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HCG Diet Online What to Look For – Some Amazing Facts – A Review

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Last updated on December 14, 2018

Amazing Facts About HCG Diet Online  What To Look For Online

Thanks to Google, the giant search engine!    We can search for basically anything on earth through this amazing platform.

There was a time we need to go to a library (a library is a good place, don’t get us wrong) to look for information. This involves searching through thousands of books and you are not sure of getting the right information on what you are looking for.

For example, try looking for information on HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet at the library and compare your experience with looking for it on google.

The difference is very clear, that you can obtain a lot of information about it.  But sad to note that, the greatest disadvantage of Google search is that unlike a library, there can be a lot of trash on the internet and these trashy contents are readily available to the public which most often misguide the searcher.

But in a library, it would be quite difficult to get inaccurate information as most of the information has been filtered or well edited before it goes to print. So, we would have to be careful when you search for information online.

We would give you some tips on looking for information about the HCG diet online, and then we would look at a sample of a blog on HCG dieting called HCG spot.

Tips for getting better information on the internet.

hcg diet onlineWhat we want to do are to look at some certain criteria. We have to be able to critic the information we see online.

Does it look or sound right?

Is the information scientifically accurate? And so on, here are some tips:

* Look at a lot of reviews and blogs on the HCG You have to make sure that the information you are getting is not one-sided.

You are also likely to see some contradiction due to differences in opinions, the greed of the blog owners (yes, some blogs are influenced by some companies to give false information for money) and many other factors.

Always check for the credibility of the blogger.

Is the blogger an expert on the topic or is he just an ordinary blogger?

Can you notice any dodgy marketing tactic in the blog?

For example, sites like WebMD, mayo clinic, and Healthline are written by professional medical personnel.

Mayo clinic blog is related to the real mayo clinic which is one of the top hospitals in the world.

So, we think you will do better trusting what they say.

Professional blogs have a reputation to protect and so are less likely to give you trash – at least, not deliberately.

Your best source of information is the government websites and studies in peer-reviewed.

HCG diet online
Image credit Canva

These sites give the most scientifically-based information. However, something about humans is that we tend to make mistakes – even the government.

But, if you want an information you can consider credible, these are the sites to look for.

A downside though is that some of this information would be in complex technical terms – especially information from academic studies and reviews.

Reliable Information On HCG Diet Online From HCG spot

We are going to look at the HCG Spot Blog as an example as a source of reliable information.

We would try to accurately give our opinion about this blog without excessive praise or criticism.

Taking a look at this website, we could not really get a lot of information about the author.

However, the best we can do is to look for the information on the site (we are not tech savvy people, so we may not be able to do all those super hacker stuff).

HCG diet online

This gives us a few trust issues with the site as we want to know who the author is.

The site seems to be affiliated to some HCG products from its name and the HCG adverts on it – but we cannot verify that. However, we like the content. We have done some background research on HCG diets, and the site HCG spot blog seems to be as honest as it can be.

In its update: “the 3 best HCG drops for weight loss (2018 update)” it seems to admit to the fact that many of the HCG supplements out there are fakes and even if you are taking a real HCG supplement, HCG does not really do much for you in terms of weight loss and taking 500 calories a day could be very dangerous for you.

Though some older posts on the site seem to support the HCG diet. It seems the author of the article is a nutritionist (there is no way for us to verify that on the website or any other websites – people do not exactly put their certificates online).

However, we think that although the website seems to be affiliated with HCG and seems to promote the diet, it is honest enough to admit the downsides of the HCG diet so may be a good read.

They even advise being careful when buying HCG products because of the many fake products around and the legal issues with HCG.

HCG diet online

The blog contains some testimonials of people who have had some success with HCG. We do see some of the success stories of the HCG diet on social media and we think some of these stories may be legit.

So, in all, we believe that the website authors can do more to improve credibility, but the information so far seems to be an honest opinion.

If despite the risks of the HCG diet you still want to try the diet, you can take a look at the site.

We think they are quite honest though the authors are not really known so we advise you to check the credentials.

HCG diet onlineAlso, we do not advise you getting homeopathic HCG supplements as it can be illegal and dangerous too as they are not really regulated and some of them do not actually contain HCG.

It is usually better to get your HCG shots at a clinic (though scientific evidence states that HCG shots do not help you lose weight in any way), but at least, you can be sure you are getting the real thing.


HCG diet online
Image Credit canva

ENDNOTE: This review about this amazing online portal is the first-hand knowledge of the authors of Philipscom.  Check out the credentials with your physician before you use any diet or medicine suggested by the portal.


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  1. Jo Boyne
    Jo Boyne

    The internet can be a wonderful tool. But yes, there is sometimes really misleading information on certain subjects such as the HCG diet. Thank you for the review of this blog site and it’s credibility.

    December 16, 2018

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