Do You Know The Real Meaning of Blogging?

real meaning of blogging

Are you the person who reads those lines about the definition of blogging? Have you ever thought beyond the statement “writing something online is blogging”?

Every person has a dream to become the best in his/her field. Nowadays, in this online world, there are many people who are striving to become a professional blogger.

But is there anything you are lacking about the concept of blogging? You would find a million words about blogging, blogosphere, and a blogger.

You can become a perfect blogger if you know the real meaning of blogging.


Let Me Put Some Light to The Real Meaning of Blogging.

When a new blogger enters in this blogosphere then he/she becomes so happy to see this new world consisting many people.

Each person has something special to show. And there are many people who have amazing writing skills. But they don’t know the real meaning of blogging.

There are a few points to consider in this aspect.

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#Do You Love Writing?

This is the first question every blogger should ask to himself/herself. Blogging isn’t the easiest thing like picking up the piece of the cake and put it into your mouth.

The bloggers must love what they are writing. How can someone write just for others if he/she doesn’t love those words.

You can mesmerize others with your writing skills. But what about you, do you love your writing, do you love your niche?

Before you start blogging, you may search for the profitable and highest searched niches to start your blog, but after entering the zone, you may have realized the true meaning of blogging.

Blogging means following your passion. Write what you have in your mind. Not just those stupid things you always hated.

#What About Your Blog?

No doubt that a blogger has something to spread through a blog. But are you the one who is waiting for the right moment to show your charm or someone who creates that opportunity?

Blogging means to explore yourself and let people know. Your blog is the reason you have the label of a blogger. Never neglect that.

Build a blog with the quality which can stand among those high authority blogs. There are different ways to build a better blog.

But don’t think that you can touch the peak of your goal until you work hard. Building a blog isn’t like snatching a candy from a kid.

It’s a way hard than you think.

#Do You Understand Your Dreams?

whsat is real meaning of blogging

A blogger is who knows how to remain happy with his work. There maybe people around you who wants to be like you. They want to be free to do whatever they want.

What about your dreams? Are you dreaming about labeling as a professional blogger or just a blogger? If you have your dreams then invest your 100% into blogging.

Chasing your dreams isn’t easy. The blogging journey isn’t so easy as you think. You have seen many bloggers who break because of they couldn’t catch their goals.

Blogging isn’t just about your dreams, it’s about you, your determination, your values, your path, your goal. A true blogger never gives up on those dreams.

#Blogging Can Be Rule Breaking.

The real meaning isn’t always about following the rules. Just go with the flow and share whatever you feel like. People are there who want to read the true subjective of something.

Though you can’t judge anyone, but you have your own thoughts which can’t be found in anyone else. Those rules aren’t for you.

Be free and adapt the style of blogging you like. You may face some ups and downs from the search engine and the people but you would never get disappointed of your work.

There are plenty of bloggers who have generated a list to follow for other bloggers. But how can that work for everyone? Everyone is different, the writing style is different.

If a blogger tries to run on that path, that won’t be favorable.

#Are You happy?

Blogging means to remain happy. Be the one who spreads the happiness to others. Sometimes, a simple blog post can bring millions of smiles.

Blogging means your happiness, your readers’ happiness. Write for yourself and your readers. People dream about catching those silly statistics, but a passionate blogger never does that.

Apart from the money making blogging, you don’t need to worry about any ranking factor.

The real meaning of blogging is to write for your readers. To make yourself happy is what blogging means.

Blogging can spread happiness! Sometimes a Simple blog post can bring happiness to millions! @ravichahar via… Click To Tweet

real meaning of blogging

Isn’t that surprising that people are striving to build a blog to come on the first page of Google and you’re thinking about the real meaning of blogging?

Well, both the things can be managed. You can grow your blog with your happiness and even Google’s happiness.

#Are You Versatile?

Blogging means to learn everything possible. You may get to write the blog posts on different topics, but you should never back up from uniqueness.

While blogging, you should be versatile to manage a simple blog post with your sparkling way. A true blogger can write even a boring subject of the blog post into something appealing.

Learn different aspects of blogging. There are various blog topics which can be related to your blog niche but sometimes you won’t like them.

Well, you have to make them love you with your writing skills. Blogging means to craft a simple blog post into an interesting one.

Those unique styles of writing can’t be learned in a day. You have to do a lot of hard work to understand each and every corner of this blogosphere.

Can You Now Tell Us The Real Meaning of Blogging?

All the points may vary person to person. Some bloggers write for their business. Whereas others prefer to make some money and many at the same time start blogging as just a hobby.

