Why You Should Focus On Your Habits First


I have taken a break to spend some quality time with my family over this season. Now, it is time to get back into action again. After taking a break, it often takes some time to ‘get back into things’. There is often a backlog and you need to catch up on many things. You need to get re-organized and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This is the time to remain calm and just start working strategically to get back into the rhythm of things.

It might be easier said than done, yet it’s a simple strategy. It starts with creating routines and developing habits.

We have said our good-bye’s to 2016 and we are into 2017. This year is no different. Along with the challenges of just getting everything done, many of us would like to see change in our lives. We want to do things differently. We want to grow; we want to achieve new heights. Many people are talking about their new goals. Whether you want to call them New Year’s resolutions, goals, good intentions….whatever you want to call them, the majority of people has them.

Some people don’t have any goals or New Year’s resolutions and for many who do have them, it’s just about having some fun. They don’t really take it seriously. Why? Maybe they’ve set many goals before but were never able to achieve them. Now it’s just about having some fun. It’s about letting their imagination run wild and do some daydreaming.

Yet, you do find some individuals who take it very seriously and they actually do achieve their goals, year after year.

What is the secret of these people?

The best way to ensure that you achieve any goal or bring about any change in your life is by creating habits… Click To Tweet


Why Do Some People Achieve Their Goals and Others Don’t?

If you would really like to see change in your life, you might need to dig deep. You need to be prepared.

Firstly, you need to know who you really are and what you really want. There is no sense in trying to achieve any goals for the sake of pleasing or impressing other people. Your goals must be personal.

Secondly, although it is good to see the big picture, we still need to stay in contact with reality.

The best way to ensure that you achieve any goal or bring about any change in your life is by creating habits and routines.

If you want to become a successful writer or you want to manage your own blog, that’s great. See yourself as a blogger. Refer to yourself as a writer. If you want to start your own business, think of yourself as a business person. All this is good. See the bigger picture. But don’t lose contact with reality.

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Start By Creating Habits and Routines

Start at the beginning. If you want to ensure that you will achieve success, determine your goal. Know what it is that you want in life. Know what you want to do, who you want to be. Then start developing your habits accordingly.

If you want to become a writer, it is good to know that you want to write your own book and publish it. But that in itself is not enough.  Knowing that you want to write a book is not going to get you there. It’s not going to get the book written.


What do writers do? They write. So start developing the habit of writing every day. Set a writing target for yourself every day, even if it is for as little as 30 minutes per day. Or set a target for writing 500 words per day. But create a habit of daily writing.

Before you know it, you’ll have a great arsenal of content available at any given time to publish on a blog. Eventually, you’ll be able to start editing all that content and organize it into a specific order. This can eventually enable you to create a book that you can publish. But it all starts with a habit.

Good Habits and Routines Can Increase Your Energy Levels and Make You More Productive

Without habits, you have to consciously think about what you need to do next. You need to remind yourself and constantly create time in your schedule, thinking about when you need to do certain activities. This often drains your energy. You start losing enthusiasm and eventually just give up on your goal.

Determine what time of day is the best for you to write. Many people prefer writing early in the morning when they are still fresh and creative. If that’s you, great, start writing in the morning. Maybe develop the habit of getting up a bit earlier and start writing before the rest of your family gets up.

If you prefer writing later in the day, or even in the evenings, that’ also fine. But find that time when you can be creative and productive, and develop a habit.

By creating routines and habits (which are in line with your goals), you don’t have to spend energy thinking about what you need to do next and when you need to do it. You’ll be much more relaxed and before you know it, you’ll start achieving your goals.

Habits can also be healthy and increase longevity. Read about the healthy habits of people who have lived over 100 years.

The 9 ways to save money, as discussed in ‘Reach Your Financial Goals in 2017’, are all based on habits.

Make 2017 a year to remember. Make it the year where you make an impact on your life, just by forming good and healthy habits.

Thanks Philips for the opportunity given to share my thoughts on the esteemed pages of Philipscom

May God Bless.

