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New Creation !!! In The Modern World !!! Just For Laugh !!!

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Last updated on February 28, 2017

A New Creation!!! 

In The Modern World!!! 

      Just For Laugh!!!  

A New Creation!!! In The Modern World!!! Just For Laugh!!! Though the writer wrote this in a lighter vein, there are some serious thoughts in it to ponder over.  One way we can find a lot of truth in its presentation.  I am sure in the midst of serious things we involve every day, this post will bring in some laugh along with some serious thoughts on our present day lifestyle.
A few serious thoughts in a lighter vein. Check this out at Philipscom Share on X
Source: Ronald D’Silva, Hyderabad
A Freelance writer from Secunderabad India

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  1. Testing

    It’s very interesting and creativity stuff uncle.
    Angeline Rajamanickam

    February 29, 2012

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