experimenting and learning how it was all done. The extra plugins and widgets certainly add to the load time, so do many other factors, so we need to be careful there.

    Images also add to the load time, so we need to make sure they are optimized well enough before uploading them and not to have too many of them. Giving due credit is essential, though you need to be careful from the places you download these images. Either seek permission before or take them from free sites created specifically for this purpose.

    A catchy headline can surely attract visitors, and is in-fact the first thing people read before opening a post – so it better be good. And if you can do a little SEO research and make your post SEO friendly using the H2, H3 tag along with the right formatting, you’re good to go.

    Oh yes…without comments a post isn’t really a post, and that’s the one way I learnt to build relationships with fellow bloggers who are all such good friends now. I agree that we all lead busy lives and reciprocation certainly matters in the blogosphere, so taking out a little time for commenting is another important factor.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,
      Thank you so much for the kind feedback and the
      thoughtful and educative insight brought in for the readers.
      Indeed that is a great privilege for me to mention both of
      you in my page, yours and Adrienna’s service to the
      blogging community is worth noting and mentioning.
      Yes, comments are vital to a blog post and building
      a strong relationship will surely bring that on the way.
      Thanks again for adding these tips thru your comment
      As you said we are all leading a busy life and the response
      to your comment itself is an example to this, somehow I
      missed to reciprocate.
      May you have a Happy Weekend 🙂
      ~ Philip

    1. Hi Mohan,
      Thank you very much for your valuable visit
      and the encouraging words. Yes, indeed they
      are prominent personalities in blogsphere.
      A visit to their pages will tell it all.
      I am sure it it worth visiting their spaces.
      May you have a Happy Weekend
      ~ Philip Ariel

  2. Hi Philip,
    This post is a real treasure for me and am bookmarking it.. This will do a world of good to me taking up blogging few months back. Thanks for the links to the other reputed bloggers. Much appreciated.

    1. Hi Jayanta,
      Thanks for again visiting my page, 🙂
      Sorry for the delay in replying to your feedback.
      Good to know that from this post you learned something.
      The more important thing about this post is the mentioning
      of those prominent personalities name and links.
      As i mentioned in one of the above reply, visiting their pages
      are indeed a great benefit to all bloggers, the interesting
      part of their blogging is that, if your comments gets an
      entry in their comment space, surely you get a prompt
      and an elaborate reply, I am sure that will be an encouraging one
      May you have a wonderful weekend Jayanta 🙂
      Keep in touch
      Best Regards
      ~ Philip

  3. Hi Philip,

    I’m SO sorry I’m late getting by here, my weekend was much busier then expected after returning from my short trip. I spent the entire day replying to comments and then it was back to work before the new week began.

    Ah, thank you so very much for this lovely mention and to be placed next to Harleena is always a privilege. I love what you shared here and there are so many things about blogging that people don’t quite understand it seems.

    I have to disagree with you about the look of your blog because you have to remember that there are literally millions of blogs online today so if someone stops by and finds it unnerving in some way they’ll immediately leave whether you have good content or not. They won’t get that far because your color scheme might be too bright or you have flashing banners that are too distracting but then again at the same time that can cause the load time to be so slow that they don’t want to wait.

    I wish blogging was just about writing our content and then waiting for everyone to show up. Although I know that not everyone is here for the same reasons I do believe if you want your content seen then you have to go out, get in front of enough people and let them get a sense of who you are. This is no overnight thing either but when you leave genuine comments on their posts they will eventually stop by and check you out. Curiosity will get the best of them.

    People love images but again, if you don’t make sure they’re sized properly then over time that will bog your blog down too. Oh my goodness, there is so much to consider but it’s really all worth it in the end because of what you’re providing for your readers and the enjoyment they’re getting from what you share. Oh and checking out the cool images too! 😉

    Thanks for this wonderful post and again for the mention, it’s greatly appreciated.

    Hope you’re enjoying your week Phillip.


    1. Hi Adrienne,
      Nice to hear from you. 🙂
      No worries! I can understand
      Thank you very much for your valuable time to drop in
      and for the insightful comment. Indeed its a great previlege
      for me to mention both of you in my page. I am sure my readers
      will get some valuable information through your pages. I appreciate
      both of you for your relentless writing support you both rendering
      to the blogging community. Keep up the good works my dear friends 🙂
      Yes, I agree with you in mentioning about the blog page’s look and
      its speed in loading and other criteria you mentioned. If it take time to
      load surely some may not wait and they go to the other places. One must
      be careful about those areas, thanks for pointing out this here.
      yes, as you said, comments can play a major role in the progress of our
      blogs. If a genuine comment attract people to follow the author of it. 🙂
      I have noticed that in many places and I myself followed the same procedure
      seeing the wonderful comments i visited their pages and continued that relationship.
      Building a relationship between bloggers comments will have a vital role.
      Thanks Adrienne ones again for your valuable time shared here with your valuable comment
      Keep up the good work
      May you have a wonderful and profitable weekend 🙂
      ~ Philip Ariel

  4. Those lines feel so lifelike. May be some day I might think of something to blog ,then I certainly will come back to read them again..Thank you Philip

    1. Hi Dr. Saheb,
      Its indeed a great joy to see you here,
      and I am so glad to note that lovely and encouraging words 🙂
      Oh, no, why waiting! now, and now itself you can start one
      I am sure you have the stuff with you 🙂
      Keep informed
      May you have a Blessed Weekend 🙂
      ~ P V

  5. Well, there is no doubt the tips shared here are very important for blogging success. The key tips for me is providing quality contents so that value would be delivered to the readers.

    If readers often find a blog provides informative and valuable content, it becomes easy to get loyal readers.

    However, other tips shared are still very important. Value comes first!

