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5 Simple SEO Tips Your Business Need To Achieve Success

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Last updated on September 14, 2017

Last updated on September 14, 2017

Online presence of a business is now paramount if you have to get success. There are billions of websites and you must be wondering how is this going to help you in your business?  Yes, SEO is a vital part of any online business, in this Guest contribution Lauren McLaren, a SEO strategist from Australia, shares 5 important SEO Tips.  Read on…

Dear Philipscom readers, Happy to be here again with few SEO Tips.  Well, before going to anything else. I want to ask one simple question, do you love cookies for free? I don’t think you’re going to say no to that, no one will. Same happens with the websites and yet you reject all the free organic traffic which might happen to fall off the search engines.

I am offering you five simple SEO tips that will cater all the traffic needs of your business website. Search Engine Optimization allows your website to be visible on the search results. How does this happen, just a foreplay of strategizing keywords in your website.

SEO is not a simple concept to be covered in one line. Ok, let’s get started and see what are those five tips which can help you to enhance your website on the Search Engine Result Pages.

  • SEO Tips # 1: Optimize the most visited page of your website.



Everyone keeps their homepage like their babies. Pampered with design and effort. And everyone should because that is the first place you will be expecting your viewers to visit. We all know the logic of the first impression, right? But do you think it through? How will these visitors find you on the Search engine result pages?

You need to optimize your not just homepage, but also those pages which are mostly visited by your visitors. You will get all the information simply via Google Analytics. You need to make all those pages optimized with your primary keywords to get these pages on the search list of the search engines such as Google or Bing.

In the content of the homepage use the primary keyword for 2-3 times at max. Do not overuse the primary keywords. I call them as the SEO signals. These are good enough to let the search engine know your website’s relevancy if someone types those keywords in the search engine console.

  • SEO Tips #2: Make use of your keywords in the page title and meta description.


Now, when you inserted primary keywords in the content of the most visited pages. Now, it is time to again go for those pages and make use of keywords in these elements of your pages,


  • Page Title.
  • Meta Description.
  • H1 Heading.


This will ensure that when the search engine bots crawl your website then they find these and rank your website properly for those set of keywords.

This is not just on your homepage or most visited pages. It is for every page of your website. This will keep your website SEO enhanced and your organic free traffic will increase.


  •  SEO Tips #3: Make use of Internal Linking.


When everyone is running towards all the hard works such as guest blogging, external linking, social media campaigning and etc, you can drop these for a while and try to finish out some easy steps. These easy steps include linking your pages with each other.

For instance, you might want to consider linking all your pages to your homepage. This internal linking has a huge potential of making your website SEO enhanced. The top search engine Google also reward websites with better internal linking.

If you have a blog section, then it is very wise to interlink all the post to enhance your SERP ranking (Search Engine Result Page). Leverage internal linking via your blog posts and you’ll see directly from the analytics that how productive this technique is for enhancing your website’s SEO ranking.


  • SEO Tips #4: Make sure to use Primary keywords in navigation and menu option.


Menu and Navigation options are very left out options when it comes to optimization. I don’t understand why people leave these two musketeers unnoticed? They are on every page of your website. Then why not use a primary keyword in navigation and menu option. This will give your website an extra mojo of SEO enhancement.

Menu and navigation can easily lead your visitor to the Call To Action page which can increase your conversion rate as well. The keyword in the menu will lead the visitor right to its destination. And believe it or not, user easiness is the surplus factor and will enhance your rankings in the search engine. Usage of the keyword in the menu and navigation will also help the crawlers which are why your website’s SEO will enhance.


  • SEO Tips #5:  Make your Content easy to share.

Now, you have created an astounding content which is worthy to get shared in social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Your visitor will share it only if they have the option or else they will not bother to search for the link to share.  To create value added content you must know the best blogging tips for beginners.

In addition to that, social sharing increases the SEO rankings automatically. So, provide your visitors an option to share your content on social media. This will make your website more SEO enhanced than ever.

