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India Celebrate 66th Republic Day Today. Here Is A Different News! A Bit About India’s Poorest Chief Minister!

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Last updated on February 13, 2015

India Celebrate 66th Republic Day Today. Here Is A Different News! A Bit About India’s Poorest Chief Minister!

Manik Sarkar: Tripura Chief Minister

India is celebrating the 66th Republic Day today:

This celebration is the commemoration of a historic moment,

Indian constitution came into being on 26 January 1950. A historic event written on the pages of history, The country ‘s constitution come into existence on this day. This celebration was going on every year with lot of fervor. That was a long sought transition towards an independent India. This year’s celebrations chief guest is President Barak Obama of United States, Lot of things are said and written about Obama’s visit to India to attend this year’s celebration.

We have achieved lot of good things after the Independence and India is going steadily towards a wonderful path. Yes, so far so good we all say, but the fact remains the same, that in the political field rampant corruption and nepotism is going on without any control or limit. Political parties come and go with lot of promises, Alas all on paper or in air! In fact a major number of politicians want power and money; they do or go to any extent to achieve that. It is indeed a sad state of affair in India.  But here is an individual who is an exception to this.   Though the celebration is the talk of the day, but in this post I would like to say something about an important personality worth mentioning on this joyous day,

Here are some facts about this wonderful personality:

He has been elected consecutively for fourth terms as Chief Minister of Tripura.

He is the poorest but Purest Chief Minister of India.

He has been elected as chief minister consecutively for fourth term.

He doesn’t own a home.

His bank balance is Rs. 6500/-

He donates all his salary to CPI (M), and party gives him sustenance allowance of Rs 5000/- month.

His wife never uses official vehicle and can very easily be seen on Rickshaw in Agartala.

Even his worst opponents admit that Manik Sarkar is an impeccably honest man, certainly a rare variety among politicians today.

Now, compare these with other chief ministers or politicians, who have assets worth crores of rupees!

Apart from honesty, Mr Manik Sarkar has been impetuous for the development of the state which includes better connectivity and development of IT sector in state. He was also responsible for bringing the concept of public-private partnership and invigorated private intervention, particularly in the IT sector.

He is indeed a wonderful personality to emulate.

May his counterparts elsewhere pick up one or two lessons from his wonderful life book  :-)

May his tribe increase!

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