There is no need to push yourself just like rest of the blogosphere. Choose your own path and then tell us the real meaning of blogging.

It may be different from your perspective but there is somehow a way to show that difference to the world. If you have that spark in you, enlight it to us.

People love blogging and they try hard to learn more. But if you’re not close to your goal then wake up and think again about what you’re doing.

Know the real meaning of blogging, stay focused, be passionate, be versatile, be happy and keep blogging.


Thanks Philip Sir for giving me an opportunity to share this post with your esteemed readers.  

I believe your readers will like this post.

May you have a great time of blogging ahead

~ Ravi 

END NOTE: This is a guest contribution from Professional Blogger Ravi Chahar of  Read more about him in the Author bio column.  Thanks Ravi for being with us today with an informative post.  I appreciate your valuable time with #Philipscom Readers.  You can reach Ravi via Twitter  Facebook And G+


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by Ravi Chahar

A blogger, web developer, and designer who intend to guide his readers about WordPress, Blogging, Web Development, Web Design and more. I have expertise in WordPress theme development and customization. I can set up and redesign the Thesis themes. I have been working in this field for many years now. You can reach me via @ravichahar

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Ravi Chahar

Hey Philip,

Thanks a lot for this wonderful guest post opportunity.

It’s always been a thought about the guest posts and now I see why. Spreading the love through blogging is what a true blogger should do.

The quotes you have added to tweet looks really good. Even I hadn’t noticed those lines while writing this article.

Thanks Philip.
Looking forward towards the responses.


Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

Hi Ravi,
That is indeed a great joy to me and my readers to have you in my page today.
I appreciate your presence with a wonderful piece!
Thanks for your valuable time and the timely alert about some of the plugins.
In fact your comment and few others comments are landed in the spam folder.
Keep sharing
May you have a great time of sharing and caring

Adeel Sami
Hello, Ravi! Great to see this awesome contribution on Philip’s place! Actually, the real meaning of the blogging (according to me) is that to express out our thoughts and knowledge. And in such a tone to help the masses. Those should always be of top notch and not just randomly written without any sense. And in a story-type of tone to make it LOVED by the readers. Everything we write about, we can really make them way too interesting to read if we want to. The more we express it personally, the more it incites the readers’ attention to stick… Read more »
Ravi Chahar

Hey Adeel,

There is always a place of that love while writing your blog posts. There may be many bloggers who are having a bag full of their thought about it but love for writing is at the top.

You are right, blogging is what you share with your readers. You should express what you think about. Whether you choose any professional niche or just your personal.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great week ahead.


Philip V. Ariel

Hi Adeel,
Thanks a lot for your valuable time here with a wonderful comment.
I appreciate.
Keep Visiting
Have a wonderful day
~ Philip

Kimsea Sok

Hey, Ravi!
I’m glad to see you here, on Phillip’s blog.

You know? When I first started with blogging, I just knew that blog can make money. I don’t much care what it is, but after few years with blogging, I learned a lot from it.

I’ve created my own definition of blogging. 🙂

Blogging is a way to enjoy our habit and help each other to success in business. I thought it sound similar to what you wrote here so we might have the same opinion about blogging.

Thanks for sharing…

Ravi Chahar

Hey Kimsea,

I like the way you have grabbed the knowledge in these years. The definition you have given is perfectly what we are talking about here.

Of course, you can make a lot of money from your blog. But if you start blogging just for that then it’s not the real blogging.

Helping each other is always the best thing to accomplish.


Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

Hi Kim,
What a joy to see you hear again!
Thank you so much for the valuble interaction you shared.
Nice to know that you like the post.
Keep visiting
May you have a great time of sharing and helping each other
I appreciated your time.
~ Philip

Donna Merrill
Hi Ravi, Great to see you here on Philip’s blog. You sure have written the truth and new people really need to know this as well as some bloggers do. To be a blogger, one must be in it with their heart and soul. I like the saying “Patience is a virtue.” because it takes patience to be a blogger. Things will never happen overnight and our blog grows like we do. We have to have the excitement in our soul to be able to learn every day. There will always be a learning curve for bloggers, especially those who… Read more »
Ravi Chahar

Hey Donna,

For beginners, the most important thing is to have the patience. They should learn how to keep blogging without thinking about those green notes.

People chase the shining object but they don’t get ready to dedicate their time and efforts for that. It needs years to be a blogger.