Wrapping it up

So, these are the simplest SEO steps that can give your website a quantum leap over your competitors. SEO is important when it comes to content strategy. Allow me to repeat myself,


  • Optimize the most visited page of your website.
  • Make use of your keywords in the page title and meta description.
  • Link your pages with each other.
  • Make sure to use Primary keywords in navigation and menu option.
  • Make your Content easy to share.

I hope you like the post. Did I miss something? Let me know through the comments. Thanks for your time. Have a good one.

Author Bio: Lauren McLaren is a SEO strategist born and raised in Australia.   She is presently working with Digital Muscle,  an SEO service company which provides affordable SEO services. located in Australia.

She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. Her role within the company is to manage a team of SEO Specialists. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.

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  1. Hi Lauren!

    Love the tips, especially #3! Even though i’m still struggling to do it (too forgetful!), i’m definitely working on integrating it better, and it definitely IS a great tip!

    July 4, 2017
  2. This is very useful post about seo tips. really helpful for those who started new blog or website. Thanks for sharing this post.

    July 4, 2017
  3. Hi Lauren,

    When it comes to blogging or an online business, one can not simply ignore the importance of SEO. Optimizing websites, Using keywords maintaining keyword density, Using LSI keywords, getting backlinks, writing shareable content and blogger outreach are the ways which actually help to rank higher in search engines.

    July 4, 2017
  4. Hi Lauren and Philip, thanks for the reminder on having more internal links to the homepage, I don’t do that often from blog posts or other pages. It’s something I’ll be taking a long look at.
    SEO is so important and yet it has changed a lot over the years, it can be daunting to keep up with.
    Have a great day to both of you!

    July 5, 2017
  5. Nazia

    Very helpful suggestions that help in the optimizing website. Thank you for valuable suggestions.

    July 5, 2017
  6. Hi Lauren,

    Valuable information here

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the method used to increase a website’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs) on sites such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Developing an SEO strategy for your business can help draw consumer traffic to your website as well as grow your sales and revenue.

    The primary advantage of SEO over any other type of internet marketing. Once your site is ranked in the top 10 for your keyword phrase, you should be able to keep it there with a minimum of fuss. This means that you will receive free traffic as long as you keep it up.

    All the 5 tips mentioned by you are great and will help in optimization.

    I will tweet your post.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    July 6, 2017
  7. Very Nice and informative Article.
    SEO is an important thing any online users especially the bloggers need to look into.
    This post cleared many of my doubts on SEO.
    Thanks philipscom for sharing this useful and timely post.
    Keep sharing

    July 9, 2017
  8. suza

    Thank you for Sharing this.

    July 9, 2017
  9. Hi,

    SEO is very important in terms of ranking.

    When I started then I was not much aware of this and not following this.

    Later I realized the importance of this and now my ranking improves drastically.

    Thanks for sharing great article.

    Poonam Kaushal recently posted…How to Become Data Scientist ASAPMy Profile

    July 9, 2017
  10. Hi Philip,

    Thank you so much for your valuable sharing to improve seo. I will implement it on my website hope i can get better results.

    This blog is one of my favourite blogs, I have bookmarked it for my daily visit. I apprecite you efforts.
    Keep sharing. :)

    Kelsey Andrews
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    July 10, 2017
  11. Hello Philip,
    Happy to be here today.
    Glad to see lot of information on your page.
    this is my maiden visit.
    The post is really a nice one with a lot of information filled in.
    SEO is an important thing to make note and implement in our posts.
    Thanks for sharing this valuable post.
    Keep sharing

    July 10, 2017
  12. Hi Philip and Lauren. Good post. Simple and basic tips that anyone starting off and creating their own website will appreciate and find useful. Especially like the part about making your content shareable. Everybody has difficulty with that, and often forget that just creating good content is not enough. You have to make sure that you reach the people you have written it for.
    Anand recently posted…Lucep Survey – Ease of Use Tops Factors Important For Adoption of New Sales Management ToolsMy Profile

    July 10, 2017
  13. Brilliant information about the importance of online presence for a business. Thanks for the article and keep sharing.

