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World’s Most Contagious Falsehood: Some of the Most Common Myths. 88 Myths Revealed!


Last updated on April 15, 2015

Image Credit: Information is Beautiful

Many believe that  it’s true!

But in fact these are real common myths!

In this inforgraphic 88 such myths are revealed. We need to make awareness among our fellow human beings about these common myths.  In fact a majority believe these common myths are real.


An interesting and informative piece to check out!

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Thanks to “Information is Beautiful Net”.





1.  Apple Macs can’t get viruses

2.  Henry Ford invented the car

3.  The Vomitorium

4  The ‘Dark Ages’

5  Viking’s Horned Helmets

6  Iron Maidens

7  Chastity Belts

8  Pilgrims wore all black

9  The First Thanksgiving

10  Washington’s wooden teeth

11  US Constitution written on hemp

12  Salieri vs Mozart

13  Napoleon was short

14  Lincoln freed all slaves

15  Mussolini’s trains ran on time

16  Einstein failed maths

17  Missing Persons Reports

18  You have to say if you’re a cop

19  Searing meat seals in moisture.

20  Oil stops pasta sticking

21  Cooking removes alcohol

22  MSG causes headaches

23. Sushi is raw fish

24  Thomas Crapper invented “crap”

25  Rule of thumb

26  Great Wall of China visible from Space

27  Black holes absorb everything

28  Seasons are caused by the Earth’s distance from the Sun.

29  Bulls hate red.

30  Dogs sweat by salivating

31  Bats are blind.

32  Don’t touch baby birds!

33  Goldfish memory span

34  Sharks don’t get cancer.

35  Houseflies live for 24 hours

36  Bananas grow on trees.

37  Evolution is just a “theory”

38  Humans evolved from chimpanzees

39  Evolution is always creating more complex organisms

40  Humans and dinosaurs co-existed

41  Glass is a liquid

42  Waking sleepwalkers is dangerous

43. Sleeping with an electric fan on can be deadly

44  Most body heat is lost through the head

45  Eating before swimming is dangerous

46  Blood is blue under the skin

47  Different parts of the tongue taste different tastes

48  We have 5 senses

49  Shaving your hair makes it thicker

50  Hair & fingernails grow after death

51  Hair products can “repair” your hair

52  Drink 8 glasses of water a day!

53  Caffeine dehydrates you

54  Sugar makes children hyperactive

55  Alcohol keeps you warm

56  Alcohol kills brain cells

57  Vegetarians can’t get enough protein

58  Chewing gum takes 7 years to digest

59  Men think about sex every 7 seconds

60  Sex reduces athletic performance

61  The Left and right brains have different capabilities

62  Vaccines causes autism

63  We only use 10% of our brains

64  Milk increases mucous

65  Catching warts from toads

66  Flushed water rotates the otherway in the Southern Hemisphere

67  Lightning never strikes twice

68  Dropping a penny from a tall building could kill someone

69  The Oceans are blue because they reflect the sky

70  Some people have a photographic memory

71  Schizophrenia is multiple personalities

72  Black belts are masters

73  Jesus was born on December 25th

74  Three Wise Men visited Jesus

75  Immaculate Conception means Virgin Birth

76  Satan rules Hell

77  A Fatwa is an Islamic death sentence

78  A Jihad is a “holy war”

79  Islamic matyrs receive 72 virgins

80  Elementary My Dear Watson

81  Edison invented the light bulb

82.  Planes dump toilet waste at high altitude

83.  Single genes exist for different personality traits

84. LSD stays in the spinal fluid for years

85.   You can get high from banana peel

86.  If you’ve used LSD, you’re legally insane.

87  George Washington smoked cannabis

88  Adding salt to water makes it boil more quickly


Source:  Information Is Beautiful



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