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Whistle to answer a phone call for Android Mobiles [Auto Answer App]

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 Whistle to answer a phone call for Android Mobiles    [Auto Answer App]

Dear All,

I am so glad  to introduce Ramsai Gogan the tech blogger for this week’s Guest Author.  He is an upcoming tech blogger who writes on various electronic gadgets and blogging.

In this post he is introducing an important App for the benefit of the readers here:

Thank you Ram for your valuable time here with my readers.

Ram Writes… Read on…

Google play app
Auto Answer User Guide Pic. Credit: Google Play

Dear Readers at Philipscom,

Greetings to all,  I am so glad to be here at Philips Sir’s Page!

Today I want to share  with you an exciting topic which is an essential thing to make note of. In this busy world, many  are using their cell phones while driving, which is against the law, but still many do this on the go.  To be frank, even I  accept the fact that several times I too did this!  Though we  know  it is against traffic rules, but there are times when you and I just have to take that call.

Actually, the danger comes when you are holding the phone in one hand and steering of the car or handle of the bike with the other hand and to keep attention on the road. This may be possible with some, but many cannot handle that properly.   So many accidents and deaths are happening due to this type of negligent driving.

While we know that for IOS And Siri users, they’re sturdier built –in-system, but most of us use Android so there is no option for us.   Today, while I was searching for some App in store, I found this amazing app called,  Auto Answer.


Auto Answer is a Car-mode App, but It is having some twist. Not only provides driving interface with a quick one-touch dialing interface for up to 18 of your contacts.  It also  lets you to answer a phone call simply by Whistling and don’t need to swipe to answer a phone call anymore.


goo app

Auto Answer will run on any android version which is above 2.3.3, So compatibility problem doesn’t rise as long as you use a relatively recent Smartphone. You got somewhat confused while you use this app for the first time. I recommend you to see the images to familiarize yourself with what the app can do.  Also, watch the below given video.

First of all, select Big Green Go button at the bottom and you’ll be taken to the app itself.

After that, the very first thing you’ll see is a pop-up window asking you if you want to enable the whistle to answer calls, and how long before the app silences the incoming call and if you want change the setting later you can do it .


Mainly this app is designed for the purpose to do one particular thing, but I have seen many reasonable number of options apart from this within the app. The features collaborated in this app are given below.

Auto Answer – Whistle & SMS user guide

Whistle to Answer a call

Whistle to answer a call feature is an interesting feature of this app is. Before this, I heard many apps for auto answer, but it is something different from others.  All you need to do is to enable this feature, just click on the switch to the right of the Answer to incoming calls by whistling on the app’s main screen and this will enable the whistle to answer function of the app and when I used for the first time I was wondering this app automatically enable speakerphone when I try to lift the call by whistling which means it automatically enables your speakerphone when you try to lift the call by whistling. Really, amazing Right. And not only this you can adjust the function of this feature, you’ll need to go into the Setting screen, then find the section that has to do with this whistle to answer, feature and there you can change the amount of time before your ringtone is silenced as well as choose between Five levels of whistle detector Sensitivity. You can also set whether this functionality Only activates during Driving Mode and Whether to disable noise cancellation.

Driving Mode Dialer:-

force screen

Auto Answer has two types of Driving Mode Dialers –one will give you one touch access to up to 18 contacts and another for up to 9 of your favorite applications. To enable Driving Mode and access these dialers, just tap on the icon to the right of the Driving Mode Dialer text on the app’s main screen and which give you access to the dialers. When you enter Driving Mode, the contacts dialer will offer to automatically add contacts to the dialer, based on your most and frequently called contacts. If you want to add contacts yourself, all you need to do is just tap on the edit checkbox in the upper right, which enables an editing mode where the circles will turn to gold and you can add or remove contacts and which applies to the app dialer.

The Option which appears as Force Screen On when you want to keep your smartphone’s screen on and there is also an option in the Settings Screen to automatically enable Driving Mode when connected to a Bluetooth device.


define end time

The auto Answer app can also be used to Schedule and send SMS automatically, even though you’re not available and all you need to do just tap on the switch to the right of the Schedule Automatic SMS setting and that’s it you will be taken to the screen and you can define an end time for the automatic SMS function, choose the recipients and the content of the SMS. The Smses can be sent to all incoming calls and contact list or a specific contact. You can see there are a number of choices for the text you want to send by these functions, but note that this free version doesn’t allow you to edit these messages and I found there is another automatic SMS related option in the app’s main Settings Screen and there is an enable option to prompt and this enable automatic SMS every time your mobile is switched to silent Mode.

My final words are that this you can’t find this feature-rich of Android app. Actually, it was designed to be a car-mode app having handy functionality and for me it is the best app can be used while driving. The only thing is the basic app is free, but there’s also a Pro Version like Remove Ads and let you to edit messages for the Automatic SMS feature, among others and at last, the one thing I should ask for you is: Do you know how to whistle? Otherwise this app  suck. Then why late start practicing whistling and share this app for whom you care.

“Have a Safe Journey, Life cannot come twice, So Drive slowly”

And Remember “Speed Thrills But Kills” And A Careless Driving Is Worst!


ramsai gohan

Author Bio:  Ramsai Gogan Kumar. P  is a final year B.Tech [ECE]  student at the Siddhartha institute of science and technology, Puttur, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh.  He is a passionate young blogger who loves to write more on gadgets,  tech tips and tricks.  His main blogging intention is to help people around the world on blogging and other technical needs.  

He writes at My  

He can be reached at: Google+

Video Credit: Dreambit  

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  1. Ann P V
    Ann P V

    Hi Ramsai,
    Nice to read this review on Auto Answer App
    This App is a must to all who use their cell phones while driving! :-)
    Yes, it is an offence to use cell phone while driving in any country.
    That action surely leads to danger, and am sure this app will reduce that level of accidents. :-)
    Thanks for bringing out this information thru PV’s page.
    Thanks P V for giving a place to present Ramsai’s write-up.
    Keep sharing, Wish you both of them a wonderful day.
    Ann P V recently posted…How To Make Money Through Your Blog Pages ?My Profile

    August 4, 2015
  2. Hi Ramsai,

    Happy to see your guest post here and thank you for letting us know about this wonderful app. This app is new for me. so I need to try and see how it works.
    Reji Stephenson

    Hi Brother Ariel,

    Thank you for introducing this young and promising tech blogger from India to a bigger audience.

    Have a great time.

    Reji Stephenson

    August 4, 2015
    • ramsai

      thank you sir

      August 19, 2015
  3. ramsai

    hey friends thank you,
    I would like to thank Philip Sir for introducing me in this wonderful page…
    yes this app is very useful!
    please try it out!
    Good day. :-)

    August 19, 2015
  4. daniel

    Hi Happy to be here on your amazing site.
    I have never heard about this app, before, but it sounds good.
    Will surely check,’
    Thanks for sharing.

    March 30, 2017

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