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Yet Another Amazing News From Google……

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Last updated on June 21, 2014


A new way to communicate through your computer, Yes, here is an end to the long sitting process before your computer. 

This will definitely give you some extra physical activity for your body, and its a must for the people who are spending more time before their system.

Thanks to Google.  They just developed a new method of operating the gmail with your actions called “Gmail Motion”

Since It is in its BETA Stage. Please wait for further developments. 
Have little more patience. :-)

                                                                     A YouTube Video

 For more information Please do visit the link given at the bottom of this blog.

Happy Going Google!!!
Happy Going Readers of this Blog!!!
Happy Gmail Motion Too!!!
Good Wishes to the New methods :-)

All the Best. :-)

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A Very Important End Note:

Please Don’t Forget to Press the Button (Try Gmail Motion) at the Top Right  side of the Page.  Click Here to Go to the Original PAGE.

And Of course Please Remember that Today is April …..!!!
Thanks a lot for dropping in.

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