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New Year Resolutions Are Made To Break

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Last updated on July 16, 2018

Last updated on Jan 9, 2018.

New Year Resolutions Are Made To Break

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Yes, there is a common saying in our midst that, “Rules (Laws) are made to break”
In many cases, if we closely look into it we can come to the conclusion that, it is exactly what is happening in and around us.

Even the lawmakers and the people who are supposed to implement it are the ones who break it first.

The common man quite often look at such lawbreakers helplessly!

I think it’s a common trend in many parts of the country.

Every year we show much anxiety in the closing of the year to prepare to enter into the New Year with more enthusiasm and vigor.  Many firmly take different decisions (resolutions) to implement in the New Year.   Mostly these are taken with a genuine heart but sadly many cases it ends up or breaks it even before completing a week in the first month.

In our Churches/Assemblies people gather on the 31st night to make such decisions, but sadly, if we look at it, in many cases it will not have a life beyond January in some cases as I said it won’t go beyond the first week.

I do not encourage or practice such things since I could not implement it genuinely.  Since one cannot implement it wholeheartedly why do we do or take such resolutions?

I am of the opinion that, if we take such decision before God and in the presence of other fellow believers which we can’t practice is purely cheating or bluffing God.  Why do we want to increase or add one more to the list which we can’t do?

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Some say:  This year on-wards I do get up early in the morning at 4 O’ clock and spend more time in the presence of God in meditating God’s Word and spending time in prayer.  Some say this year I do not hurt anybody by my word or deed. And so many such good resolutions people make.  No doubt these are all good decisions.

But Alas! Due to many pressing reasons, it breaks halfway.

If we ca n’t genuinely do or show at least one percent of it why do we want to take it?

What is the meaning of taking such resolutions which we cannot implement an iota of it?

Is it to show others?

Instead of taking such decisions before God and in the presence of fellow believers, why can’t we look back and try to do the things which we could not finish in the previous year.

Give priority to implement the things we could not do or finish in the previous years.

Why can’t we take or consider each day as a new day, Yes, God made it that way, but, we the people changed it for our conveniences and celebrations.

By saying these,  I am not condemning the dear ones who do it genuinely.

Let us check back, where we failed, rectify it and implement it with a genuine heart.

May the days ahead are blessed and profitable ones for each one as well as may it be for the glory of God.

What were your previous year’s resolutions?

Could you be able to fulfill any?

What are you going to do this year with the old and the new resolutions?

Would like to hear from you!

Thanks for visiting this page and for your great support extended to me in the previous years!

Yours Sincerely

Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’


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