8 Effective Tips to Create a Fantastic Logo for Your Business


 8 Simple Tips to Create Logos For Your Business


The logo is the face of your business.

Each business entering for the first time in the market has the need to be recognized in the shortest possible time. For this reason, the logo is one of the first elements to be taken into account.

Following certain rules can help to create a high-impact logo. Below you find 8 tips to create a professional logo to increase your brand reputation and beyond.

The logo is the face of your business. So be very cautious while making one. More tips shared by Erik @ Philipscom Click To Tweet

1. Build the Perfect Logo According to Your Target Audience

Image Credit: Google.com

The first thing to keep in mind when you want to create a logo that can effectively advertise your business is to give the designer (or at least to those who should be charged to create it) a clear image of your market and your potential customers.

You’ll need very detailed information about your target audience. Only in this way, in fact, it can be designed a logo that is consistent with your business goals.

This element should be able to last in time. For a company, being able to maintain unchanged its symbol for several years is the best way to become recognizable to consumers. Even in this case, the choice presupposes a fairly thorough and detailed knowledge of the mission at the base of the company itself.

2. Get Inspired and Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

You need to find the right inspiration if you want to choose the perfect logo for your business.

To do so, there are some effective tricks to help you during the entire creative process. Of course, you must first understand the strategies of your competitors, thinking about how to improve their decisions.

If not exactly better strategies, it is important that your choices are different, to stand out. Then, focus on the message you want to convey, considering your target audience. Try to visualize a possible benefit that the consumer will have approaching the services or products of your business.

It’s also necessary to think about the name of your company, so to decide if it’s the case to focus on an image or just a text.

3. Talk to a Professional or DIY

What’s the best way to get your logo designed?

Once the idea is established, you must decide whether to create the logo on your own or to contact a design agency. Usually, the first choice is the most common one, especially if there are not sufficient resources to invest (but not always this option turns out to be the best one)

In particular, those who have not a good experience in graphics programs would do better to rely on experienced hands.  The initial investment will result, in fact, in higher future revenues through a more efficient logo.

“Never depend on a newbie logo maker, he or she creates a hell out of it and everything goes out of control and you will not get the output on time.  This is an experience faced by the Philipscom site owner Please check out the Tip # 2 in this regard and closely watch the logos created by a newbie.” (Added by this website owner)

And if you don’t want to hire a professional studio, there are many freelance designers who can complete the work at highly competitive prices (back in 2010, the logos for my first websites were all created by a 5$ Fiverr gig).

If you decide to do it yourself, you will need to use vector graphics programs. The most widely used software is Adobe Illustrator, but Inkscape is also an excellent alternative.

Never depend on a newbie logo maker, more logo designing tips shared in this guest post by Erik Emanuelli Click To Tweet

4. Combine the Right Colors

A key element to consider is the color. Many are, in fact, the researchers that have established colors have a direct influence on the purchase decision of a person. There is talk in this regard, the “color psychology.”

Just take a look at the most popular corporate brands to realize the importance of this topic. You will find, for example, that red color is one of the most used in the logos of the companies operating in the food (it is considered a color capable of stimulating the appetite).

Blue, however, is often used in institutional logos. Yellow appears in the logos of various oil companies (it is a color that immediately brings to mind the energy) and gray is one of the favorite colors from automakers.

A common tip is to not use more than three colors within a single logo. This will avoid confusion in those who see it and, at the same time, will allow having a better performance in the case in which the logo should appear in a print made in black and white.

5. Choose the Perfect Font

In addition to colors, it is essential to decide the most suitable font.

Just think about the famous Coca-Cola logo, right?

If some logos are only text, others combine the symbols of characters. Therefore, it is essential to exactly understand the relevance of the font according to your business nature.

For example, when building a logo that has a symbol in it, you should use a very simple font (such as Serif or the San Serif).

In some other cases, companies decide to get a fresh look using 3D logos, which three-dimensionality is made effective by squared characters.

6. The Value of Simplicity

When designing a logo it is good to avoid the abuse of many special effects that graphics programs provide, for example:

  • gradients;
  • reflexes;
  • shadows;
  • floral patterns.

If one or two effects can be a great way to build a unique logo, using too many will end up creating just confusion, pushing away the interests of potential customers.

Furthermore, a logo should be able to be included into a defined shape (for example, a square).

Finally, get rid of unnecessarily complicated details. Aim to simplicity.

A clear and clean logo will have a better chance of being remembered.

