Do Not Fall Into The Trap Of This BREAKING NEWS! Facebook Pays India Residents ₹15,792/day To Work From Home

Do Not Fall Into The Trap Of This News! BREAKING

NEWS! Facebook Pays India Residents ₹15,792/day To

Work From Home


Do Not Fall Into The Trap Of  This News! BREAKING NEWS! Facebook Pays India Residents ₹15,792/day To Work From Home.  This looks like facebook ad is really a bogus ad!  It is not from Facebook.  

We are living in a world of originals and duplicates.  But the sad thing is that, though there are the original ones always the duplicate or the fake ones outnumber the originals.

The serious fact is that  at one look the duplicate one looks like as if it’s an original one.  Sometimes its look stuns us and we think this is the original and original one is a duplicate one.

Here we need to be more careful otherwise, we will definitely fall into it or get attracted to it and in a later stage, we feel sorry about it.

This I said or reminded you today is to tell about a fake advertisement running across the web pages.  Just the click of the mouse it appears before your computer screen.  When we click to go from one web page to another immediately there erupt this lovely looking eye capturing page.  This happens with the desktop computers and laptops usually not on the mobile phones.



A Lovely Family Photo Placed In This Bogus Ad

This appears as an ad in the name of Facebook.  The page arranged in such a beautiful way that even the original Facebook page is nowhere near to this page in its style and look.  In such a lovely way with few eye capturing pictures on the content and at the sidebar of the page.


Please do not click on the link given in the text.  If you do and go forward you will be duped or cheated.  This I am saying because one of my friends fall into the trap of this dangerous ad and he lost Rs. 6631.34 in no time.  The title of the ad was so attractive that anyone will fall into it:

Facebook Pays India Residents ₹15,792/day To Work From Home

It goes on to say:

If you live in India and can understand basic English, then you qualify…



A Screenshot of a Form to Fill (Please Do Not Fill It)

My friend a freelance writer was on the lookout for such an offer to utilize his free time for earning some money by  working from home. That curiosity made him jump in and the poor man clicked on the button and there appeared an easy to fill in form and he filled it in no time and that send him to another form to fill in with addresses and other details.  He filled that dotted lines too in jet speed since there is no time to waste but to earn some money working from home.  After a few minutes time he received an SMS from his bank saying:

“Rs. 6761.34 debited to SB A/c….. [BeachBody extract [VID] with Secunderabad Branch on 12.11.14 Balance…..” 

The poor man worried and rushed to the nearest ATM to withdraw the balance amount from his account and informed the Bank Manager about the incident.  He said so sad, this type of bogus operations are going on, we do alert our customers about such trap, how come you fall into this!

The innocent victim narrated this story to me the other day and as a caution, i posted this information to my Facebook, twitter, and other social media pages as an alert to people.

Then I thought if I can create a content on this as an alert it will be good and will surely reach to many people those who are not on the social sites thus this post.

The bogus ad is continuing their ugly activities

in a different  mode.  

Here is a screenshot of their latest version: 

Secunderabad Man Makes Rs. 6302/Day And You Will

Not Believe How He’s Doing It! 

If you click on this it will take you to fill their form

which my friend filled in and got cheated! 

So Beware of such eye capturing ads!

fb bogus latest post

Caution: Please think twice before you jump into such

offers on making money online ads.

If you are concerned about innocent people are being cheated please share this post thru your social media and tell about this add to your friends and family members.  Please click on the share button placed at the bottom of this content.

May you all have a great weekend. 🙂

If you want to see more about this bogus add content Please CLICK HERE


To Read the Malayalam Version of this post Please Click HERE


Best Regards


Philip Verghese Ariel

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by Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

A Multilingual Freelance Writer, Editor, Blogger, Roundup Expert, Translator, Internet Marketer And A Social Campaigner. Manages different sites in English as well as in Malayalam. Born And Brought Up In Kerala. Now Based At Secunderabad, Telangana, India. Can Reach At: philipscom55(@)Gmail [.] Com twitter: @PVAriel Skype Philva6

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Thanks a lot for this timely alert!
I was about to fall in this trap,
Thanks lot for the timely post.
A V Vijay

