Last updated on November 30, 2017 Water: My Third Entry in a series of 7 for “7 Day Blogging Challenge for bloggers”  from Jenson Taylor WATER WATER everywhere and not a drop to drink… Though this becomes a saying among the people. It now becomes a serious matter of the day.  In reality almost 2/3 of the earth is filled or covered with water but potable or drinking water is still

Sitting Disease? A Simple Solution Is Here....

Sitting Disease? A Simple Solution is Here…. Tired of Sitting? Use a Stand up Desk – Just Walk And Work. Continuous sitting  before a computer  table or for that  matter in your office chairs leads to  cardiovascular  diseases, warns a  doctor in Minnesota, U S A.  And he  suggest few  remedies for this.  Please click on the below given  link to know more about this.   Labstrike Source: Sebin Jose Labstrike web

Here is a Good News to Share “Avoid Curry Hurry And Worry” Some Simple But Useful Tips for the Heart From A Heart Specialist

Dear All, Few Truths About Our Heart.   A Heart Specialist Opens His Heart In An Interview.   An Email I Just Received In My Inbox. For the benefit of my readers I am posting it here as it is Have a good and healthy heart. Happy times ahead!!!   Best Regards   P V Ariel & Associates   “AVOID CURRY, HURRY AND WORRY”Dr.Devi Shetty, Narayana Hrudayalaya (Heart Specialist) Bangalore   A

An Email Hoax About Cancer And The Truth Behind It

I just received the following email forward the other day. By reading it I felt something fishy and I did a search to find out the credentials of it and found out a fitting reply to this hoax mail.  For the benefit and awareness of the general public  I am re-posting the same and the search results  here below:                        The Forward Email              

Yet Another Shocking News From The Medical World - A Feedback

Picture Credit:  വേദനാ ജനകമായ മറ്റൊരു സംഭവം കൂടി, ഇടുക്കി ജില്ലയിലെ തൊടുപുഴക്കാരിയായ ബീന എന്ന  നെഴ് സിംഗ്  ജീവനക്കാരിയുടെ മരണം ദുരൂഹതകള്‍ വര്‍ധിപ്പിക്കുന്നു. മുംബൈയില്‍ ഒരു സ്വകാര്യ ആശുപത്രിയില്‍  ജോലി ചെയ്തിരുന്ന ബീന അധികൃതരുടെ പീഡനം മൂലമാണ്  മരിച്ചതെന്ന്  വസ്തുതകള്‍ പറയുന്നു. അതേപ്പറ്റി മലയാള മനോരമ പ്രസിദ്ധീകരിച്ച റിപ്പോര്‍ട്ട് ഇവിടെ വായിക്കുക  മകളുടെ വേര്‍പാടിന്റെ വേദനയില്‍ കഴിയുന്ന ബീനയുടെ മാതാപിതാക്കള്‍ക്ക്  ഞങ്ങളുടെ ആദരാഞ്ജലികള്‍. This is a feedback i tried to post at the manorama new’s Idukki jilla page, due to some technical problem and the length

Here Is Good News To The Cancer Patients!!! Miracle Medicine 'Imitinef Mercilet' which cures Blood Cancer

Good News To The Cancer Patients!!! Miracle Medicine  ‘Imitinef Mercilet’  which cures Blood Cancer I just received this Good News in my inbox today morning thus this post: ‘Imitinef Mercilet’ is a medicine which cures blood cancer. Its available free of cost at: “Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai” Create Awareness. It might help someone. Kindness costs nothing. Please spread the word to your colleagues, friends and relatives, as many you can.