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U is for Use or Utilize: Let us Utilize our Franchise Wisely

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Last updated on July 7, 2018

Last updated on July 7, 2018.

The elections are round the corner let us utilize our franchise wisely eclections
Picture Credit: NDTV.COM

India the largest democracy in the world is going for its 16th election.  The election propaganda is on the air and different political parties are making vast arrangements to propagate about their party’s agenda and their candidates’ promises.

Pic. Credit.

Each and every party is on a neck to neck activity.  Hate speech is on the air!  Attack and counter attack is going on between different party workers.

In our constituency ‘The Malkajgiri” (The Biggest constituency in India) go to the polling booth on 30th of April.  The election campaign heat is in the high pitch along with the temperature in Hyderabad touching to 40 degree Celsius.

Around 1.2 billion people are living in India and everyone over the age of 18 has the right to vote.

Let us utilize our franchise (the right to vote in public elections) wisely to select a suitable government for the next five years.


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Here is an interesting video to watch:

The British comedian John Oliver’s famous show “Last Week Tonight” created this funny video wherein he teases the Indian politics especially he take on Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi the major players in the Indian election 2014.

John Oliver presented it very tactfully the stand taken by the American media on Indian election.

The American or the western media totally ignored the greatest event on earth.  He even blamed the way in which other news channels and media covered Indian election.

An interesting and funny video to watch:

A must watch video in relation to the greatest election on the planet.

John Oliver On Indian Elections 2014 – Narendra Modi Vs. Rahul Gandhi


The Indian Express 

Wikipedia,  NDTV

GreatPheonix5 (YouTube)




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  1. Pavan

    Yes, we need to utilize our franchise wisely. You did a wonderful share with this post. I am for the first time here. I enjoyed reading your this post as well as few others, indeed you have a mine of knowledge shares on these pages. I really appreciate your hardwork you are putting in to bring out such a lot of informative posts, with videos and images. Keep up the good work.
    Keep sharing

    June 5, 2019

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