Vashishtha Kapoor

Yeah, Sir, I’ve seen such kind of advertisement on my laptop screen.
One of that was about a Digital profit course, which is just like a utopian scheme.
They track out location and say “XYZ” earn 6K from “My location” why shouldn’t you start your online income.
They have a product to sell out.
That’s really wicked. They can’t even put real and authentic testimonal.
They will search some from any location and that’s very disgusting.
Thanks for sharing.
Good Day. 🙂

Hello , Its a good idea posting this type of stuff . Really now a days online scamming reached apex point. Even when we visit some downloading websites , there you find many adverts clicking on takes to this type of fake adverts. Also I have seen some phishing pages for FB and other social networks, which I have some idea , so I had escaped but if normal people who don’t have any idea about them , they’ll become prey to those scammers. So its good to make people alert with this type of posts. Thank you for sharing… Read more »

sorry sir
I haved filled this form and the shipping may arrive on july 30 so plz suggest me what to do

Hi Philip Sir, Everyday we hear about such instances like the ones you described in your good post. Almost all of the part time works available on net are not creditworthy. People used to google part time sources of income and fall into the trap of such types of scams. Why the Govt. is not taking any step in this regard? Whether it is that the Govt. is not aware of such scams flourishing on net or such people carry some legal certifications of doing that or have any sort of legal obligations fulfilled by them for publishing such false… Read more »

“Trend Micro OfficeScan Event

URL Blocked

The URL that you are attempting to access is a potential security risk. Trend Micro OfficeScan has blocked this URL in keeping with the network security policy.
Risk Level: Dangerous
Details: Verified fraud page or threat source ”


~ P K Singh


I just registered on facebook work at home but i did not paid any amount through my debit or credit card. I wonder if i have to pay cash when the kit will arrive. Do i need to worry.??


Thanks for sharing it!!


Hi I just filled my address details but not paid is there any risk…pls suggest


Hi Philip
Myself and my friend fell into their trap and we lost an amount of Rs 4400 and Rs 4600. In fact we both are cheated by these scammers. How can we recover that amount? Where do we complaint it legally? Please suggest us what to do.


I have filled the form just an hour a go ,what should i do plz help….

Today somehow this offer page got open in my browser, at the time I saw, I had a doubt that it could be fake because if users are allowed to comment then why m i not able to comment on that page and if facebook would be paying then why should I register in any other site rather than facebook official site. I have gone through its site and check its address its shows some foreign location and if you search that address in google you will find some random address. all these points were sufficient for me to realize… Read more »
Swati Dagade

One should believe in hard work and do not expect for such smart money that makes overnight rich.
Thanks for the alert.
~ Swati

Raghukumar Choodamani
Raghukumar Choodamani

While so many of you have written reviews on this blog about this Scam how come no one has taken the initiative to bring the same to the notice of the Enforcement Agencies and the Officials at Facebook. The Criminals have not stopped cheating the people… I was duped this morning and realised it only after I researched further to understand the Freelance Opportunities. I have now escalated the issue to the CBI, FBI, Interpol and also the officials at Facebook and the Dubious Company . Its time these guys are brought to book and punished severely.

Kassie Anderton

Hi Philip,
Well written piece!
You presented it in an excellent way!
Good looking website!
I appreciate you and your team
for giving us such a lot of valuable
Keep it up.

G M Rohan

Thank you so much for the timely alert. In fact i was about to order this so called facebook kit which is not genuine
Thanks a lot for the timely alert. I am sure this will be a great alert and all should make note of this.
Sincerely Yours,
G M Rohan

G M Rohan

This type of advertisement divert our mind to shortcut way, which is never be true.
One thing remember friends without hardwork nothing be easily gain so please beware such type of fake advertises.
I ask a question to Mark Zuckerberg, “Hey, Mark, why didn’t you take any step against this type bogus advertisement in your company’s name???
~ Rohan


Thanks a lot for this timely alert!
I was about to fall into this trap,
Thanks lot, will make aware about this fake add to others in my circle.
Good day
– Girish Solanki


Hi Philip,

I saw the ad and filled the form but did not order. I was searching for the Review and got to see your post. I am very thankful to you.

I am always alert on all such type of BS ads. Due to the current employment situation worldwide people search for some source of income-generating opportunities and fall prey to these scams. The figure he displays itself tells half the true story.