    July 10, 2017
  14. Very pleasant and informative Article.
    search engine optimization is an important issue any on-line customers specially the bloggers want to inspect.
    This post cleared a lot of my doubts on seo.
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    July 10, 2017
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  16. Thank u so much for such amazing tips !!

    July 11, 2017
  17. Any wordpress plugins you recommend to help monitor on page SEO? Thanks for all the tips.

    July 11, 2017
  18. Ram

    Hello Sir,

    All the time you bring new content which is really very very helpful. it really motivates to youth to start their own startup without depending on their boss or parents if it comes to me I’ll give my entire credit to you.

    Few Days before i have designed a site after Knowing about WordPress and according to me it even looks quite professional in comparison to my competitors. But its running slow in compare to them can you please suggest me a good hosting and a suitable platform.

    Thanks a lot Sir

    July 12, 2017
  19. Payal Sharma
    Payal Sharma

    Hello Philip
    This is very useful post about seo tips. really helpful for those who started new blog or website. Thanks for sharing this post.

    July 13, 2017
  20. Thanks For Sharing this post publicly.
    SEO is necessary for all the website and for business.

    July 13, 2017
  21. Mukesh Kumar
    Mukesh Kumar

    Dear Philip, you really shared an amazing SEO information with us.
    Thanks for sharing such an article filled with very useful tips.
    I appreciate the presentation.
    Keep writing
    keep sharing

    July 19, 2017
  22. Thanks for the always useful information. This is great information to help garage type SEO people like me.

    July 24, 2017
  23. thanks for sharing. its often hard to know the keywords people are searching for. if it was easy to know, it would have made website optimizations easy. i try making use of google trends but it seems the keywords there are the ones that have been used in the past and aren’t what people are currently searching for. i will find out more ways to know keywords people are searching for. Great article by the way.

    July 24, 2017
  24. SEO Nagpur
    SEO Nagpur

    Theses are really some great valuable resources that can help to boost ranking and improve website performance. Great information.

    July 26, 2017
  25. david jack
    david jack

    i am David, this article is really very helpful for beginners like me. i don’t know any thing about the SEO but after reading this article my concept is clear . so it is nice one.

    August 2, 2017
  26. Andrea Maria
    Andrea Maria

    SEO is important for any blog or any website to increase traffic and to achieve high ranking in search engine. Both on-page and off-page are important for ranking. Your article surely helps to achieve traffic.

    August 2, 2017
  27. Hello Philip and Lauren,

    This is wonderful information and it is prestigious when is coming from someone who is SEO specialist herself, thanks both :)

    August 5, 2017
  28. Sia Manaal
    Sia Manaal

    Thanks for this helpful information. I need all SEO related information badly. I am working hard for establishing my site. You gave the helpful point. Now I should follow all of the points.I hope they also work for me.

    August 8, 2017
  29. Nice post.This is the really nice guide.I am going to follow your technique about the internal backlinking.i am not much doing internal backlinks and I am losing more big SEO value.Thank you so much for reminding this nice and simple tip.I really like your writing style.It’s really easy to read and absorb the ideas.Keep sharing good content.

    August 9, 2017
  30. Aman Singh
    Aman Singh

    These tips are really amazing, and I will be trying these for sure.
    Thanks for the share.
    Have a good weekend.

    August 9, 2017
  31. I already knew about SEO and this blog contain a lot of information which is definitely very useful. its always great to get more Knowledge from such great posts, because the more we get information and new ideas from other blogs, the better we implement on our project.

    Thank you Philip for sharing with us.


    August 10, 2017
  32. Amit Singhal
    Amit Singhal

    Really amazing tips for seo strategy
    You are cool
    Thanks a lot

    August 11, 2017
  33. Huzaifa

    Nice, Comprehensive as well as informative article. I love this. Thanks for the sharing. keep up the best work!

    October 17, 2017
  34. puspendu

    I have Some Concept Problem But After Reading Your Post My concept Got Crystal Clear. Thanks For Sharing The post, “Love What You Do And Do What You Love”… It was full of noteworthy pieces of information. I like reading Posts On your website because it goes Excellence With a charismatic Style.
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    December 17, 2017

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