The word DEATH many do not even like to hear. But it is a fact that it will come one day and all have to face it.  Yes the word itself instills a kind of fear or terror in people. The Webster’s dictionary says: Death = “The permanent stopping of all the vital bodily activities” That means it’s the end of life.  All living thing sooner or later dies, but


Last updated on September 26,2017 Death, Many fear even hearing the sound of this word.   And Many do not like to talk about it too.  Because it is such a word that, it creates a kind of fear and commotion among the individuals mind. In this connection let us go back to the creation story. When God created man He created them in His image, and there was no

An American Computer Scientist’s New Found Theory on Death: A Christian Perspective

Death: A Christian Perspective Death: The Biggest Breaking News Ever ‘DEATH’ The word itself creates a kind of fear in people. But, here is a breaking news; the media put it as “The Biggest Breaking News Ever!” IN 20 YEARS, SCIENCE MIGHT MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO LIVE FOREVER. What a wonderful revelation. This news item was published in the latest edition of the “The Sunday Indian” newsweekly (the only news