Jaco Albert


EDITOR’S NOTE:   Jaco Alberts is a freelance writer and a blogger based in Durban, South Africa.  He is a loving husband and father to two lovely daughters. He is fascinated by our thinking patterns and the effect that our thinking has on our everyday lives. He doesn’t believe in “building castles in the sky”, but love to keep it practical.  He is fascinated by the way he thinks and his mission is to help people find their true identity and to become over-comers (winners) in life. It is about becoming who you really are, and not who the world says you are.  Yes, he loves writing about the challenges of our modern day lifestyle and how to stay in control in practical ways.  You can check out his website at jacoalberts.com.  You can also see more of his work at Empowerment Moments Blog where he is a contributing author since November 2015.  You can reach him via his social sites:  Twitter  Facebook And G+  You can read yet another Guest post, Jaco wrote on these pages of Philipscom.  It’s Time To Change

Thank you very much, Jaco for your value added post for our readers. I am sure this will be an encouraging message for the New Year 2017

Jaco with his family


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by Jaco Alberts

About the Author: Jaco Alberts is a blogger and freelance writer. Jaco loves writing about the challenges of our modern day lifestyle and how to stay in control in practical ways. You can read more of his articles at jacoalberts.com. In his articles, he is focusing on the impact our thinking has on our lives and how to take control of your life by changing how you think. You can also see more of his work at Empowerment Moments Blog where he is a contributing author since November 2015.

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Shamsudeen Adeshokan

Hi Jaco,

Nice to meet you on Phillip’s blog.

I love the part you write “See the bigger picture. But don’t lose contact with reality.” This is true than ever.

No matter how big we dream, reality is what determine the next move. To be successful in life, one need to be consistent in executing the actions that leads to the attainment of the desired goals.

Thanks Jaco for sharing, and thanks Phillip.

Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

Hi Shamsudeen,
What a joy to see you here on our blog again.
Thanks for your valuable time and for the feedback on the topic.
Keep visiting.
May you have a great time of sharing ahead
~ Philip

Amar kumar

Hey Jaco,

Changing and stopping old and bad habits might seem tough at first sight and it does involve some sacrifices from us but we know, it’s something that really has to be done. It is important in order to be on the path of developing good habits, we must first recognize the negatives in our life that need changing.

The best way to grow our business is through regular habits. Always be looking for ways to improve your business and to make it stand out from the competition. Eventually, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

With best regards,

Amar kumar


Good Habit leads to successful life and bad habits leads to failures in life. You explained the things quite well and thanks for nice post!


Yes off course, I agree with your topic
good habits makes good person

Keep sharing

Akash Singh

Kalpesh Sharma

Yes absolutely right, I agree with your topic

Good habits always help you to become good person

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Hello Jaco,

Glad to see you here at Pvariel! indeed I agree with all the listed points in this post. Habits are very important and we must focus on it to achieve something great.


Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

Hi Jonny,
What a Joy to meet you on my page.
Keep visiting
Yes, Jaco did a wonderful attempt to present the good things to follow, though it is a difficult task to achieve it, i am sure your continuous efforts can bring in good results.
Keep visiting
keep sharing
Have great and blessed weekend
~ Philip

Jenny Rev

Hey Alberts

Indeed a Great Post!

Leaving bad habits can be a difficult task, but we have to do it to take the right habits which can help us grow.

And regarding that have learned a lot from this post. Keep up the good work.


Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

Hi Jenny,
Nice to see you on our page for the first time.
I appreciate your valuable time.
Yes, i fully agree with you, leaving bad habits is a difficult task indeed, but once we are able to do this by practice no doubt we can achieve lot of thing in life and that will surely a motivation to many around us.
Keep visiting
Have a great weekend
~ Philip


Completely agree with this. Getting into good habits is so important in order for anyone to succeed in life.

Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

Hi Catherine,
Thank you so much for your valuable time here.
I appreciate your maiden visit on my page.
Keep visiting
Keep sharing
Have a wonderful weekend.
~ Philip

Allen B

Well I always wondered why people care so much about habits. And then I read this book called “The power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg and I released the importantce of habits.

I think you had shared some important points about why we should focus on habits.


Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

Hi Allen,
Glad to see you here on our page.
Thanks for your maiden visit.
I appreciate your time and thank you for your valuable input.
Keep visiting
Best Regards
Have a wonderful weekend
~ philip

Ramees Kaztro

Very inspiring share.
Great Post indeed!
The Way Of Talking About This Topic Is Very Impressive. Expecting To Hear More n More Great Posts From Your Side…
Thanks for sharing


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