A clear and clean logo will have a better chance of being remembered. Check out more tips on logo making Click To Tweet

7. Make Your Logo Lasts Over Time

Evaluate whether the font you choose will be easily remembered in the mind of the potential buyer, or at least in the memory of those who had the opportunity to see it.

Indeed, there are many logos that are now part of our every day, so as to make recognizable even at great distances (think about Nike and Apple). Most of them are characterized by a great simplicity although they are unique and original.

Also, you should consider trademarking your logo and business name, as it will protect your business in future.

8. Adapt Your Logo to Your Market

Many suggest that a logo, especially when it has to be chosen for a company operating in a saturated market, must be able to transmit an image of strength and, at the same time, getting the trust of consumers.

The first aspect is true in some cases, but not in all. It is more important that the logo is considered as a strong impact by your potential customers, not necessarily by the developer (people have different points of view).

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Final Words

These are just some tips that will allow you to create a recognizable logo, allowing your business to have a better chance of success.

So, what do you think?

Have you created your logo or have you hired someone else to do it?

If you have experience in this field, please leave your suggestions dropping a comment below!

Thanks Phil for yet another opportunity given to me to interact with your readers.



This is a guest contribution by the professional blogger Erik Emanuelli the Founder and CEO of  NoPassiveIncome.Com.   He is also an Internet marketer and a social media addict, who manages several other websites and social media and internet marketing forums like Klinkk.com etc.  You can follow him on Twitter, and on Facebook or on Google+

~ Erik Emanuelli


You can also read one of his previous contributions (Guest Post) to these pages here on this link: 3 Essential Steps to Create a successful Blog.

Image Source: Google.com; freedigitalphotos.net

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  1. Great post as it gives a newcomer a good set of tips for deciding what to include and how to go about getting their own logo sorted. It is important to brand yourself online and a logo will help you do this effectively.

    Enjoy the journey!

    1. Hi Mandy,
      I find the logo one of the most important part of a business!
      It’s the first thing that comes into mind. I renewed the logo at NoPassiveIncome 3/4 times in 7 years.

  2. These are some great tips, thanks for sharing. I need to work on a logo, this information is helpful.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      you definitely need to invest your time and energy to create an original and unique logo for your website. It’s like the “face” of your business!

  3. Hello, Erik!

    Great seeing this wonderful post on Philip’s place! 🙂

    And to the logos, wonderful tips you shared. I am thinking to get me a permanent logo as the current logos I have are not any closer to my expectations.

    So, these tips would definitely help me.

    Thanks for that! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

    1. Hi Adeel,
      good to see you here too! 🙂
      Glad to read you liked my contribution at Phil’s place.
      Thanks for commenting!

    2. Hi Adeel,
      Thank you for your visit and shared thoughts.
      YEs, I too have a same feeling about my existing logo.
      It surely need a change. In fact this was made by a newbie.
      Thanks again for your kind visit.
      Keep visiting
      Keep sharing

  4. Hey Erik,

    Indeed some great tips, as it is important to get Logo sorted early when looking to create a brand, keeping it for later can create number of problems.

    So, very helpful tips Erik.

  5. Hello Philip! It was nice to meet Erik here on your blog this morning, he did an awesome job with this post. It is so important to get your Logo right HUH? I to have changed ine up nmany times. I am still not happy with it..

    Great Share.
    Thank You
    Chery :))

    1. Hi Chery,
      Thank you very much for your time for reading and sharing your experiences in relation to logo.
      Yes, Erik did a good job in explaining it well, I am sure these tips shared will help one to go for a better one.
      Keep sharing.
      Have a good and profitable day.

  6. Great post and you are right “Logo is the face of any business” It is important that a logo stands out and catches the eye.
    You brought out the write-up very well. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  7. Hello Sir,
    You have shared fabulous information on your page.
    I am the regular reader of this blog.
    Keep sharing such informative posts.

  8. Hi Erik,

    I did go to a design person and had a logo created. You may ask “where is it?” Answer is I don’t really care for it so I only use it in my emails. This has been weighing on my mind for a long time. I want a logo that screams of what I do. Time to get another logo creator lol.


  9. Great tips for newbies like me.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips.
    Yes, Logos speaks volume about our pages.
    It is always good to have a thought provoking one on our sites.
    – Gagan

  10. Hi, Philip Verghese ‘Ariel,
    All eight tips are important and very effective tips to create an excellent logo for our business. second time reading this post and learned a big knowledge. Your tips will save my time and make inspire to me to make the right decision for my business.
    Great thanks, Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’.

    ___Sharon Smith

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