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Talk Show By Mia Voss On Black Friday On Google’s HOA

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Last updated on December 6, 2017

mia moss black Friday Powr talkA Wonderful Talk Show (HOA) For The Week With Mia Voss And Associates

A very interesting talk show to watch for the week:

mia moss cropped one 3
Pic. Credit: Talk Show by Mia Voss. A Screenshot

Mia Voss is a well-known Entrepreneur, Interview Host, and an expert in Google’s Hangout Shows.

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday – The Mia Connect Power Chat…

This type of  HOA is a regular feature on her page. Read and check out

HERE AND HERE for more information:

Happy to note that I am IN, in this show with a small comment. Watch on…

The Mia Connect Power Chat Video 


Picture Credit: Mia Voss

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