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Blessings Are for Sharing; Let’s Share Our Blessings

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Last updated on June 21, 2014

It’s about the blessed hope which the Christians are enjoying in Christ Jesus. He encourages the reader to share their heavenly blessings with others which they are possessing through Christ Jesus. He says, the blessings are for sharing not for their selfish interests.

These days everything seems unsafe. A crime blitz has hit the country.
On one side innocent people are being caught in the merciless radar of terrorism. People are being attacked and killed in the name of politics and religion. Recent incidents show many fall victims to this evil. On the other big and small business establishments lace their products (food stuffs, medicines etc…) with spurious materials which lead innocent people to different kinds of ailments to a slow process of death. Yet another fear grips the people’s mind is that the recent findings in the age old noble and traditional system of ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda the widely accepted medicines too are laced with toxic dangerous materials. Latest findings reveal that manufactures of these medicines are using human parts in their medicines. Lastly the recent outbreak of bird flu which hit the country made people panic all over the nation. 

In every sphere a certain kind of uncertainty and panic prevails. People don’t want to believe each other. Trust is lost among all spheres. Everywhere a kind of fear and unbelief is taking place. Even in such situation God’s people need not fear because we are under the great control and cover of the creator of the universe. We are safe and secure under the wings of the almighty one. Yes, we are under the protection of the mighty and unchanging God. He never changes nor forsakes those who put trust in Him. When we are on this earth we too have to undergo such panic situation or to face trails and persecutions and even death. But believers need not get panic in such situation, because we are in the palms of the Lord almighty. 

We have a blessed hope in Christ. When we finish our course on this earth we will meet our Savior and we will be with him for ever and ever. What a blessed hope we believers have in Jesus Christ. Whereas, others (those who are without Christ) should get panic that they do not know where they are going. We are a blessed people Eph.1:3; 2:6 makes it very clear that we are rich in Christ, we are raised up together with him and made us sit down together giving us joint seating with Him in heavenly sphere in Christ Jesus, the Messiah, the Anointed one. (Amplified Bible).

The Scripture is filled with comforting words for the believers, if we trust Him fully; we need not fear anything or anybody on this earth. Circumstances may frighten us, things may go against us, rulers and leaders may rise up against us, but you need not worry, you are in the safe hands of the Lord Almighty. The recent incidents proclaim that our Lord’s coming is very close. Dearly beloved of God, we are so blessed people, as mentioned in Ephesians we are rich in Christ. What are you going to do with these riches? Or what are you going to do with the other fellow brethren who are perishing without these riches? Are you making any efforts to share this richness to them? Let us make note that these blessed privileges and positions He has given us not to keep it for ourselves but to share with others. Many a times we hold these blessings for ourselves for our selfish interests.

Abraham is a good example. Lord Jehovah brought him from the clutches of idol making and idolatry and blessed him abundantly. He became a leader and the father of the nation. Even after obtaining huge blessings he did not hold back the blessings for himself. Instead he shared it with others. Let us emulate his nature, let us be in his category, so that Lord will bless us with much more blessings. Let us be a blessing to many around us, let us share the greatness of this God which we are enjoying today to others, then they too will be blessed and through them others also may be blessed. Dearly beloved in the Lord, we do not have much time on this earth. Let us not hold this blessings for our own selfish interest, instead let us do something to bring the perishing souls to His fold with all the heavenly riches. 

Let us share it for the glory of our Lord. May God help us.

(First Published in Grace and Truth Magazine U S A and Confident Living Magazine)

Grace & Truth Magazine, U S  A
Confident Living Magazine, Secunderabad





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I am really sorry Murali for the delay in repliying for your good thought and comment, I was inactive for quite some time thus this delay, Thanks for your comment, I appreciate your vision, Your name suggests you are a malayali, pl read my malayalm knols on similar subjects here
Keep reading.
God bless.
Philip Verghese
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