    I have left this comment in kingged.com – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    1. Hi Sunday,
      What a pleasant surprise!
      Nice to see you at my place.
      I fully agree with you that, if our visitors get some
      value added tips from our pages, surely they will
      make note of our page and will come back again to
      check in.
      Thanks for sharing this comment at Kingged.com
      May you have a wonderful and profitable week ahead 🙂
      Best Regards
      ~ Philip

  6. In no hesitation, these tips would help new bloggers to gain followers and visitors for their blogs.

    I concur with your statement that pressing the “Publish” button will not do any miracle of getting more page views of visitors to your page, that is the reality that newbies ought to know.

    “When I say attractive it does not mean the look or beauty of the blog, instead it should be adorable by the readers.” I love this takeaway and actually, takeaways that are worth the keep. Lessons are everywhere in your post. Love it! 🙂

    I have to say that I used to be a newbie, I love staring at my blog page full of colorful, moving stuff, and the time came that it isn’t not good. It will result slugging loading time, which I need to trim down.

    I have shared this comment in the content syndication and social bookmarking and networking website for Internet marketers – kingged.com where this post was found.

    1. Hi Metz,
      Nice to see you here.
      Thank you so much for your valuable comment here as well at Kingged.com
      Yes, these are some of the vital tips many any times newbies neglect to follow.
      Yes, our pages should be attractive at the same time if there is no valuable contents
      in its we may not get desired visitors or readers. To make our page attractive in the initial
      stage of my blogging i too some tricks like changing of color size of the fonts, moving gadgets etc.
      but in the long run and some of my close associates tips and suggestions i removed all such things
      and in fact the loading speed of my page is increased tremendously. We need to give much importance
      to the font size, color etc. some bright colors will surely drive away our visitors from our pages, this is
      an important point to note, but many do not give much concern to its and the result of it is less visitors
      or absolutely no comments 🙂
      Thanks again for the insightful feedback.
      Best Regards,
      May you have a Happy week ahead 🙂
      Keep informed 🙂
      ~ Philip

  7. You have rightly mentioned some useful and important blogging tips every blogger must ensure to uphold. If you are succeed as a blogger then you have to follow the guide shared in this article. Blogging is not all about writing and publishing, its also about building relationships with your audience and fellow bloggers, engaging and helping other bloggers achieve their aims. That way you can build a network of loyal followers that can help your blog grow.

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing article on Kingged.com where i found it and also left a comment.

    1. Hi Desmond,
      Thank you so much for your visit and feedback.
      I appreciate your valuable comment and the suggestions.
      Yes, I am sure make a good relationship with our visitors and readers on a regular basis it will surely pay good result
      In the recent past i have come across some of the dear bloggers who give much importance to this point and if you visit
      their pages we can see the great fruits they obtained by their good relationship with their visitors and readers. A mutual help and understanding between our fellow bloggers can do wonders to each other.
      But this great point many do not follow or care.
      If follow this step religiously I am sure the result will be unfathomable.
      May you have a good week ahead. 🙂
      Best Regards
      ~ Philip

  8. That were some smart tips for every blogger. The main thing is the speed of the web pages, many users are having old systems and also slow internet speed, so cutting the speed of the website is a smart optimization.

    In this info-graphic growing world, one needs to make sure the photo is an eye catching one, as this can get enough readers and share. Our blog is nothing without it’s precious visitors.

    Sharing, connecting, learning and growing from the mistakes are the defining factor for an exponential growth of any blog. Thanks man, I found this amazing article on kinnged, where I kingged it.

    1. Hi Rohan,
      Thank you so much for the visit here and at kingged.com.
      Yes, a beautiful and relevant picture in our post can speak volume,
      and as you said it can play a vital role in getting more visitors and more share as well.
      Yes, a blog without visitors is absolutely a vain process, we need to get visitors only by
      telling about it to fellow beings thru sharing etc. These types of small tips if we take and
      follow seriously it can do wonders to our pages.
      Keep inform
      Thanks again for kingged it.
      ~ Philip

  9. Hello Philip,

    These are some excellent tips. I can relate to having too much stuff in the sidebar. I had to remove somethings because people told me it was too much. What I do now if I want to add something, I take something away. That way it won’t be too much and it won’t get cluttered. What I also like to do is visit my own page. This way I can see for myself how it is running and what I need to do to improve it. That has really helped me on so many occasions. I think the best thing to do is to keep your template simple as possible. I think with that you can’t go wrong. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    I found this blog post on Kiinged.com and Kiinged it!

    1. Hi Maketta,
      Thank you so much for the kind visit and good words.
      Yes, loading speed of our page is an important issue which we may not notice quite often, but only our visitors can tell us about it. I have faced this problem and I mentioned the same in the text. I do not know about the template business, thanks for telling me about it, since this page i created with the help of one of my long standing friends in the blogging world. He took care of all that technical aspects.
      Thanks again for visiting and commenting at my kingged page and and for kingged it. 🙂
      Keep informed
      May you have a wonderful week ahead
      Best Regards
      ~ Philip

  10. Yes

    When you step into Blogging, you are not alone. There are thousands of Bloggers already present in the same niche as yours.You need to compete with them and reach the readers yourself first.

    Otherwise how they are going to know about your new Blog?As I said there are already thousands of bloggers out there who are writing blog posts daily.Your Blog Post will just get hidden beneath them.

    So you should also spend one heck of a time on the promotion of your blog rather on just writing content.

  11. Hi Friend,
    Thanks for the visit and for the valuable suggestion put forward here.
    Yes, in this competitive field every day thousands and thousands appear daily.
    To stand out among them indeed we need to work hard.
    Thanks for this reminder.
    May you have a wonderful week ahead
    Keep informed

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