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T is for ‘Tina Downey’ ! The Co-host at A to Z Blog Challenge. Also The Team Leader of “Tina The Terrific” Team.

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Last updated on April 21, 2017

T is for ‘Tina Downey’!
The Co-host at A to Z Blog Challenge: Also The Team Leader of ‘Tina The Terrific Team.’
Tina A to Z Blog Challenge one of the founders

Today’s letter  ”T” stood before me with a big laugh!

Yes, Tall and sturdy it stood before me with a big smile.
When I thought of the letter ‘T’ immediately the name stood before my eyes is    “Tina Downey”, the blog owner of Life is Good and the co-host at A to Z Blog Challenge.
I am so glad to write few words about this terrific personality, also happened to be my team (Tina’s Terrific Team) leader here at A to Z blog Challenge 2013.
Though a housewife with two teenagers (boys) and a husband to look after, she underwent different physical ailments and still going thru, even in spite of all the problems, she manages to attend a host of activities at the web as well as outside.   She finds time to communicate with her colleagues as well as her team members at A to Z Blog Challenge.  Also prompt in posting relevant blog posts at A to Z landing (main) page, and very punctual in sending feedback to fellow writers’ posts’ as well as she is very prompt in attending all the comments she receives in her pages.

This year’s A to Z blog challenge she selected a wonderful theme, of her own life journey,  it all starts with the opening paragraph of: “These are the continuing adventures of a Swedish immigrant during her first year as an American. She boldly went where she’d never gone before…please come along on Adventures in America.” 
These posts are really interesting ones to read, a beautiful life history or an adventurous story of a Swedish family and their transition to the United States of America.
I just happened to be in her team for this year’s A to Z Blog challenge, and you can read a bit more about me at her page here: Getting To Know Tina’s Terrific Team: – Philip…. 
And also to know more about this wonderful personality please click on this link.  AboutMe: More Stuff You Might Find Interesting 
I am so glad to be in her team, and I ones again express my gratitude here for the opportunity given me to work with her here at A to Z Blog Challenge.
Life is Good
Tina Downey

A Freelance writer from Secunderabad India

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