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P V Ariel’s Letters Few Responses to the Current Affairs

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Last updated on January 31, 2020


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GODSPlaying with Gods



Apropos the cover story “Playing with Gods” (The Sunday Indian 7th September 2007), the controversial poster issue is nothing but an issue created on a political vendetta within its own party. It’s interesting to note that this poster was released in February 2006 and now the issue is raised. The said poster is just a normal painting depicted Krishna’s famous “Raas Leela” As the story said; it only glorifies the rich culture of India’s tradition. How can this be a Hindu bashing? Instead, it definitely boosts tourism and promote India’s cultural heritage. Our politicians are very well aware of the sentimental feelings of Indians and they take advantage of such a situation to fill their vote banks with the gullible citizen’s votes. When the election approaches, they (politicians) rake up some religious fiasco and try their level best to pull the strings to their sides. The voters of India should be more careful this time to study the situation and refrain from such politicians and their gimmicks. Let us wisely utilize our franchise to teach a lesson to such chameleon politicians.


Prasoon S Majumdar’s column ‘Musings’ made a serious reading. It is really upsetting and shocking to note that we are wasting such a lot of foodstuff which can be utilized for the benefit of 200 billion people of India. It is estimated that more than 30% of the total production of our food grains is destroyed by rats and pests. As a nation, we are the largest producers of tropical fruit in the world, but our ways of handling it are still very primitive. The time period between the production and consumption is very large and our handling system makes it more delay to reach the consumers before it perishes. The major reason for this wastage is our unplanned distribution system. When the final product reaches the consumers it will change through many hands and everywhere there is a commission or margin, which leads to paying an exorbitant price by the consumers, at the time the original producers get a poor price. The only solution to this is to develop a healthy distribution system with the latest technology and infrastructure. Above all, find a solution to destroy the rats and pests which destroys a major portion of our food grain. This is done with a war footing way since the rat population is increasing alarmingly. Let’s seriously rethink Mr. Prasoon Majumdar’s mom’s words, “if you dishonor food by wasting it then someday food would dishonor you’. Is not any remedy for this national wastage? Our think tanks and technologists/agriculturalists should think seriously to find a solution to this. Who is to be blamed for this is the big question left out.


Apropos of the report on “Current Events” (Week weekly, Kochi) One two, three… “Mayawati’s deftness in bringing diverse social groups together has triumphed. Maya’s Mayajaal did wonders in UP, throwing all the exit poll pundits’ predictions in the wind. Yes. She did her arithmetic of ‘caste politics’ well before the elections her newfound formula worked out well. Of course, Mulyam’s misrule of survival politics, the communal cards/CDs of BJP and the dress rehearsal drama of the congress paved the way to Maya’s victory. She very cleverly utilized the opportunity to entice the marginalized upper casts into her fold. Very strategically at the right time she did her homework from the ground level whilst her counterparts did theirs at the board rooms, TV channels’ studios and on roadshows. Now her turn has come to take the political revenge. Yes, the ball is in her court and she started dismantling the dubious schemes of the previous regime. Rich, mighty and famous personality’s skeletons (land scams, etc.) are tumbling down one by one. It’s a good step to clean the entire system. Ordinary citizens’ are wonderstruck by the deeds of semi-gods, business tycoons and political personalities. What a shame! Their deeds show the greediness of the rich and powerful. At the same time, Maya should be more cautious and should not just waste time only to take revenge on her rivals, instead, She should utilize the moment wisely and deliver the goods promptly to the people. If she does, definitely she can win more boundaries. Let her wisely use this social engineering strategy for the welfare of the ordinary citizens, it may work wonders and she can even jump across states and even to New Delhi. 


Apropos the article ‘Wanted brand Gandhi’ (The Sunday Indian October 7, 2007) brought out the clear picture of present India and its relevance towards Gandhi’s principles and thoughts. October 2nd becomes a routine affair that the so-called politicians preach their prepared messages and celebrate the day as a dry day and soon go back to square one. How sad it is to note that people of India so soon forgot or thrown back his ideals. Even in his own birthplace, he is an alien and the people miserably failed to follow his ideals and resort to riots and violence. The saddest story is that his own family members, the so-called grandsons are selling his personal life stories for a few pennies. Top among is Mr.Rajmohan, (it is better to delete the noble surname ‘Gandhi’ from his name). His recent book brought out his grand father’s illicit relation relationship with a lady (hitherto unknown to the public). Likewise, a good number of so-called Gandhian (Politicians) are selling the ‘Apostle of peace’ for their monetary benefits. As the TSI edit bureau said it’s not far that the 2nd October too will slowly diminish from the celebration and memory.   


This refers to the news item ‘Success Story’ physically challenged mentally tough. (The Hindu 17th November 2007) made an encouraging reading. Sai Prasad Vishwanathan’s sheer hard work and determination made him to succeed in all his efforts. History is full of names of men and women who’ve faced handicaps with an act of amazing courage. The life they lived, the energy they displayed and the lively spirit they manifested in spite of their deformities were both admirable and daring. “Disability is not a liability” so goes the adage. Many such courageous people proved this adage correct. They did not feel that to be born deformed or misshapen was gruesome, an affront to humanity, but they strove to fit into the world of normal people and in the process, but many to shame. The courageous words and acts exhibited by these differently-abled people are really admirable one. The Success story of Vishwanathan will definitely encourage and boost the confidence of not only the differently enabled ones but also the able ones. Sai Prasad proved that with a little support and encouragement they can show their metal better than the abled ones. Let his tribe increase.


Your Anniversary issue (The Sunday Indian 14th October 2007) made a reminiscence reading. You made it outstanding with a good number of intelligent thoughts, on this happy occasion. It was indeed a great read. The 1922 Chauri Chaura insurrections to the 2007 Fratricide stories reveal the real identity of human nature. Those horrifying incidents brought out an answer to the big question—Are human beings cruel aggressive power-hungry by nature, wolves in sheep’s clothing? the man even after tamed by social laws is often behaving like a jungle beast. Probably man is the only example of being which kills members of its own species wantonly. He has “progressed” to such an extent that killing is now a sophisticated art. The chilling terror of riots, followed by the ghostly silence of curfew, and then the bitter aftermath of prejudice and ignorance that leaves thousands of people homeless and thousands dead. This has been India’s nightmare since independence. Yet in the midst of this few men and women have dared to believe that India would one day be a peaceful country. Violence has grown and spread like wildfire. In the midst of the noise of shooting and killing, rioting and looting, the voice of secular India Gandhiji and others dreamed are strangely silent.



A Freelance writer from Secunderabad India

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