Thanks for your post and please keep posting such messages and help community at large. I too keep posting such scams when i see them.



Dr B
Hi, I am a victim of this creepy ad. I have always been very careful about such things and double check before venturing into aything like this,, well but the inevitable just happened. I was fooled due to two things:1) site site had https/ i thought its genuine. 2)the flashy time running out note, I GOT A CALL FROM A NUMBER REGISTERED FROM BEVERLEY HILLS, CALIFORNIA? I FOUND SOMETHIG FISHY WHEN I HEARD THE WOMAN ADRESSING ME? AND THE RELAXED FAKE ACCENT. WHEN I CROSS CHECKED I FOUND OUT. I AM AT HOME CURRENTLY AND I THOUGHT PROBABLY ITS A… Read more »

I really appreciate for sharing this kind of information. It will help many people.

Sri ...

Hi All,

I do not understand why no one of you had made complaint on this.

we have complaint referral and Internet Complaint Referral [IC3] to raise a complaint online. I tried to raise complaint but there were some payment details to be filled. This can be filled only by the persons who were become victim of this.

By raising a complaint here, this fake web site will be blocked and investigation will be started by which you can get back your payments.

Details ->

Thanks & Regards
Srikanth Varma

Anu G
I talk about Digital Profit Course, they are all about affiliate programme to join, you should have your blog or web site and you have to attract traffic to your blog. through affiliate link on your blog they sell products and you get the commission out of it. interesting thing is that, your blog or website shd be able to fetch traffic and people shd purchase through it, most of the time blog or web site is not popular they are very few who are earning through this programme. Wisely i said dont go for course. if you wish to… Read more »
Gita Fredrickson

A Timely Alert!
Good that you brought out their cheating business through this post.
Great topic! I think it will make an aware among people who use the internet.
Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.
Gita Fred


Thanks for sharing Sir..
I was about to enter the details in this
Nice that i found this timely warning!
This is indeed a GREAT WARNING To people who use Internet.
The same bogus ad is now flashing through some of the reputed website..
it is good to check before one join in such cheating sites. You brought out the truth!
It is a fake ad!

Keep up the good work.



I just filled the form. After filling the form
It is showing billing & shipping information
of my home address which I have entered in the form.
I dint pay any amount not yet. I just clicked on Cash on Delivery.
I have mailed to for cancellation also.
What should I do now? Can anyone suggest me?

Thank You


Hello there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and
found that it is truly informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels.
I will appreciate if you continue this in future.
Lots of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

pallavi joshi

Thanks for sharing Sir..
I was about to enter the details in this
Nice that i found this timely warning!
This is indeed a GREAT WARNING To people who use Internet.
The same bogus ad is now flashing through some of the reputed website..
it is good to check before one join in such cheating sites. You brought out the truth!
It is a fake ad!

Keep up the good work.

pallavi joshi

Karthik Linga

Yes, another useful information to your readers. Maximum every newbies to internet is doing such activities and they loss hope + money too. Everyone must want to check the site review + payment proof + fake review about the domain name before doing any form fill, maximum avoid filling your bank details to unknown trusted websites without asking to your neighborhood…

Thanks again to Philips !! Keep sharing !!

Hey, Thank you so much for sharing. All the comments over here were made in 2015, but sadly the same ad is still running where i have signed up and it took me to payment page where they were selling some kits. I always prefer to see the reviews of the product no matter how catchy and real it seems. Was exploring the same to get knowledge if it is real or fake and got a chance to read your article. You saved me from this scary trap. We all know how hardwork have to be done to earn money.… Read more »

Thanks for spreading the awareness about such scams. Our people are so innocent and desperate to make money online that such traps are coming their way to take the opportunity. One should do enough research before believing such offers.

Manidipa Bhaumik

Hi Phil,

I came to know about this ad from a social share of yours. Make money online topics are full of scams over the net. And it’s really unfortunate that many people fall into that without much exploring about them. Thanks for sharing about this one here.


[…] We  are living in an information loaded internet age.   To make money online there are so many options wide open before us, or let me say, in this  vast ocean called the Internet such opportunities are plenty.  Though a good number of such options are involved a high risk as many of them are frauds or false offers or options.  So if one is not vigilant there are every chance to get cheated.  In the recent past, many people fell into the traps of such scamsters. […]


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