Keeping our lifestyle is enough. We all can make money from blogging but not at the cost of the quality of our content.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

Hi Donna,
What a joy to see you here again.
I appreciate your valuable time on this page and for the insightful feedback.
Yes, I fully agree with your opinion, blogging and its success is not an overnight business 🙂
Lot of hardships and struggle involved behind it, i am sure all bloggers agree to this.
Keep going
All good wishes.
~ Phil

Lorraine Reguly

Ravi and Philip,

Blogging means different things to different people. Since learning about EVENT BLOGGING (which I don’t do but know people who do), I have altered my own definition of blogging.

However, blogging continues to be a way for me to share my knowledge, my thoughts, and my experiences with the world.

Ravi Chahar

Hey Lorraine,

I totally agree with your point. We all have our own perspective about everything and when it comes to the blogging, people create their own definition.

Like you have mentioned that sharing your thoughts and helping others is what blogging means. It may be something else for someone.

Thanks for sharing your views.

Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

Hi Lorraine,
Thank you very much for your presence again with a wonderful feedback.
I appreciate your insight in regard to blogging.
Yes, let us continue to share our knowledge with our fellow beings.
I a sure it will fetch desired results in the long run.
Keep visiting
Keep sharing
~ Phil

Vikash Kumar

Thanks for sharing this informative article. I could learn lot of things.
I want to incraese my domain authority. will you please help me?

Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

Thanks Vikas for your maiden visit here.
I appreciate. Nice to know that the post by Ravi helped you to get more info on the subject.
Keep visiting
Keep sharing
~ Philip

Sathish Arumugam

Thanks Ravi for giving this valuable piece of information, some bloggers don’t know the real meaning of blogging, and you have helped that kind of person to overcome their thought. And the way to explain the things are too interesting. I Love all your blogs.
From my point of view, blogging is some way to express someone’s passion, thinking of making money alone is not a good way of blogging.Kindly continue to share this kind of conscious thoughts.

Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

Hi Satish,
It’s indeed a great joy to see you here again.
Thanks for your value added feedback.
I appreciate, nice to know that you love the posts of Ravi.
Keep visiting
Keep sharing
~ Philip

Pankaj Kumar

Hello Ravi,
Thanks for the nice piece, mate.
Cheers !

Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

Hellow Pankaj,
Thanks for your maiden visit here.
Keep visiting
May you have a wonderful time of blogging ahead
~ Philip

Muhammad Ahmad

Hi Philip,
According to me, Blogging is all about connecting the like-minded people online 🙂
Thanks for sharing such an interesting post.
Its like a reminder for me.
~ Ahmad
P.S Please do have a look at the latest blog post @ meetAhmad [dot] com, would love to see your views there.

Aditya Singh


Great Post, Blogging have different meaning to different people and those who love to write and want to show the world that people only succeed in life. Just making blog for money will not help you neither your audience…

THanks for this great Post 🙂


Hi Ravi,

I have been a bit out of touch with blogging but glad to be back again and see your wonderful insights about blogging. I totally agree with you that you have to commit yourself 100 percent to become a professional blogger. Looking forward to read more posts from you soon. Also, thanks Philip Sir for introducing Ravi to more readers.

Best regards

Reji Stephenson


[…] Now that you know what blogging growth should be; is your blog growing the way you would have loved it to be? If no, then this post is specially made for you. You must pay attention to everything I am going to present in this post as they will go a long way in helping you reposition your blog for real growth. […]

Hi Ravi, First of all, excellent post bro 🙂 Actually, blogging is not a one time job, many person thoughts that just by creating a post, they will get the traffic automatically on their blog but that’s not the truth, we have to promote the post on various platforms. I totally agree with you on the real meaning of blogging; we have to keep learning new things to remain in the competitive niche because we are writing for our readers and our readers need something unique which they are not getting anywhere else. A blogger has to face many problems… Read more »
swapnil jadhav

Hello Sir,
Thanks for sharing such a cool advice to new bloggers like me. This article Really helped me. I am struggling with blogging right now,but hopefully, I will make something great out of it.


Hi Philip,
According to me, Blogging is all about connecting the famous persons
Thanks for sharing such an interesting post… I Loved ur post really!
Its like a for me.

Harry Uppal

Hi Philip,
I am not a blogger but thinking of starting a new blog. And I think that this is the best post I have read.
Thanks for sharing.


Blogging is a good opportunity to share our views on the internet.
But these days the meaning has totally changed and everybody using this media as a website for their business purposes. And I think one way it is good.

Khaliq Mirza

Hi Ravi,

I have been a bit out of touch with blogging but glad to be back again and see your wonderful insights about blogging. I totally agree with you that you have to commit yourself 100 percent to become a professional blogger. Looking forward to read more posts from you soon. Also, thanks Philip Sir for introducing Ravi to more readers.

Best regards


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