How to make a blog of your own? An experience of a professional blogger

26 thoughts on “How to make a blog of your own? An experience of a professional blogger

  1. Thanks for sharing, the post is really interesting and quite informative. A newbie can easily create a blog by following the tips given in this post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Navnit,
      Thanks for your valuable time and sharing your valuable feedback.
      I appreciate your time.
      Keep visiting.
      Have a wonderful week ahead.
      Keep visiting.
      ~ Philip

  2. HI Philip Sir,
    This is really an excellent post, and I am sure that it will be a great help to the newbie bloggers and Students.
    And also thanks for linking me in this post.
    I would simply say, keep up the good work.
    And have a good week ahead.

    1. Hello Robin,
      I appreciate your kind words.
      I am so glad to connect your page with this post.
      Keep sharing
      Have a great and profitable week ahead.
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    1. Nice to meet you Gnanshwar
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  3. Hi Philip

    Just tell me what I call this post; is it a tutorial; guides roundup; ebook-post or treasure of info. Have gone through each and every word and this is mesmerizing power of the way of your writing that you improved amazingly in such a short time.

    Have read the other posts you mentioned but the way you described about them influenced me to get back to them once again and read again to get the benefit if I left earlier.

    Many thanks for mentioning my post and it’s an honor to me.
    Have a great rest of the week.

    1. Oh My dear friend Mi,
      What a compliment!
      I am elated again! :-)
      Indeed these are mesmerizing words from a learned Expert!
      Thank you so much, call it whatever you like LOL
      I am so excited to read your lovely and encouraging comment.
      Yes, this kind of thoughts and expressions from fellow beings is the secrets of our success and move!
      Keep going, my dear friend.
      Keep sharing
      Thanks for all your kind share.
      May you have a wonderful and profitable month of May. :-)

  4. Hey Philip,

    I started off with a free wordpress blog myself. I also ran into all my limitations with it LOL.

    It took me almost two years before I switched to a self hosted blog and I’m glad that I did. I was able to go way beyond those limitations and take advantage of a lot of the plugins I wanted to install to enhance my blog.

    One thing I do suggest when it comes to your blog is to start off with a message which defines what your blog is about and who is it for. This will help you get targeted traffic as well as help you come up with content related to your message.

    Great share philip! Have a great upcoming weekend!

    1. Hey Sher,
      What a joy to see you here again after a gap.
      I appreciate your valuable time you took to read this and share your experiences in relation to blogging, and also the valuable tip shared with it. Yes, that is indeed a great point to make note of, thank you my dear brother for the valuable suggestion.
      That surely give our first time vistors an overall idea about our space.
      Keep sharing
      Keep caring
      Have a profitable month of May.

  5. Hi Philip,

    A wonderful article and perfect guide to anybody starting a blog.

    You’ve given the steps they must take.

    By adding some basic guidance from Neil Patel, you have really paved the way.

    Thanks to for adding some “advanced” advice from MiMuba and myself :)

    I think anyone starting a blog has landed on a gold mine here.

    Excellent job, my friend.


    1. Hi Donna,’What a joy to hear those lovely and breathtaking uplifting notes.
      It means a lot to me, Madam,
      A well-experienced expert blogger like you certified it! I love it!
      Thanks a lot. :-)
      Yes, Patel, Mi and you deserved to be mentioned.
      Of course, you all are deserved it. :-)
      Keep up the good work my dear friend.
      Keep sharing.
      May you have a great and profitable month of May 2017
      ~ Phil

  6. Hey Phillip! Only came across this post today but wow, absolutely loving every bit of it. Really easy to read and immensely valuable to experienced and new bloggers alike, keep up the good work!

  7. This is an excellent article and I really enjoyed exploring the website. Lots of interesting articles for new bloggers and people looking for hints and tips.

  8. Hello Philip.
    This is a wonderful tutorial. Creating a blog is not always difficult even if you’re new to the game as there are lots of free tutorials on the internet like this one that will often guide you easily, if you like learning through videos, you will always get so many free video tutorials on Youtube that will put you through.

    However, the most difficult part is often what happens after creating the blog. As you already know, creating the blog is only one side of the coin, while running and making the blog profitable is another side. I’m sure this tutorial will teach so many new bloggers the first step towards blogging, and also how to write good contents for their blogs initially.

    Thanks for sharing man.


  9. Neil Patel is one of the top go to guys Phillip for creating a blog. Follow his tutorials. Buy into what he offers. The guy is a world renowned authority through the power of sharing his wisdom generously and keeping super persistent too. He is like clockwork! Lovely post buddy.


  10. This was a great in-depth review of why to blog and it was one of the best posts I’ve read on the topic. I like how you mentioned Neil Patel’s experiences, as he’s a very influential blogger. Anyways a great read, blogging will continue to be a popular business.

  11. Thanks to the author for sharing this impressive blog. Really glad to read this article. This site has lots of information and it is useful for us.

  12. Thanks for sharing valuable piece of content on how things make a blog of your own. You very well narrated through this post.
    it will really help me in writing a blog and i will include your tips in my future blogs.
    Keep sharing. keep it up!!

  13. Thanks for the informative article that inevitably surge our knowledge. I am a writer and blogger had started a journey 2 years back with no idea. Today I am well versed in social media and its power. For making a blog the shared experience and tips are a very good guide to a new blogger. I appreciate you in putting together your professional experience to these page. Keep sharing.

  14. Great post Phil,
    you;re right about free blog being temporary solutions at best and overall not good. They can disappear in a flash and then you’ve lost your precious work.

  15. We need to self-host a blog to have total control over it. The impact of having free blogging can be seen in this post. Free blogging platforms are good for a beginner blogger and one wants to monetize one need to go for an own domain.

  16. The experiences you shared in this post is really a wonderful guide to the new blogger who like to start a blog of their own. Indeed this is a timely alert to the newbie bloggers. Very useful and really very good information you explained from your life experience.
    I am going to share with my friends on my social media platforms.

  17. Thanks a lot for sharing this article. It is really very useful and helpful post. One of the good posts. Thanks for sharing your experience on this line. I am sure these experience will be a good guide to the newbies in blogging. Keep sharing.

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