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Behind the Scenes with M. J. Joachim – The Freelance writer / Blogger. (A Guest Post by M J Joachim)

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Last updated on January 15, 2015

Behind the Scenes with M. J. Joachim – The Freelance

writer/Blogger (A Guest Post by M J Joachim)

M. J. Joachim

A warm welcome to M J Joachim our guest author for the day.
I am so glad to introduce M J (lovingly called by the fellow bloggers and friends) the well known blogger friend of Philipsocm. I am sure some of my readers still remember her and her first guest post at Philipscom some time back. If you missed it you can read that HERE

She needs no introduction since she is well known to my readers, but still it’s my bounden duty to say few words about her. She is a prolific writer who regularly writes on the web at different places. She manages 6 blogs and attends several other activities offline. She is also one of the co-coordinators of the famous A to Z blog challenge initiated by Arlee Bird the famous blogger. She actively involved from behind the scenes for the successful function of A to Z Blog Challenge.

She is an avid blogger, book reviewer and author. Her passions include writing, crochet, cooking, gardening and swimming. She is also very passionate about her Effectively Human activities where she launched a website, followed by a blog and most recently a public Google+ Community, all with the goal of making the world a better place. You are all invited to join and participate in this group, which intends to work for the good of humanity, by raising awareness and hosting events here on the web, with the goal hopefully make people’s lives a little easier from our efforts.
I am so privileged to have her today in my page as a guest author.

We the bloggers are very well know that blogging is not an easy thing, and it requires lot of time energy efforts or hard work. But in the middle of our blogging we have to face some kind of unexpected problems. In this guest post she writes about some of the blogging anomalies we all face at different intervals. I am sure you will enjoy reading her post.
You can contact her by visiting her blog pages, the links to her pages are given at the bottom of this post.

Thank you very much M J for your valuable time here.

We Wish You And All Your Endeavors A Great Success.

For Philipscom Associates


Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’


Read on…


Behind the Scenes with

M. J. Joachim –

The Freelance


Blogging is one of those things we do. We spend countless hours sharing our journey with others, in the hopes they find it interesting enough to come back and visit us again and again. Sure, we know it’s about the numbers – how many page views, comments, ad clicks etc. But all in all, it’s more about putting ourselves out there and hoping someone notices, maybe even enough to say something about what we’ve written or engage in an exchange of a few back and forth comments with us, often exchanged on both of our blogs.mj3

In the beginning… OF BLOGGING. (This post has no intention of being biblical or religious.) Ahem, where was I? Oh yes…


In the beginning, we hem and haw trying to figure out how things work. The more comfortable we get, the better it is, allowing us to focus on our content and formatting a bit more, all the while preventing us from really knowing what is going on. I’ve been blogging for several years. It took most of them to find out that blogger doesn’t like us copying and pasting from word documents. Now all my post are written in txt. docs, copied and pasted in the create post window, then unformatted from my omj1wn txt by clicking the blogger Tx tool at the top, and then reformatted using blogger tools.


Pictures were another concern, but I never knew much about how to deal with them. I was happy to copy and paste them to my desktop. Converting them to screen shots hadn’t even occurred to me. It’s something I now try to do, since I’m not sure if glitches are created in my blogs by uploading public domain and free to use photos or not. I’m not sure if the photos I take with my phone to upload create glitches either. So now I take a screen shot and upload photos without all the added code that might cause a problem on my blog.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 1.29.28 PM

Before I go, I’d like to leave you with this thought. It’s not Google’s fault. They give millions of us access to a free blog and the use of their networks. We have our own computers, networks and high tech techie things to contend with; sometimes all things being for good, these things miscommunicate with each other, and glitches happen in the translation. So I choose to play it safe and make my content, words and photos, as pure as possible in the hopes that all systems that be will have better communication in the process.


Happy blogging everyone!


Thanks so much for having me today, Phil.

It’s a pleasure visiting your site once again.



For More Information About The Author,  Please Visit Her Google+ Page

and other blog pages  where she Writes Regularly.  The links are given below:


Writing Tips (and book reviews),

Crochet Stitch Tutorials,

Spiritual Tidings,

Random Thoughts

Effectively Human words of insight,

publishing a book or two on Amazon.


Photo credits:

Blogger Shiny Icon, Jessekoeckhoven, Creative Commons CCO 1.0 Universal Public Domain License; Google Logo, Threshold of Originality not met, Public Domain; 3D GUI.png screenshot, Mimigu at Wikipedia, Public Domain; M. J. Joachim ©2014 All Rights Reserved

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